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Season 9: Episode 25 - Adam's Nominations Make for Big Repercussions; The HouseGuests Play a Crucial Veto Competition
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The fallout from Adam's decision to not nominate James is swift. Eviction nominee Sheila is furious. "I'm not happy about this," Sheila says. "What he did was, like, devastating. I would have never, never done this to him, never." In the moments following the ceremony, Adam reaches out to Ryan and says, "Don't be mad at me, alright?" but Ryan just walks right by him. "This is going to totally screw him in the end," Ryan predicts. James says it is an "extraordinary feeling" not to be on the block. Natalie notes her alliance is really irritated with Adam, but there is no harm in her playing both sides by reaching out to James in case he stays for another week.

Adam regrets his decision to not put James up on the block almost immediately. "I fell for the tears," he admits, explaining that James's emotional breakdown right before the nomination ceremony clouded his judgment.
 A Woman Scorned! After moping in the Blue Room, Sheila comes out to the kitchen and lays into Adam, telling him she never would have done the same thing to him. Co-nominee Sharon says this is her cue to stick to her strategy of keeping her mouth shut and laying low while other HouseGuests duke it out.

"You'll be off the block and everything will be fine," Adam tells Sheila. "I don't need you to take me off the block, you put me on it," she yells, before adding the interjection, "Derr!"

Back in the Blue Room, Ryan and Sheila go over Adam's decision, which they both feel was idiotic. Sheila says if she doesn't win the Power of Veto, Ryan and Natalie have to win in order to pull her off the block and put up James. Ryan is concerned how the rest of the week will play out; if James wins the PoV for a fourth time in a row, that would give him the ability to take down Sharon. Since the PoV holder cannot be put on the block, Adam would be forced to put up one of his allies, Ryan or Natalie. Since there are only three votes, Sharon and James would be able to dictate who goes home.

Later, out in the kitchen, James tells Ryan he will keep his word to Adam and not use the PoV on Sharon. James tells Ryan if he wants him out that badly, he needs to compete hard for the PoV so he can change up Adam's nominations.

As Natalie, Sheila and Ryan further discuss Adam's nominations, Adam talks with Sharon outside by the hot tub. Adam reveals he may have made the wrong decision as Natalie tells Ryan and Sheila that she will eliminate Adam if she has the chance.
 Adam's Multiple Mea Culpas After everyone has cooled down, Sheila and Adam have a much more controlled conversation. Adam tells Sheila he regrets his decision, while Sheila says she's been thinking about it and realizes what he did makes sense, but it sure is a risky strategy. Adam thinks this decision might cost him the game. Sheila says she has forgiven him but she's not sure where Ryan and Natalie stand.

Adam goes right to Natalie and apologizes. She tells him they just have to overcome it. "I'm a moron," Adam exclaims. "He mesmerized me, dude!" Ryan enters and Adam apologizes to him as well. Ryan says he knows Adam didn't make this decision just to screw them. Adam thinks he has shored up things with his alliance, but Natalie admits, "I'm still not ready to forgive him yet because it still puts me at a risk."

An Unexpected Deal from Natalie In a late night kitchen conversation, Sheila says she's okay with what happened, but Natalie is not. Natalie says she's worried. James comes out and says if he wins the PoV competition, he's not using the veto. Sheila leaves to listen to music. Adam then tells James that Natalie is still pissed. Natalie tells James she still won't trust him. James notes he's still the odd man out in the house, and wants to work with people. Sensing an opportunity, Natalie makes a move and says maybe they can sit down and make an agreement. James is open to anything. Natalie wonders if there is a deal to be made that ensures Sharon goes home. "I'm not gonna sit here and lie any more," Natalie says. James says he promises not to use the Veto if he wins it, while Natalie says he won't go on the block if she wins Head of Household. For the first time in a while, James feels reassured by something Natalie has said to him.
 Sharon is Shocked Out at the hot tub, James tells Sharon he thinks the only person who wants to change the nominations is Ryan. Sharon tells James that Natalie doesn't want him here. When James alludes to his new Natalie deal, Sharon can't believe it. "What are you thinking?" she asks, noting that Natalie will never forgive him for maneuvering Matt out of the house. James says he and Natalie have a deal. A furious Sharon is blown away. "I need to chill out," she says.
 The Rainmaker Adam calls the HouseGuests outside for the Veto Competition. Natalie explains that the backyard has been transformed into a parched desert landscape dominated by a huge stone idol. Ryan notes this is the most important Veto competition while James states the obvious: "It's do or die for me."

Adam explains it is up to them to please the stone god and bring water to the BIG BROTHER lake house. The stone god will reveal a past event in the BB House, and then the HouseGuests will search the back yard and bring back the numbered rocks of that day the event happened. If only one person brings back the incorrect day, that person is eliminated. If there is more than one incorrect answer, the person with the answer furthest from the correct number is eliminated. Sheila is nervous, since she never knows what day it is.

The stone god asks the HouseGuests what day in the house Chelsia was eliminated. The answer is 49. Everyone scurries around the yard looking for rocks. Natalie feels "this game is perfect" since she is always thinking about numbers. Sharon figures out the correct answer by counting backwards. When the correct answer is finally revealed, Natalie is the first eliminated HouseGuest! Since the stone god is pleased with the answers, the HouseGuests are drenched in rain.

The HouseGuests are asked which day Amanda fell ill. Everyone misses the correct answer, 16, but Sheila and James tie for the answer furthest away: 32. Since Sheila finished last, she is eliminated. Natalie is terrified this is going to be a repeat of the last three Veto Ceremonies, with James winning big.

James's luck finally runs out when he guesses the wrong day for when the couples were split (the correct answer is 24). Nearly everyone claps when James is booted from the game. "It was definitely disappointing not pulling out another Veto win," he says. "It felt like I just lost $500,000."

Sharon is the next eliminated HouseGuest, which pretty much ends any chance of her being removed from the chopping block. Ryan and Adam are the final two players. Ryan and Adam decide to play the same number, but make sure Ryan finishes first. Ryan has the correct number, but Adam ends up choosing the wrong date. Ryan is the winner of the Power of Veto!
 A Deal Revealed! After the competition, Sharon and Sheila talk outside. Sharon tells Sheila that Natalie and James are working together. Sharon says she was pissed. "I was like, are you kidding me?" Sharon says. Sheila says ultimately Natalie will betray her. The news of Natalie's backroom deals confirms Sheila's belief that she is "alone in this game. I trust only myself."

Sheila tells Ryan about Natalie's deal. The pair re-affirms their relationship as Ryan admits he is not totally sure about Natalie's dedication to their alliance. Later that night, Ryan and James have a one-on-one conversation, where James brings up the idea of a Ryan-James-Sharon alliance that could flip the house and take control. Ryan is interested in the idea. James thinks he might be able to pull off a save after all.
 Time for the Veto Ceremony Ryan calls the HouseGuests inside for the ceremony. Ryan thinks James made a good argument. James hopes he got through to Ryan. But as the ceremony gets rolling, Ryan makes the safe choice and saves Sheila from the block. Adam cheers. He then puts James up on the block, noting that James is his friend, but at this point "game play has to come first." Who will be the next HouseGuest evicted, and who will become new Head of Household? Find out live Wednesday at 8pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER on CBS!