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Season 9: Episode 13 - The House Splits; PoV Produces Shocking Result
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After Head of Household Ryan's nomination ceremony showed Sharon "who you can and can't trust in this game," she says she will do "whatever it takes" to stay in the house another week. Joshuah is still nervous that Ryan will back away from their secret deal to keep each other off the block.

In the Red Room, Sharon tells Sheila, Chelsia and Joshuah she knew it was going to be the guys ganging up on the girls. "Penises stick together," Sharon fumes, as Sheila reminds Sharon that Joshuah has one. Joshuah, not wanting to let word of his secret deal with Ryan slip, says nothing. Joshuah sees himself as being in a "win-win" situation since he can bond with the guys and the girls trust him as well.

Up in the HoH suite, Ryan and Joshuah solidify their deal by agreeing to watch out for one another in the game. Joshuah wants to trust Ryan 100 percent, but he is scared that Ryan and his boy, Matt, are so tight.
 A Woman's Scorn Once again, Matt goes out of his way to needle Natalie. He throws a ball at her as she tries to talk in the HoH Suite. She tells Matt she's leaving since she can't stand negativity. Ryan warns Matt that Natalie will put him up, but Matt says all he has to do is make out with her, and he'll be safe.

A frustrated Natalie goes to the Red Room and tells Sheila and Sharon she is furious at Matt and admits she'd be fine with Matt going home. Joshuah senses an opportunity, and goes in with James to suggest a new plan. He pitches the idea of offering Ryan two weeks of safety for putting up power player Matt. Everyone likes the idea, including Natalie.

Beware the Charmer Matt works his charm by hugging Natalie and apologizing to her. "We're still partners," he whispers to her. Natalie turns around and spills the beans on Joshuah's plan to get him evicted! Matt convinces Natalie they are working together, and that she needs to play up that they are not getting along.

Matt thinks Joshuah and the others have made a stupid move, since they told Natalie all about their plan. "It's time for Matty to move one step ahead and take over," Matt declares, before telling Ryan what's been going on.
 One Step Behind Joshuah goes to Ryan and tells him about the two-week immunity deal and the plan to back door Matt, but Ryan tells him he already knows, since Natalie leaked the plan to Matt. Joshuah lets Chelsia and Sheila know they have a snitch among them. Sheila is furious that Natalie is blinded by Matt. They realize there will be no back dooring now.

Ryan, however, is still mulling over his options, and thinks he might back door his buddy if he gets the chance.
 Picking for Veto Ryan announces six HouseGuests will play for the Power of Veto as individuals. Besides himself and the nominees, Sharon and Chelsia, three HouseGuests will be chosen from chips in the Veto bag. Ryan pulls a "HouseGuest's Choice" chip, and faces a conundrum: who does he choose? Ryan settles on Adam. Joshuah is relieved that Ryan didn't choose Matt, although he is still nervous because Adam is Matt's boy. Chelsia chooses Sheila's chip, while Sharon picks Joshuah's chip from the bag.

Upstairs in the HoH Suite, James, Chelsia, Joshuah and Sharon talk to Ryan about their plan. Despite the Natalie leak, they pitch him the idea of Matt being back doored. "If everyone wants him out, I totally trust you guys," Ryan says, as Chelsia promises this move will give Ryan a "huge amount of security."
 Behind the 8-Ball Matt hosts the Veto Competition, "Color of Veto." The HouseGuests go outside to find an oversized pool table with a string of pockets carved in the center of the table. Matt explains the object of the game is to use an oversized pool stick to shoot their ball as close as possible to the Veto pocket, located at the center of the table. The loser of each round gets eliminated but also awarded a prize. The players get to pull their prize out of a special billiard ball. The twist is the HouseGuests can keep their prize, or choose a prize already pulled by another HouseGuest.

In the first round of play, Sheila lands her ball the farthest from the Veto pocket and gets eliminated. From her billiard ball, Sheila pulls the Power of Veto! Sharon is eliminated in round two and pulls a big prize from her billiard ball--a motorcycle! Sharon opts to trade the motorcycle for Sheila's Veto. Joshuah is eliminated in round three, and pulls a letter from home as a prize. He notes that this is a much more special prize than the Veto or a motorcycle, and decides to keep it. Adam is eliminated next, and scores $10,000! Adam then trades the cash for the motorcycle, an act than moves Sheila. "It spoke words to me," she admits. In the final round, Ryan wins, which eliminates Chelsia. Her prize is a slop pass, which she quickly trades with Sharon for the Veto. Ryan pulls his prize last. Out pops the infamous red unitard worn last season by BB8 HouseGuest, Jen. Ryan quickly hands off the unitard to Sheila, grabbing the $10,000.

Don't Mess With the Single Mothers In the aftermath of the Veto Competition, Sheila is disappointed Ryan took the $10k from her, suggesting he "did the unthinkable." In the storage room, James and Chelsia celebrate her winning the Veto with a kiss. Sharon and Joshuah come in talking about the back door possibility. James tells Sharon to stop freaking out. Ryan comes in and Sharon again promises him he will be safe for two weeks if he puts up Matt.

Sheila shows off the unitard in the kitchen. Adam admits she pulls it off well. Sharon commends Adam for giving Sheila the ten grand, while Chelsia notes no one was selfish in the game. Sheila turns around and says, "That's your opinion," before talking about what the money would have meant to her as a single mother. Chelsia then tells Sheila not to play "the single mom card," and Sheila is not happy.
 Sheila in Action! Sheila quickly pulls aside Adam and tells him that Joshuah, Sharon, James and Chelsia are "going to come after us." She warns that Sharon will not go home and that eventually they will all get picked off. "I don't know how it turned so quickly like that," Sheila says.

She then tells Natalie what Chelsia said to her about the single mom card and warns Natalie, "Ryan needs to remember what every one of these jerks did to him."

Next up, Ryan! Sheila gets Ryan on one of the backyard chaise lounges for a conversation, and she lets him know that back dooring Matt is a mistake. She says that he can't trust Joshuah, James, Chelsia and Sharon. "Only Matt and Adam will protect you," she warns. "These people are clowns." Ryan realizes the house is split four-four, and he is the deciding factor.

The Veto Ceremony Commences Chelsia thinks it's time for Matt to leave. "I cannot tell you how excited I am about this veto," Joshuah beams, describing the back door move as "the biggest strategic move in Big Brother history."

"The HoH is no longer in power," Joshuah adds. "The house is the power, and guess who the house is? Moi!"

To nobody's surprise, Chelsia vetoes herself off the block. Ryan then stands to pick a replacement nominee. "The house is divided," he says, noting he feels like he is "placed in the middle." He also explains that he felt powerless because he was told the majority of the house "wants a certain somebody gone." He reveals this is a "tough decision," since the certain someone is one of his "bros." Ryan then announces his replacement nominee--James!

As the meeting breaks up, Matt taunts Joshuah, sarcastically telling him, "Sorry it didn't work out for you, pal!" He then tells Joshuah if he has anything bad to say, he should say it to his face. "It's on now," Matt yells.

"Did you see their faces?" Matt asks. "I'm laughing straight to the bank on that one." Ryan announces he is "nobody's bitch in this game." Joshuah takes the move in stride. "Matt may have won this small little battle, but Joshuah will win the war," he predicts. James feels like he got played, "but what are you going to do?" Sheila definitely thinks she is the "mastermind" behind Matty still being in the game. She feels James should go since Chelsia "needs to lose her little buddy." Who's the next HouseGuest to be evicted? And how will the HouseGuests react to the possibility of an evicted HouseGuest returning? Find out Wednesday live on BIG BROTHER at 8pm et/pt, only on CBS!