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Season 9: Episode 20 - Another HouseGuest is Evicted; New Head of Household Selected
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

After Head of Household Adam picks Sharon as James' replacement on the chopping block, Sharon hugs Chelsia. "Adam has no backbone and is just doing the dirty work of Natalie," says Chelsia, who is also on the block. Joshuah is still delighted Sharon has agreed to go on the block for him, while Natalie notes Chelsia is likely to go home this week since the house has to "get rid of the bigger threats."

As James tries to console his partner, Chelsia shows her vulnerable side and starts to break down, something she was sure she wouldn't do in this game. She reveals that developing a relationship with James and having feelings for him "screwed me over in this game." James kisses her tenderly. "Why am I crying?" a surprised Chelsia asks herself.

Chelsia is not surprised that she is becoming more irritated by Natalie, who Chelsia finds incredibly grating and rather dim. When Natalie talks about "all-timer's disease" and Sheila gently tells her it's pronounced "Alzheimer's," Natalie can't seem to understand she is mispronouncing the word. "Natalie is throwing out words she doesn't even understand," Chelsia says, noting that any little thing she does "just sends me over."

Chelsia's Special Scramble To celebrate the Easter holiday, the HouseGuests are given an egg dye kit, which Natalie and Sharon really enjoy. As self-proclaimed artist Natalie carefully dyes numerous eggs, Chelsia notes that one of the eggs is too ugly for Easter. Knowing that her fate is effectively sealed, Chelsia decides she is "going out with a bang."

Suddenly Chelsia starts to smash the colored eggs on the counter, shocking the HouseGuests, who all move away for cover. As she laughs maniacally, Chelsia destroys another egg. Natalie is appalled. "If I acted that way, my family would have absolutely nothing to do with me," she says. Natalie leaves the kitchen for the sauna room, where she paints her nails and tries to ignore Chelsia's Easter egg slaughter. Fellow nominee Sharon decides to lay low and just read her Bible in the Red Room. When James asks her why she is doing this, Chelsia says "Don't look at me like I'm crazy." James does not want to be connected to this behavior and notes that Chelsia's actions are ruining his game. If she weren't on her way out the door before, the egg-smashing stunt has ensured that even James will vote against her.
 Peas or Pears? Host Julie Chen turns to the HouseGuests in the living room, and asks Adam which he would prefer: a little jar of strained peas or a little jar of pureed pears. Adam sheepishly answers a little jar of pureed pears. "I don't know where it came from," he says of his proclivity for baby food. When asked what his love of baby food means for his street cred, Adam replies "Not much, baby."

Julie then asks Sheila if past BIG BROTHER winner Evel Dick is attractive. "After being in this house, I understand why he is so evil," Sheila admits before saying she does find him attractive. Next, the attention turns to Natalie, who is asked if it is easier to play the game with Matt out of the house. "It is actually easier to play the game now," Natalie says, "but I still miss him." As a follow up, Julie asks Natalie how many letters are in Matt's last name (eight!) and whether that means anything to her. Natalie says it could, but she keeps secrets to herself.

Baller in the House! Adam has become known to his fellow HouseGuests as "A-Baller," a term that Sheila does not understand. At first Adam was playing a very quiet game, but by his own admission, he is moving into second and third gear as more players are eliminated. "You have no idea who you're messing with, period," Adam warns. In a visit to Adam's hometown in New Jersey, his brother Jared notes that he talks a big game, but that Adam is "actually harmless. He is not a big maniac." Adam's mom Denise explains that when he was a kid, he would help women in the supermarket parking lot with their groceries and that he was always interested in charity work. Jared is quick to confirm that Adam always mumbles his words and that if you understand every fourth or fifth word, you'll get the general meaning of what he is trying to say. A smart guy, Denise says her son has a "bit of 'Rain Man' in him sometimes" with his depth of seemingly random knowledge. His brother agrees: "Adam is extremely intelligent."
 The HoH Speaks Julie talks to Adam in the HoH Suite, where she asks him where he stands with Sheila. Adam reveals he was never going to put her up for eviction, but he enjoys harassing her a little, even though he is certain she has his back in the game. Julie then asks if Adam is worried about James staying in the house. "If he wins HoH, I'm going on the block," Adam states.

Adam returns to the living room to hear Sharon and Chelsia plead to stay in the house. Sharon says, "If it's my time to go, it's my time to go." Chelsia starts off by saying she wants to stay in this house, but that she did not change for any of the HouseGuests. "I still have my dignity because I did not breast feed off of any one of you," she says.

The Voting Commences Natalie is the first voter up, and she happily casts her lot to send Chelsia packing. All of the HouseGuests opt to evict Chelsia, including her house boyfriend, James. Julie then announces that by a vote of 5-0, Sharon is safe and Chelsia is evicted. In a volley of parting shots, Chelsia gives some harsh advice to specific HouseGuests, including Adam, who she tells to get a backbone, and Natalie, who she tells to get an education. She then whispers to Joshuah and James before marching out to Julie.

After Chelsia leaves, Sheila says, "That goes to show you she is immature. She's just jealous."

Outside, Julie asks Chelsia what she was whispering. She says she was giving Joshuah a pep talk for the upcoming HoH competition and telling James there is a reason for everything and a reason he's in this game. She says she loves them both and wants to see them go far. Chelsia holds no grudges against James voting against her, since she told him to play the game with his head and not his heart. Chelsia admits mistake No. 1 for her was falling for someone in the house. Mistake No. 2 was then bringing that person back in the house! Julie wants to know if Chelsia thinks there might be a romance with James outside the house. "I guess we'll see," Chelsia answers. "I'll have to watch this season. Don't trust anyone in this house."
 Vote Early and Often Once again, power in the house is up for grabs, thanks to the Head of Household competition. Julie tells the HouseGuests that since it is an election year, BIG BROTHER decided to put a few more names on the ballot. In a competition titled BIG BROTHER Election, viewers were asked to answer questions on about each of the HouseGuests as if they were running for president. On an American flag-like game board, the HouseGuests (minus Adam) are told to raise either their right or left hand to answer questions. The player in the lead after seven questions will be the new Head of Household.

Julie asks the first question: who did America say would be more likely to re-carve Mount Rushmore to include only their face? Joshuah or Sheila? The correct answer is Joshuah! All of the HouseGuests move forward except Sheila and James. Julie then asks the second question: Who would be more likely to give winnings to charity, Sheila or Adam? The correct answer is Adam. Everyone is correct except Sharon and Ryan. Adam, James and Joshuah get the next question wrong, while everyone but Sharon and Sheila get the next question right-who would write the more interesting biography, Sheila or James? (The answer is James). Natalie is in the lead! Natalie answers correctly on the question of who would give a more inspirational speech, Natalie or Joshuah? Natalie votes for herself, and moves ahead. Julie then asks which HouseGuest would be more likely to stop their motorcade to let a squirrel cross the road, Sharon or Natalie. Natalie is disappointed when she answers with herself and gets the question wrong. But after seven questions, she's the furthest ahead. Natalie is the new HoH!

Back in the living room, Natalie tells Julie she feels like she just ran a marathon. So who will Natalie nominate for eviction? Find out on CBS on Sunday at 8 pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER!