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Season 9: Episode 17 - James Breaks a Tie and Ends a Dream; A HouseGuest Savors His First HoH
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Head of Household James' decision to use the Power of Veto to save Sheila and nominate Matt has Natalie steaming mad! "I don't get angry very often, and I'm angry," Natalie fumes before calling James a "hypocrite" for going back on his promise to not put Matt up. James, however, feels he is totally justified in putting Matt on the block, since Matt lied about being the third vote to keep James from returning to the house.
 It's My Party, and I'll Cry If I Want To Tough guy Matt lets his softer side show when he gets tearful over the nomination. In a conversation with James, Matt says he wants to win the game so he can help out his mom. James suggests Matt start campaigning to stay, but Matt doesn't want to go against fellow nominee Ryan, whom Matt calls "Mr. Nice Guy." While James is sympathetic to Matt in front of him, later in the Diary Room, James makes fun of Matt's crying.

Matt returns to the Pink Room, where a tearful Natalie tries to console him. Matt just wants to be left alone, though. "Damn," Matt says. "I said I wasn't gonna cry on television!"

Meanwhile, Joshuah pulls his secret alliance partner, Ryan, aside for a quick update. Joshuah assures Ryan he has his vote, and that it is likely to go down 5-1, with Natalie being the only HouseGuest to vote for Matt. Sheila also assures Ryan her plan is to vote Matt out of the house. "When I make a decision, it's a decision," Sheila says. Or maybe not...

The Boston Tough Guy is Back! Out near the pool table, Adam tells a mopey Matt that if he wants to stay, he has to make a case for himself, especially since Ryan has done so many shady things throughout the game. This pep talk gets Matt excited again, since he realizes that with Natalie and Adam at his side, he only needs two more votes to stay. "Maybe they will give me a pity vote," Matt says of the female HouseGuests.
 Matt Sings for His Supper Matt corners Chelsia in the Red Room, telling her he doesn't want to spend his upcoming birthday alone in the Sequester House. Chelsia isn't buying it, calling Matt "pathetic" and noting it was very hard for her to not laugh in his face. Matt tries a similar sob story with Sharon and then Sheila, but neither is buying his shtick.

But things start to take a turn in Matt's favor when he drops the "woe is me" act for a more forceful defense. He reminds Chelsia and Sharon that Ryan put both of them, plus James, on the block, and he tells Sheila that Ryan took $10,000 from her in a veto competition. "I never put people on the block," Matt says. "I never crossed you." This gets Sheila thinking that Matt may have a convincing argument, but even with her vote, it only makes a 3-3 tie, with HoH James casting the deciding vote. Sheila then makes her way to the HoH Suite to make Matt's case to James and asks him what he would do in the event of a tie. James doesn't know, since he wants both nominees out.

What is Your Word Worth? Julie Chen checks in with the HouseGuests. Julie reminds James about his big speech last week regarding your word being all you have in the house, and then asks him how he could put Matt up, breaking his word to Natalie. "That's a backdoor move," James explains. "I didn't feel Sheila deserved it." Natalie isn't buying it, noting that she "hung up there like a warrior princess" during last week's HoH competition. She states James' word means nothing.

Julie then brings up the Mystery Box from last week. She asks how many of the HouseGuests thought Allison was the evicted person in the box. Three of the HouseGuests raise their hands. Julie then shows them it was Alex. With that information, four HouseGuests say they would have voted Alex back in--Sheila, Natalie, Matt and Ryan.
 The Return of the Donatos! Life has been good to BIG BROTHER 8 winner Evel Dick since he walked away with the $500,000 prize last September. He's gotten to meet many of his rock music idols, and his relationship with daughter and fellow BIG BROTHER 8 HouseGuest, Daniele, has improved so much that the pair went on a European vacation together. On their father-daughter relationship, Daniele says, "I wouldn't say it's perfect, but it's definitely good." Daniele notes that she always gets asked if she is still dating her BB8 showmance, Nick. "We did try dating after the show," Daniele confides, but the two of them are "just not compatible." In terms of their opinions of current HouseGuests, Daniele thinks that James is playing a good game, while Dick thinks Sheila and Natalie's talking would drive him crazy. Julie then announces Evel Dick will be back in the BIG BROTHER house for a special visit next week!

The Next HouseGuest to Leave Is... It's time for the live eviction. In his speech, Ryan says he is running out of material after being on the block so many times. Matt says he was in on the "crime" to evict James last week, but like Ryan, he would also like to rectify what he's done. He admits it is a tough choice since Ryan is a good man. Chelsia is up first and votes to evict Matt. Joshuah and Sharon also vote for Matt. Natalie stands by her man and votes to evict Ryan. Adam, a friend of both the nominees, votes to evict Ryan. Sheila casts her vote to evict Ryan, setting the stage for the season's first tie! HoH James must now break the stalemate!

James doesn't waste any time. After Julie breaks the news, James stands, faces the nominees and votes to evict Matt. A tearful Natalie hugs Matt as he tries to make his way out the door.

Outside the front door, Julie notes that Matt looks devastated. Matt says he has been wrongfully accused. He notes he tried to campaign to stay, but talking to James "was like talking to a wall." When Julie asks Matt what his true feelings for Natalie are, he explains she "will be a great friend of mine for the rest of my life." In her farewell message, Natalie says she thinks Matt is her soul mate even if he doesn't think so.

And the New Head of Household Is... Julie introduces the remaining HouseGuests to this week's HoH competition, En Guarde. The HouseGuests face off two at a time and answer questions about statements evicted HouseGuests said in the Diary Room. The player who buzzes in first and answers correctly stays in the game, while their opponent is eliminated. The person who remains chooses the next two HouseGuests to compete. Thanks to a random draw taken before the game, Joshuah and Chelsia are up first. After the first question, Joshuah is eliminated after incorrectly answering. Chelsia picks Natalie and Sheila to face-off.

Natalie answers the next question correctly, eliminating Sheila. Natalie chooses Chelsia and Sharon to play. Sharon is the next eliminated HouseGuest. Chelsia picks Adam and Natalie to play. Julie asks which evicted HouseGuest said, "You cannot trust a kid with a pink Mohawk." Adam correctly answers "Matt," which eliminates Natalie. Ryan and Chelsia face off. Chelsia answers correctly, eliminating Ryan. This leaves just Chelsia and Adam competing for HoH. Adam jumps in early on a question, but answers correctly. Adam wins his first Head of Household competition!

Julie asks Adam how it feels to be HoH. He admits he doesn't want to nominate two people for the chopping block, but he is still "extremely ecstatic." Who will Adam nominate for eviction? Find out this Sunday at 8pm et/pt. And don't miss Evel Dick's wake-up call for the HouseGuests Tuesday at 9pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER!