Season 9: Episode 24 - Adam Shocks the House with his Nominations; An Unexpected HouseGuest has an Emotional Breakdown
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Sheila is shocked Joshuah went out of the house on a classy note as opposed to attacking everyone the way Chelsia did. Ryan thinks Joshuah was trying to make an inspiring speech, but thinks it was "cheesy". James feels as if everyone he is close to in the house is leaving. This only makes him want to fight harder by using Chelsia and Joshuah's "energy and will power" to go forward in the game.

"It was very tough to watch Joshuah walk out that door," Sharon says. "He brightened up my day every single day." Adam notes that Sharon was "wailin', dude," and that he loves breaking people down to the core. "We'll see what she's made of now, Marine."
 A Sophomore HoH Adam thinks this week he will be "more confident" in his HoH abilities. Natalie says she knew Adam would win thanks to a dream. "It's like God speaks to me or something, I don't know," she says. James, on the other hand, wanted to kick himself "in the face" when Adam won.

Sharon tells James she is pissed off by Adam's win, while James tells her he hates everyone in the house. Natalie says her side of the house's win is because they belong to "Team Christ," or "T.C." for short. Even though James thinks he and Sharon are certain to be nominated for eviction, he wants to figure out some way to stay.

As the six remaining HouseGuests hang out in the kitchen and dining room, James goes through a possible scenario of how the week will unfold with evictions and the Veto. Adam jokes that Sheila will go up on the block, a gag that doesn't go over well. "I never feel safe with Adam," she says. "He is always trying to mess with me." Adam notes that Sheila is the "odd man out" on Team Christ, since he, Natalie and Ryan are a tight trio. "She might be the pawn this week," Adam suggests, noting that even though he jokes with her about nominations, it could have more significant meaning. "Most truth is spoken through jest, my friends," he says.

Adam Loves the Babies, but They Love Him Too Adam thinks having the HoH Suite a second time around is "proper," since he has fresh flowers, and pictures of his "homies." Natalie notes there is no baby food this time. Adam reads a letter from his mother, who is very proud of her son but admits she closes her eyes every time she watches Adam pick his nose. Adam's mother also reveals that his friends and brother have a host of "babies," or fetching young women, interested in meeting Adam once he is out of the house.
 Game Face for James James and Adam talk outside, and Adam pretty much admits James is headed for the block, and there is not much James can do about it. James is sad at first, but in a late night self-encouragement session, he lets his "alter ego" kick in. James then walks around the house and back yard talking to himself, getting himself prepared for the next competition. "I need to pull through," he says. "You're going to see me win the game."
 Stealthy Sharon Sharon, the "nice gal" of the house, says her strategy is "to lay low" and "let people come to me" if they are looking for an alliance. Out by the hot tub, Ryan makes a move and sees if she wants to work with him. Former Marine Sharon believes in the Corps motto "Semper Fidelis," and will stay true to Ryan the same was she stayed true to Joshuah.

A True BIG BROTHER Mash Adam gathers up the HouseGuests for the food competition, a task Ryan is nervous about since he does not want to be on slop another week. He describes it as "one of the worst experiences of my life." The HouseGuests go outside to find a huge ramp with pots and pans on it. James also notices vats of mashed potatoes.

Adam explains the HouseGuests have to make pathways down the slope using only mashed potatoes, and then make sure a gravy train runs top to bottom down the paths into containers. Each of the containers represents a food group or one of three luxury items: a feast, a grill and lawn toys.

Ryan initially thinks it is going to be "all simple and dandy," but finds out that such a messy competition makes for difficult footing on the slope. "It was tough," he admits. James describes Adam and Ryan as "pretty much whales on a ramp." The competition gets underway, and the HouseGuests soon fill up the "Meats & Fish" container with gravy. "Desserts & Snacks" is the next container filled, which makes everyone happy, but James gets a little irritated when Ryan diverts his train from a food group to the lawn toys container. Sheila notes the "ultimate prize" is the grill. As time runs out, the HouseGuests realize the gravy is still running down into the grill's container. They all stand around watching closely, and cheer when the last dribbles win them the grill!

T.C. Has Some Internal Conflicts In a kitchen conversation, James talks to Adam about their friendship and how he never went directly against him in the game. Adam feels bad for his buddy Jimmy, who he sees as very isolated. Ryan walks through the kitchen as they chat, and overhears some of their conversation. He quickly makes his way to Natalie in the Pink Room, and tells her that James may be trying to flip Adam into keeping him off the chopping block. Natalie tells Ryan he has to put James up. Ryan says he is going to talk some sense into Adam.

Up in the HoH Suite, Adam admits he is thinking of putting up Sharon and Sheila. Ryan then calls up Natalie, who explains why this is such a bad move. James has won the Power of Veto for the past three weeks, and if he wins again while he is off the block, he is likely to use it on his sole remaining ally in the house, Sharon. Since the PoV holder can't be put on the block, Adam would be forced to nominate Ryan or Natalie. With only three HouseGuests voting, that would mean Sharon and James would be able to evict whomever they wanted, which means either Ryan or Natalie are sure to go home.

Natalie warns Adam that James is an "evildoer," a "con artist" and a "bum" whose word can't be trusted.
 A Tearful Plea After Natalie and Ryan leave, James makes his way up to HoH to talk to Adam again. Natalie quickly marches up there to see what is going on. A heated conversation ensues, where Natalie accuses James of manipulating his way through the game. The conversation turns back to Matt, who James maneuvered out of the house after he broke his word to Natalie that he would save him. James says no one is giving him a chance, but Adam says it's too little, too late.

This all becomes too much for James to bear, and after holding it in for more than 50 days, breaks down into tearful hysterics. Adam is very moved and runs to comfort him as Natalie holds back. "You're isolating me," he says. "You're breaking me down." Natalie gives James a hug and leaves, since she feels she has said what she needed to say and it is time for her to exit.

Adam gets emotional as he watches James sob. James says he understands why he needs to go up on the block. Adam just gets more and more upset. Adam asks James if he will use the Veto if he wins it, and James says he will not. Adam then cracks and tells James he is safe for the week. The two emotional dudes then shake hands and hug it out.
 Nominations Commence James knows his only hope is Adam's benevolence. Ryan fears the power will shift to James' side of the house. Adam says he needs to do what's best for him, not others in the house. Adam begins the ceremony and declares Natalie safe. Natalie then pulls Ryan's key. Ryan pulls the last key and reveals James is safe for the week! Adam explains he nominated Sharon and Sheila because this will encourage everyone to compete hard for the Veto. Ryan and Natalie are furious, but not as furious as Sheila, who tells Adam he is the biggest jerk in the house before storming off to the Blue Room. Ryan says Adam may have made one friend, but he's made three enemies. Who will win the Power of Veto? Find out Tuesday at 9pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER on CBS.