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Season 9: Episode 21 - James Lobbies to Keep Himself Safe; Natalie Considers an Unexpected Deal
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Chelsia's angry eviction from the house makes for some very strong reactions from the remaining HouseGuests. Natalie has some news for Chelsia, who told her to get an education as she left the house. "Chelsia, guess what? I went to college for three years," she says as she revels in her eviction. "Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

Sheila is puzzled and annoyed by Chelsia's goodbye comment to her that she was "rode hard." Sheila thinks that was a "classless thing to say" and that the phrase is something you might hear in a bar somewhere. Sheila decides Chelsia is "extremely immature." Adam is glad she's gone, and notes Chelsia's comments were like a "cap gun going off."

Joshuah knows that Chelsia's departure makes for a big change in his game. Now his alliance is just three people: himself, Sharon and James, which puts them in the minority against the foursome of Sheila, Natalie, Adam and Ryan. The HoH competition is therefore "crucial," he says.

Natalie winning HoH is Joshuah's nightmare come true, but to make things even worse, Joshuah is peeved to find out from the competition that America thinks Natalie would give a more inspirational speech than he would. Joshuah thinks he would give a better speech, since he can use words with more than five letters, and his speech won't be written in "crayon or nail polish."

James admits he "wasn't too stoked" with Natalie's win, either, and that he will have to "definitely retool" his game play.

In a post HoH competition celebration, Natalie, Ryan, Adam and Sheila toast their side of the house's good luck. Joshuah, who is appalled he was beaten in a mental competition by Natalie, tells James "One of those idiots is gonna win a half million dollars." Ryan jokes that their side of the house is "Team Christ," which pleases Natalie. Adam notes "whatever works, works. You can't knock the Lord, he put me on this earth, you know."
 Time for a Retool James admits that unless he comes up with some plan, he is on his way out the door for sure. Natalie is packing up her things to move into the HoH Suite when James comes knocking. Before she can even savor her victory, James asks her "Are you going to put me up?" Natalie tells him she needs to think about things first.
 Natalie's Letter When Natalie gets to see her HoH Suite, one of her favorite pictures is a shot of her dog, Sampson. Sheila and most of the other HouseGuests think the pictures are sweet, but Joshuah is not impressed. Natalie's pictures are "typical Natalie," he says. "A bikini picture of Natalie-wow, what a surprise! A picture of Natalie hugging a tree-wow what a surprise."

Natalie's letter from home contains all the standard "we love you" and "stay strong" words of support, but Natalie's father reveals that her participation in the show has brought her family together. "My dad hasn't talked to my mom in years," Natalie reveals.

He's Coming Out! In a Sauna Room conversation, Sheila asks Joshuah if she can bring up something that may be touchy: how did he come out to his parents? Joshuah explains it happened when he was in college, and his mother wanted him to come home early from his Winter break, but he wanted to stay for a Christmas party with his gay friends. When his mother pressed him on why the party was so important, Joshuah came out to her. He recalls his mother told him a plane ticket home would be waiting for him at the airport the next day. He notes at first they didn't talk about it much but now things are fine between them. "I think I love your parents now," Sheila tells him.
 An Unholy Alliance? James makes his way up to the HoH Suite to lobby Natalie. James asks to talk to her frankly, and Natalie admits she wants to do what's best for her. Natalie tells him that Ryan and Adam both want him out, and James tells her they are afraid of him since he is strong and they smoke and are out of shape. Natalie admits she can trust James more than Joshuah. James said he wants to work with her, but Natalie says she is scared of him because he took her Matty out of the game. James counters with the fact that Natalie took Chelsia out. James then admits he was physically intimidated by Matt, and that's why he broke his word to her and sent him packing. Natalie asks if James will back her up and he says "110 percent." "If I keep you, we work together," Natalie asks back, and James tells her they can, and that she can put up Sharon and Joshuah as a "couple thing." He tells her they can call the final two for themselves right now, but Natalie is not sure what to do. After James leaves, Natalie walks around the HoH Suite muttering, "What is best for me, Big Brother? What do I do?"

To Slop or Not to Slop Natalie announces to the HouseGuests it is time for the food competition. Adam notes that he doesn't want to go anywhere near slop. The HouseGuests go to different rooms and wait by themselves for a chance to play. Sharon is out first, and finds the backyard transformed into a barnyard, complete with plastic animals and hay bales. Sharon remarks that it is just like Kansas. She reads the instructions, which explains that at least three of the HouseGuests (minus HoH Natalie) will be on slop this week. Sharon has to decide whether to put her "slop" or "food" token into her watermelon. The object of the competition is to figure out how greedy the house is. If three or more HouseGuests choose their slop cards, then those people are on slop. But if three or more choose the food card, then those people will be on food. The goal is to be in the minority. After thinking it over, Sharon decides it's hard to predict what people will do, and goes with her slop token. During his turn James chooses his slop token. Adam is up next. He opts for the food token. Sheila is indecisive during her turn, but goes with the slop token. Joshuah, who wouldn't mind a slop diet to help him slim down, decides to go with his slop token as well. Ryan thinks it will go 3-3, and also goes with his slop token.

The HouseGuests then assemble outside, where Natalie instructs them to smash open their individual watermelons with big mallets. She reminds them if they are split down he middle, they will all get what they individually selected. In quick succession the HouseGuests smash open their watermelons, revealing that only Adam picked the food token. Therefore, Adam has food privileges for the week along with Natalie, while the rest of the house goes on slop!

Sharon does have an out with a slop pass she won in a previous competition, but she opts not to use it, noting "I'm not going to win this game if I pull all my stops out early."

Natalie's Thousand Words Natalie just can't get over Matt, and spends an evening "having a moment" staring at his picture on the Memory Wall, mumbling to herself. Joshuah notes that he wouldn't be surprised to wake up one morning to find her "lipstick all over his picture."
 Back Dooring James In a HoH Suite strategy session, Ryan tells Natalie they might want to back door James so he doesn't have the chance to take himself off the block with the Power of Veto. Since he has won Power of Veto twice, James should be treated carefully. Ryan also notes it will annoy James since he will hate being back doored. Ryan says by putting Joshuah and Sharon up they will take one another off if they win the POV, while Natalie will use it if she wins it. Natalie thinks this is interesting, but doesn't commit to anything. Ryan tells her it is "just an option" as the new HoH decides what she should do.
 Time for Nominations Natalie calls the HouseGuests into the dining room for the nomination ceremony. She tells them it is "really difficult for me because we are down to so few people to choose from." Adam is the first safe HouseGuest, followed by Sheila. Ryan's key is pulled next, with Sharon the last HouseGuest to be named safe. Natalie notes Joshuah was more than overdue to be nominated since he's never been up on the block. Natalie says James is up because he and Joshuah are clearly working together. James knows he was nominated because he is a "big threat," but warns he will come back at Natalie next week. Joshuah says he is "no longer a block virgin" and for the first time feels threatened.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Can James save himself again? Find out Tuesday at 9pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER on CBS!