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Season 9: Episode 22 - A Huge Fight Breaks Out; A Nail-Biter PoV Competition Changes One HouseGuest's Destiny
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Natalie's nominations are a revelation to James. "This is my new routine for the house," James says. "I must be nominated every week or be HoH." Although it is his first time on the block, Joshuah feels comfortable being a nominee for eviction since James is the house's real target for the week. Natalie confirms this when she reveals her "only mission" is to send James packing to the Jury House on Wednesday.

Ryan and Sharon tell Joshuah they have a good feeling about PoV and the eviction vote. "If James doesn't win, you're good," Ryan says to a slightly nervous Joshuah, who, despite his confidence, is still adjusting to being a target.
 Two Timing Sheila! Meanwhile, Sheila gives James her own little pep talk as they hang in the sauna. Shelia tells him he is going to win tomorrow since he is a better player than pretty much everyone in the house. She also tells James her gut says he isn't going home this week. James is moved by Sheila's kind words, admitting that her telling him he could win PoV "meant a lot to me."

But it turns out Sheila has a lot more talking in her! After James goes to bed, Sheila then gives Joshuah a similar pep talk in the kitchen as the rest of the HouseGuests listen. "You have the power to save yourself," Sheila tells Joshuah before ragging on James and his game play. Natalie and some of the others tell Sheila to keep her voice down so that James won't hear, but Sheila blurts out, "Who cares?" Sure enough, from his bed in the Red Room, James hears everything.

James gets up and walks his way into the kitchen. Natalie and the others implore Sheila to zip it, but she keeps talking about James. As he reaches the kitchen, James announces he just heard everything. "You guys are pretty confident I'm leaving," James says as Sheila does some back-tracking by saying she was just trying to make Joshuah feel better. "He feels bad," Sheila explains. "How do you think I feel?" James shoots back. "I'm the annoying HouseGuest who wouldn't leave. The whole house is against me, even you."

After James goes back to the Red Room, Sheila tells the other HouseGuests he needed to hear it. Sheila tries to apologize to James, but he is having none of it. Outside Sheila tells Adam and Ryan she is glad James heard what she said and that it makes her sick he's still in the house. Adam goes to the Red Room and tells James that Sheila feels better after what she said. This riles up James, who gets up to confront Sheila.
 James's Battle Royale By the time James gets outside to Sheila, he is burning with anger. "I heard you feel better?" he says as he starts screaming in her face, calling her a "two-faced bitch." Sheila holds her ground as James reveals her betrayal. "You lied to me," he screams hysterically, almost on the verge of tears.

James storms off and makes his way to the Red Room, where he argues with Natalie. "You have people you can talk to and to play with," he tells her, as Natalie points out he has Joshuah and Sharon. When James argues he has been victimized by the eviction of Chelsia, Natalie points out she felt the same way when Matt left. Ryan tries to talk James down, who by this point is losing his voice. "Let me just be frustrated with that," James says.

Natalie and James get into it again when James says Natalie sent Chelsia packing. Natalie points out she wasn't HoH the week Chelsia got nominated, Adam was. Then James says Natalie helped Adam come up with the plan to boot Chelsia. Adam, who has been reading his Bible in the Pink Room minding his own business, decides to come out and defend himself. "You're right," Adam says, "no one wants you in the house, and it sucks, dude." James and Adam bicker for a bit when they decide they are both cool with each other. James finally says it's time to go to bed. Ryan agrees and wishes James good luck with the Power of Veto competition.
 A Late Night Emotional Reveal In a late-night conversation with Joshuah, James finally breaks down and cries. He reveals that he was really hurt by Sheila's betrayal. "I can't believe I'm crying," James says through tears, admitting it is the first time he has broken down since his dad passed away.
 James Makes His Last, Best Stand It's time to pick players for the Veto competition. James decides he needs to put himself in "mental warrior mode." With a dwindling number of HouseGuests, everyone gets to play in the competition except Adam, who acts as the host.

The HouseGuests go outside to the backyard to find a random collection of objects, with each object flanked by a smaller replica of itself. When James sees that the competition may involve counting, he admits he is "horrible with numbers."

Adam announces today's PoV game is called BIG BROTHER Boardwalk, during which players will find crazy objects from BB past and present. Adam explains that all of the answers will be an amount. The players have to guess how many objects make up a certain item by comparing it to a small version. After seeing each other's answers, they will have the option to play their number or fold. A player who folds can't get a point, but he or she also can't get eliminated from the game. The person who is closest to the correct answer gets a point, while the person who is the farthest off is eliminated. The first player who gets to three points wins the Power of Veto.

Adam starts with a box of 100 letter blocks. He then points out a much larger box of blocks, and asks the players how many blocks it holds. After their guesses, James tells Adam he is folding. "This is a game of dog eat dog," James explains later. "I'm gonna keep folding." Sharon and Joshuah tie for last place with their guesses and are both eliminated.

Natalie is eliminated while Ryan wins a point. James folds again, which costs him a point, but keeps him in the game. Natalie is bummed she is out of the game, but James revels in it. "They want me out so badly, they are making stupid mistakes," he says.

James folds again in the next round along with Ryan, which gives Sheila an uncontested point. Ryan has begun to sweat, which James notices. Both Sheila and Ryan fold in the next round, which hands a point to James. Ryan is pissed when he realizes that if he had played, he would have won a point.

James scores another point as Ryan makes a tactical error. It comes down to a final round, where James is in a do-or-die situation. In one of the biggest comebacks of the season, James pulls out another correct answer and gets his third point-for the third time, James has won the Power of Veto!

Some Will Win and Some Will Lose Joshuah is devastated, since he has now become the most likely target for eviction. James is certain to use the Veto on himself, and Natalie is sure to put up Sharon. Joshuah cries like a little girl in the Blue Room. "There is no way I can pull through this," he says, noting it will come down to choosing between "Sharon the saint and Joshuah the sinner."

After Natalie confirms she is putting up Sharon, Joshuah, Sheila and Sharon end up having a sob fest in the kitchen as Joshuah tells them they have to stick together. "It wasn't in the cards for me," he sighs. As Sheila consoles Sharon in the bathroom, Joshuah has a strategic epiphany and pulls himself together in the storage room. He then goes straight to the HoH Suite to cut a deal with Natalie, who tells him if he can make it a tie, she will vote to keep him in the house. As Sheila continues to console Sharon, Joshuah cuts her off at the knees as he works to secure votes from Ryan and James. Sheila tells an unsuspecting Sharon that Joshuah will be her "friend for life" and that he will walk out of the game with "dignity and class."
 Veto Time James calls everyone in for the Veto ceremony. Joshuah tells James not to use the Veto on him and use it on himself. James complies, and in the process gives Sheila a pep talk, telling her she needs to compete as hard as she is able to, since she has the potential to win competitions. Natalie then puts Sharon up on the block. Sharon says it's going to be "very, very hard" for her, but Joshuah reveals he'll do what it takes to win the game. Who will be the next evicted HouseGuest? And who will win the next HoH competition? Find out on CBS live on Wednesday at 8pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER!