Season 9: Episode 11 - The BB House is Turned Upside Down by a Shocking Surprise!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Expect the unexpected in the BIG BROTHER house. That's what the HouseGuests find out during the live show, when the entire game is turned on its head by a huge twist!

More on that later, though, since plenty happens before the twist! Right after the Veto ceremony, Sheila admits she does not like "the feeling of being on the block" with her partner, Adam. Allison is glad she's up for elimination against Sheila since this will allow them to finally go their separate ways, and Allison doesn't have to lobby Sheila for her vote. Matt, who used the Veto to come off the block, is delighted he and Natalie can start calling the shots around the house, and thanks to their vote, another couple is "going to owe [him] a favor next week."
 That Darn Siren! Nomination jitters aside, the overriding feeling in the house is anxiety over the mysterious siren. Earlier in the week, the HouseGuests were told that when they hear an ominous-sounding siren, they need to immediately congregate in the living room and await further instructions. James wonders if it will "flip everyone's game plan upside down."

Sheila notes she is sleeping in her sweats, just in case the siren rings late at night. She and James decide that no matter what happens with the siren, they will all remain coupled through the end of the game. Natalie wonders if evicted HouseGuests will return, while Joshuah says he is not going to sleep well until the siren issue is resolved.

Facing Reality Allison asks her partner, Ryan, if he trusts Matt. Ryan says he does, but Allison is wary and encourages Ryan to talk to him. In a guy-guy conversation, Matt assures Ryan he is going to keep him, going so far as to tell him, "You don't have to keep asking."

Matt, however, freely admits he is "playing both sides." In a conversation with Adam, Matt confides, "You've got my vote," revealing it's going to be a 2-0 decision. But then Matt tells Allison the same thing, letting her know she's staying with a 2-0 vote. Matt thinks he is going to "look like a hero" to whichever couple stays.
 Two-Timin' Matt Emboldened by Matt's promise, Allison goes to James and Chelsia, who both lounge in the hammock. Allison asks for their vote and tells them she's got Matt on her side. James warns her that her assumption "is a far stretch," but Allison insists Matt is being honest.

Soon after, James is pulled into a conversation in the sauna room with Sheila, who announces that Matt and Natalie are definitely voting for her and Adam to stay. A stunned James realizes that Matt is working both sides. James is not happy about this at all, since this could hurt him later if he and Chelsia do not win HoH.

James decides to nip this in the bud and asks to speak to Matt along with Adam and Ryan. James calls Matt out on his dueling promises: "I just want both couples to know you're playing them." Matt retorts, "That's Big Brother, buddy!" James says he just wanted to put the facts out there. Matt tells James if he doesn't know how Matt is going to vote, "That's too bad, that's not my problem."

The HouseGuests and Their Jitters Julie Chen asks James what he thinks the siren will mean. James throws out several theories, including the breakup of the couples into individual players. Matt tells Julie he heard rumors there is an identical Big Brother house next door full of all their exes. Julie then asks Sharon what's the most surprising thing about being Joshuah's partner. "There is never enough time to laugh," Sharon admits. She also tells Julie that since she broke Jacob's picture last night, it is "probably not a good sign" of them getting back together. Julie wants to know if Matt owes Natalie a massage for clinching the Power of Veto competition. "Technically I do, but I said the word maybe!" he answers.
 When Matty Met Natty Matt and Natalie have a couples' bickering session, with Matt telling Natalie she shouldn't take his gruff demeanor so personally and Natalie telling him he needs to spend more time with her. In a look to these HouseGuests' outside lives, Nicole, one of Natalie's co-workers at the bikini coffee spot in the Beaver State, says Natalie is a "free spirit" who definitely "follows her heart" and is "looking for love."

Fellow bikini-clad co-worker Carmel says that Natalie lets guys "walk all over her," while Natalie's sister, Colleen, says falling for Matt is not a good thing. "Matt is just playing the game," Colleen suggests.

In Boston, Matt's friend, Kevin, says Matt's mind is solely "on that money." Kevin notes Matt has been in a couple of serious relationships and when he falls for girls, "he really falls for them."

Back in Oregon, Nicole notes Natalie is "such a spiritual person" that the prize money means much less than the chance of finding her soul mate. Kevin thinks "Matt is going to keep breaking hearts" for the time being before he decides to focus on getting married and having kids.
 The Game Changes, Big Time! The eviction starts off as usual, with Julie announcing that by a 2-0 vote, Allison and Ryan have been evicted by their fellow HouseGuests. The obligatory hugs and farewells ensue, but when Allison and Ryan grab their bags and go for the door, they find it locked. Suddenly, the siren sounds! The HouseGuests freak out, particularly Allison, who hugs a beaming Ryan.

After everyone sits down, Julie says she has an important announcement: "You are no longer couples." Matt and James cheer, while Joshuah looks stunned and Natalie appears nervous. Julie tells them they no longer have to sleep in the same beds as couples, but more importantly, "Your partner is now your competition!" Julie then announces the HouseGuests will be voting individually to eliminate either Allison or Ryan.
 The First Individual Vote Commences Ryan has a final chance to plead his case, and says that he likes everyone and would like to stay in the house. Allison tearfully says it's really hard to say something against "someone I love and respect," but manages to get out that she would also love to stay another week. It's a new experience as the HouseGuests vote individually, with Adam going first, followed by Chelsia. The rest of the HouseGuests work their way through the Diary Room, giving Allison a unanimous 6-0 vote for eviction.

This time around, Allison skips the hugs and long goodbyes, rejecting both Sharon and Natalie's attempts for a farewell hug. Outside, Julie asks Allison if she is surprised to be "sitting here alone." Allison admits it doesn't feel good at all. Julie wants to know why Allison made up the lesbian story, given people with relationships outside the House were early targets. Allison chalks it up as a joke that got blown out of proportion. "It escalated and went further than it was supposed to," Allison sighs.

In the HouseGuests' taped farewells for Allison, an angry Joshuah tells her, "I'm very happy to say I'm gay and glad you are not," while an emotional Sheila reveals she only wants the best for Allison.
 Time after Time The remaining HouseGuests are hustled outside for the first individual HoH competition. Julie reveals they will be asked true or false questions about the order of events in the BIG BROTHER house, and if they get a question wrong, they are eliminated from the game. After everyone gets the first question correct, James and Natalie are eliminated on the second question. Matt, Chelsia and Sheila are eliminated on the third question, leaving Ryan and Adam as the sole players. After a series of questions, Adam answers incorrectly, making former nominee Ryan the new Head of Household!

As the HouseGuests adjust to the new game, Julie reveals that another major twist is on the horizon, and viewers will play a part in its execution. Any of the previously evicted HouseGuests--Jacob, Jen, Parker, Amanda, Alex, and the newly evicted Allison--could return to the House! The evicted HouseGuest who gets the most votes from viewers in an online poll could be sent back into the game!

How will playing as individuals impact the game? Which two HouseGuests will Ryan nominate for eviction? Find out on BIG BROTHER on Sunday at 8pm et/pt on CBS.