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Season 9: Episode 19 - Power of Veto is Used; Evel Dick Returns!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

In the aftermath of his nominations, Head of Household Adam says he is not playing the "friends card" anymore after putting James and Chelsia on the block. Adam also notes he's definitely made a bigger threat out of himself than he was before. Chelsia gives Adam props for his nominations, admitting that it is a "smart move" having the couple up against one another on the block. But Chelsia is still not happy about what happened and expresses it clearly when she rejects an offer of a hug from Sheila.

Joshuah is amazed he once again dodged a nomination bullet. "I am doing something right to not get on the block for a seventh week," he muses.

James and Chelsia deal with the nominations with some boisterous antics in the kitchen. No matter what happens, James argues, at least one of them will remain in the house to cause trouble. Sheila is over James and Chelsia's behavior. "These two, they are kids," Sheila explains, "So it's to be expected they would be childish, but it's over the top." She then goes up to the HoH Suite and tells Natalie and Adam how sick the nominees make her, and how Chelsia wouldn't hug her.

Spinning the Nominations James and Chelsia have a conversation in the Red Room, where James suggests Chelsia should throw the Veto for him since he has already been evicted once. Chelsia is not down with that, and tells James she wants to stay in the game.

Meanwhile, Sheila worries about James winning the PoV competition and taking himself off the block. Natalie tells her, "God is in control," and they have to keep positive. Sheila notes that James has "nine lives" in the game and the upcoming PoV is "more important than any one of them."
 Hitting the Movie Jackpot! Adam calls the HouseGuests into the living room for the luxury competition reward, a screening of the new feature film "21". Adam reminds everyone that half of the house got the private movie screening as part of last week's luxury competition. Adam brings out four big buckets of popcorn and tells movie-screening recipients Sheila, Joshuah, Chelsia and Sharon to look in the buckets of popcorn. Part of the luxury competition was a $21,000 VIP trip to Las Vegas, but since Ryan lost it during his make-or-break game of Blackjack, the trip is still up for grabs. Adam reveals there is a golden ticket in one of the buckets of popcorn. Kernels fly all over the living room as Chelsia pulls out the ticket! The four HouseGuests go upstairs to the HoH Suite for the screening. Natalie stays in the living room with fellow losers James, Adam and Ryan. "I'm going to sit here and sulk and eat this popcorn off the ground," she says.

The HoH Suite has been transformed into a mini screening room complete with a concession stand that includes a Sheila favorite: Milk Duds. As the winners get engrossed in the story of MIT students who transform themselves into Las Vegas card counters, outside Adam gives Ryan a hard time for losing the rest of them the luxury competition. The winners enjoy the movie, especially Sheila, who calls the experience "a great gift."

A Lucky Draw for James Besides HoH Adam and the two nominees James and Chelsia, three other competitors are chosen at random to play in the Veto Competition. Adam picks Joshuah's chip from the veto bag, while Chelsia picks Sheila. James scored the HouseGuest's choice chip and selects Sharon.

Ryan is "totally bummed" his name was not picked, since he really wants to compete to make sure James doesn't win the PoV. Adam realizes with the current players, it all rides on him to keep the PoV in his alliance's hands. Sharon is happy for her alliance but realizes that if Chelsia or James goes off the block, this means she or Joshuah will go up instead.
 An Unexpected Good Morning Visitor! It's early morning in the house, and all the HouseGuests are sleeping soundly. But who should slip the through the storage room door? Evel Dick, the winner of BIG BROTHER 8! Dick makes his way to the kitchen to pick up his signature wake up tool, a frying pan. Dick realizes it's the same exact pan from last season as he makes his way to the bedroom.

With a few loud bangs, Dick shocks the HouseGuests awake. Chelsia and the other Red Room sleepers freak out over the surprise. Sheila admits she hated Dick when she watched last season, but now that she is in the house, she respects him. Natalie says she knew Dick was coming back because of her obsession with the number eight-there are eight letters in the name "Evel Dick."

Welcome to Club Evel! The HouseGuests come outside to see the backyard transformed into "Club Evel." Dick explains the HouseGuests are going to replay a game from last season, where they will have to drink nasty concoctions to secure shots in a croquet game. The player who scores the most points in croquet wins the PoV, but if the player scores more than Dick's score of 33 from last season, he or she will also win a classic Gibson Les Paul guitar and amp. But if no one beats the score, Dick gets the guitar for himself!

Sharon is the first up. Dick tells her it is "all about how bad you want it" as she struggles to swallow down a particularly nasty drink. He tells Sheila "this is for your son" as she chokes down one of her drinks. James says he is "way more determined" to win and quickly wolfs down his drinks, even if he spits up some once he comes in the house.

After everyone has finished their drinks, Dick reveals Joshuah finished only five, while Sharon and Chelsia both finished six. Joshuah scores 17 points at croquet and Sharon scores 19. Chelsia only scores 13, which Dick calls pathetic. James is shocked that Sheila finished seven of the drinks. After scoring 23 points, Dick announces Sheila is in the lead. Adam beats Sheila's score by taking eight shots to score 28. James finished all ten drinks, so he gets to take all his shots. Despite a rocky start, James gets a score of 29, winning the PoV but leaving the guitar to the ultimate winner, Dick. James doesn't care, since he has secured another week in the game. "There are magical wizards keeping me in the house," James says.
 But There is an "I" in Half-Million Dollars Joshuah is nauseous over the idea he may go on the block while Chelsia realizes it was a mistake bringing James back into the house after he got evicted. Joshuah realizes he needs to get to work if he wants to stay off the block. He meets with his secret alliance partner, Ryan, who assures him Sharon will go up in place of James.

Things get easy for Joshuah when Sharon volunteers to go up on the block as a pawn, since she is concerned that her ally, Joshuah, will go home if he's nominated. "The thing I love about Sharon is that Sharon loves Joshuah," Joshuah says. "I'm blown away at how damn good I am!" Sharon notes there "is no 'I' in team" and that her best position is to keep her partner safe. Sharon then goes to Adam and asks to be put up, but Natalie does not like that one bit. She goes to Adam and tells him that he should really shake up the game and put up Joshuah since she sees him as a much bigger threat. "I am getting a sickening feeling," Natalie reveals. Ryan enters the conversation and notes that Chelsia is a stronger competitor and a rock for James, so she is the best candidate for eviction. So who gets put up?
 The Veto Ceremony Commences James comes out of the Diary Room to begin the Veto Ceremony. Joshuah is nervous his luck may finally run out. "I am a scared little boy," he says of nominations. "Mommy, don't make me go on the block!"

After calling everyone into the living room, James gives Chelsia a chance to explain why he should use the Power of Veto on her. "Of course I want to stay in this game," she says, but "let's be realistic." James thanks Chelsia but announces he is using the veto on himself. "I will stay in this game and serve vengeance," he warns, saying he will serve it on a "silver platter." Adam says he is basing his nomination on what he feels will bring him the least amount of repercussions and puts Sharon on the block. Joshuah can't believe his luck. "I am the master of this house," he says. Who will be the next evicted HouseGuest? Who will be the next HoH? Find out live on BIG BROTHER Wednesday at 8 pm et/pt on CBS!