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Season 9: Episode 18 - A New HoH Shakes Up the Balance of Power in the House; Despite the Loss of Her Matty, Natalie Comes on Strong
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Matt's eviction takes a big toll on Natalie, who is devastated her former partner is gone. "I'm just really sad," she says. "In a way I feel responsible for his departure." Sheila says she will "seek vengeance" against the HouseGuests who voted her ally, Matt, out of the house. Former Head of Household, James, is very up front about the fact that Matt got evicted because "I owe no one nothing in this house."

With eight HouseGuests left, Adam explains the house is evenly split. He, Sheila, Natalie and Ryan are one faction, while James, Chelsia, Joshuah and Sharon are the other. However, there is still a powerful and secret side partnership: Joshuah and Ryan.
 Adam is Now Mr. Popular Now that Adam is HoH, Sheila is very happy. "He will be a total hero in my eyes, and I may even give him a kiss," she says. Natalie couldn't be happier, but Chelsia thinks it's going to be a tough week. James notes his heart sunk when Adam won the HoH competition.

As he packs up his stuff to move up to the HoH Suite, Adam is barraged by well-wishers, including Natalie, who says she will win next week so they can continue their reign of power over the house. Sheila tells him she's proud. Joshuah is the next HouseGuest to come up to him. Adam admits he didn't want to win since he can no longer just play the role of the easy-going nice guy. "You'll have a lot of little birdies talking in your ear," Joshuah warns. Adam says winning HoH "seems to be more headache than it is worth."

Turn the Frown Upside Down Natalie is mourning Matt's departure by staring at his black-and-white picture while Sheila consoles her. Joshuah is not sad at all. He sees Natalie as "a lost puppy. I'm glad to see them separated."

Natalie finally wipes away her tears and gets back to business. "I'm a strong girl, and I'm going to win this game for me," she says, noting that Matt was livid when he left. Matt rejected Natalie's last-minute grasps for hugs and kisses as he walked out the door, which Natalie chalks up to his anger at being evicted. "I'm used to getting close to guys and then departing," she says, "so it's no big deal."

In a Sauna Room conversation, Natalie tells Ryan she is "done, d-u-n" and that she is no longer nice Natty, but Naughty Natty. Ryan says they have to make sure the right person goes home this week since Adam is "easily swayed." Ryan and Natalie agree-the rival alliance will be taken out!
 The Littlest HouseGuests Sharon is obsessed with the House guinea pigs, which she calls her "babies." Joshuah is a bit disturbed by Sharon's fascination with the house pets, who she talks to incessantly. "They cannot understand you," Joshuah insists. "They do not have the brain capacity to understand English. All they want is food." Sharon takes her baby talk to the guinea pigs to a new level when she starts calling them her "fur-riends." In their own Diary Room session, the guinea pigs reveal that Sharon has to go on the block and that Sharon is crazy!

An Unlikely Favorite Food In his HoH Suite Reveal, the HouseGuests discover Adam enjoys a very unlikely treat for a guy his size--baby food! Sheila wants to know why there is so much baby food in Adam's basket of goodies. Adam blames his mother for the baby food, but Natalie thinks it's a wonderful luxury. "I hope Adam will share his baby food," Natalie admits. "Just because it's baby food doesn't mean only babies eat it!"
 Joshuah Stirs the Pot In an early morning conversation in the bathroom, Joshuah tells Sheila the rumor is the two of them are going up on the block. "I don't think so," Sheila retorts. Joshuah admits that no one really knows what Adam is thinking in terms of nominations, but he loves "to watch Sheila freak out."

Joshuah leaves a nervous and now nauseous Sheila in the bathroom and makes a path for Adam. Joshuah straight up asks Adam not to put him up. "You know I have your back," Joshuah says, before promising to do Adam's bidding this week. "I am your bitch, just don't backdoor me."

