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Season 9: Episode 16 - A Broken Promise: James Goes Back on his Word
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

James has made his impact on the house felt with his eviction nominations: Sheila and Ryan. Sheila notes it is "never fun to be on the block," but she hopes her alliance with Adam, Matt and Natalie will come through for her. Natalie is pleased neither she nor Matt are up on the block, since that means James kept his promise to her from last week's HoH competition. "I will protect him back," Natalie promises. For his part, James sees Ryan as a bigger threat than Sheila and would like to see him leave.

Ryan touches base with his secret alliance partner, Joshuah, to make sure he still has his back. Joshuah tells Ryan they are tight, but in the Diary Room Joshuah reveals that if Ryan is evicted, "whatever," but if he stays "it definitely works in my favor."

Later Sheila and Ryan commiserate about being on the block. Sheila thinks they are paying for sins everyone else has committed. "We got screwed hugely," Ryan stews. "I thought people lie in this game," Sheila says. "You and I need a miracle."
 A New Start Out on the patio, Sheila tells Adam he looks nice and then apologizes for anything she may have said early in the game to hurt him. Adam says he loves Sheila. "Your actions have shown me what type of person you are," Sheila says. "I just don't want to be mean to you any more." Adam says he is just normal guy. "I wouldn't say normal," Sheila admits, "but you are a good person."

Who is That Third Vote? James knows there were three votes against him to come back into the house. While Ryan and Sheila have come clean with their votes, the third vote could have come from either Matt or Adam. "I really want to get to the bottom of this," James says. Natalie is doing her part to deflect suspicion from Matt, but she ends up trying too hard with Sharon. The approach backfires--Sharon is sure Matt was that third vote thanks to all of Natalie's suggestions that Adam is the culprit.
 The Message in the Cage Joshuah notices something interesting in the Guinea Pig Cage: three blocks placed together spell P-O-V! As they study the cage and the blocks, Sheila tells Natalie she really needs a miracle to win. Natalie tells her to study that cage all night if she has to in order to win. Sheila takes Natalie's insistence that she win the PoV as a sign that her alliance will not necessarily take her off the elimination block. "I don't have the support I thought I had," Sheila sighs. "Why is it so important to win PoV?"

Sheila cries on her bed as Natalie goes outside and tells Adam and some other HouseGuests that Sheila is complaining about PoV. They all think it is ridiculous that Sheila expects them to save her from the block. Adam says, "She is not all there, man," before the HouseGuests start doing imitations of Sheila.
 Picking for the Veto Comp James announces it's time to pick players for the Veto Competition. Besides James and the two nominees, three other players will be chosen at random to play along. Matt is chosen first. Chelsia is chosen next, followed by Joshuah. Ryan is happy to see Joshuah picked since he thinks Joshuah could get him off the block.

Trapped in the Cage The HouseGuests go outside to find the backyard transformed into a human-sized guinea pig cage! PoV competition host Natalie explains that the players must walk along a series of balance beams to transfer 500 toy blocks from a cage to a tube. The catch is they can only move two blocks at a time. Plus, if they fall off the beam or drop a block, they are instantly eliminated. The first player to move all of his or her blocks or the last player standing wins the Power of Veto.

James says it is important for him to win, since he doesn't "want to leave any part of this game in anyone else's hands." Sheila is driven by the desire to win the game "for my son." Ryan also wants this win bad.

The players begin their trips back and forth on the beam. Matt stumbles and is eliminated from the competition. Matt admits that he didn't throw the competition, but he didn't put forth a lot of effort either. "He's a roofer," Joshuah says. "You would think he had better balance." Ryan is the next player to stumble and fall, but hopes that Joshuah could still pull it out and take him off the block because of their secret alliance.

As the other players pick up the pace, Sheila goes with a slow and steady strategy to take her time and make sure she does not fall. But in a slip of her hand Sheila drops a block and is eliminated! "I feel like every day I'm here I'm letting my son down," Sheila says. "That block could have been it."

Chelsia is the next player to slip up and fall, leaving Joshuah and James. Proving the week belongs to him, James moves all of his blocks and wins the competition as he boasts "this is what you call a clean sweep." Ryan feels he is totally screwed right now, while James admits, "It's the most amazing feeling in the house to know I have all this power and all these options."

You're On your Own In a post-PoV competition conversation Sheila notes she doesn't do so great in competitions. Natalie then admits if the nominees stay the same, "it is going to be really hard for me." This stuns Sheila, who asks, "Really? Are you serious?" Sheila then says if Natalie were up on the block it wouldn't even be a question about how she would vote. "I felt disgusted by the conversation," Sheila admits. Sheila then goes to Adam to complain, and realizes that even her former partner has not made a decision about who he is going to vote out of the house. "It's frightening to think I have no one," she says. "It shows me nobody owes you anything."
 The Mystery Vote Sheila goes to James and basically throws Adam under the bus, insinuating he may have been the third vote to keep James out of the house. James hints that maybe Matt or Adam could go up on the block. Needless to say, this pleases Sheila.

A little later James brings Adam up to the HoH Suite and tells him Sheila has been campaigning against him. Adam again assures James he was not the third vote, but Adam's demeanor makes James even more suspicious. "It wasn't really assuring," James says.

James then tells both Joshuah and Chelsia he plans on using the veto and putting up Adam. Chelsia tells James to do what is right for him, but James says he wants to talk to Sharon first, since she will be a crucial vote for whoever is eliminated. Chelsia sneaks Sharon upstairs, and James relays his plan to use the Veto to put up Adam. Sharon gives James a crucial piece of information--Matt was the third vote to keep him out of the house, and she knows it because of Natalie's behavior! This changes James's plans, since he decides Matt will now be his target.

Time for Nominations! James admits he is "so excited for this Veto meeting. I have the ability to stab my competitors in the back." Ryan feels helpless, while Sheila bemoans the fact that she really has no allies in the house. James asks each of the nominees why he should use the Veto on them. Sheila admits she's made mistakes, but she wants another opportunity to play the game. Ryan says he feels his word has been truthful and he doesn't know if "everyone here could say the same."

James then makes his big announcement--he has decided to use the Power of Veto on Sheila. "Are you serious?" Sheila sobs as she comes off the block. "Thank you," she cries.

James reveals he used the PoV on Sheila because he doesn't feel she was the main catalyst for him being evicted in the previous week. James then tells Matt the reason he decided to nominate him was because he realized after Natalie made the deal to keep Matt and herself safe that they "were not playing as one but two."

"The kid with the pink hair defeated the Boston boy," Matt remarks after the ceremony. Ryan notes that he and Matt are buds, but at this point it is "every man for himself." Natalie says she is angry, sad and upset because she sees Matt's nomination as a broken promise to her from the HoH competition, during which James said he wouldn't put Matt up. "God will avenge me," Natalie predicts.

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