To sweeten his offer, Joshuah tells Adam that he will also have Sharon's vote as part of the deal. Adam is all for it, with the understanding he is safe for the next couple weeks. The two go inside and Joshuah jokes with Sheila about what she would do if she went up on the block. Sheila takes this as a serious bit of news and gets into a bickering match with Adam, who brings up the benefits of nominating Sheila. Joshuah watches and enjoys the fight that ensues. At first Joshuah thinks Adam is just terrorizing Sheila, but he realizes Adam may actually be considering it.
 Double Down! Adam comes out of the Dairy Room and tells the HouseGuests that for this week they are skipping a food competition for a luxury competition! The HouseGuests learn they are playing for a chance to see the new Columbia Pictures feature film "21" starring Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey. Since the film is about a group of MIT students who attempt to take on Las Vegas in a card counting scheme, the HouseGuests will be playing Big Brother Blackjack!

The HouseGuests go outside to find the backyard transformed into a Vegas casino. In BB Blackjack, Adam reveals that card counting may help you beat the house. In each round, the HouseGuests are dealt a series of cards. Each card has a different HouseGuest's face on it plus a number. To win a round, HouseGuests must buzz in and list the cards that add up exactly to 21. Each correct answer translates into one BB chip. But if they answer incorrectly, they are eliminated from the game. The winner gets a movie screening, plus three more movie passes.

Ryan answers the first question correctly and gets a chip. James buzzes in but guesses wrong. Natalie is excited to be playing. "It might take me a little longer, but I know how to add to 21," she says. Sheila is eliminated, but Ryan scores another chip. Joshuah is the next player to get booted, while Natalie secures her first chip. But the game ends when Ryan wins two more chips, making him the recipient of the movie screening! Ryan picks Natalie, Adam and James for his passes, leaving the rest of the HouseGuests out in the cold.
 More than Double, or Nothing Adam then asks Ryan if he is a gambling man. If he puts his movie prize on the line, he is eligible to compete in one round of traditional Blackjack for the chance to win a $21,000 VIP trip to Las Vegas! With the HouseGuests egging him on, Ryan decides to risk it all. With Adam as the dealer, Ryan breathes a sigh of relief when he is handed two nines. Adam deals himself a three and then reveals his next two cards-he has 19! Ryan loses the prize package plus the movie reward, which is then handed to Sheila, Joshuah, Sharon and Chelsia.
 Power of Prayer Natalie is a regular reader of the Bible, which she believes "definitely gives me guidance and strength." While reading in the Pink Room, Natalie has an epiphany regarding a secret code in the house. She tells Sheila she thinks something is going on with the number eight, since there are so many sets of eight objects throughout the house.

After a lock down in the backyard, the HouseGuests come in to find the large dining room table replaced by a smaller table that is just large enough for eight HouseGuests. Natalie realizes she has more sets of eight to decipher. Suddenly she gets an idea-maybe it has something to do with BIG BROTHER season eight, and winner Evel Dick (who has eight letters in his nick name). As crazy as it may sound, Natalie may be on to something, since in the previous live show, Julie Chen revealed Evel Dick is making a surprise visit to the house during Tuesday's show!
 Natalie the Power Player In a pool game with Adam, Natalie broaches the subject of this week's nominations. Adam suggests Sheila should be going on the block. Natalie is stunned, and wonders if Adam has lost his mind, since Sheila is their ally and will definitely be voted out if she goes up on the block. Natalie is insistent that Chelsia and James need to be nominated, since they are strong players and will come after them next week. Adam says he is worried they will know he is in an alliance, and Natalie informs him that cat is already out of the bag.
 Nomination Time Sheila is nervous that Adam might put her up, considering their rocky history in the house. Joshuah and Natalie are both confident they are safe for the week, while James knows he is a target since he is in a rival alliance. Adam heeds Natalie's advice, and nominates James and his biggest ally in the house, Chelsia, who Adam calls a strong pair and a definite threat to him in the game. Who will win the Power of Veto? And how will the current HouseGuests react to Evel Dick's return? Find out Tuesday at 9pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER on CBS!