Season 9: Episode 26 - A Unanimous Vote Sends Yet Another HouseGuest to the Jury House
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

James and Sharon jokingly scream at each other after James is put up on the nomination block by Head of Household, Adam. "There is nothing James could propose to me to keep him around," Natalie says as she begins to focus on the final stretch of the game. When it comes to beating the final player and winning over the seven-member HouseGuest jury, Natalie thinks she can best any of her competitors. Sharon feels the same way. "I believe if I get to final two," she says, "I'll be the one that wins." James is not acting like a dead man walking. "I'm not giving up yet," he says, arguing he is the only person left in the house who can take down Natalie.
 Throwing Natalie Off Her Game James wastes no time telling the other HouseGuests Natalie is the strongest player, since she is the only person left not to go up on the block solo. James then goes after Natalie directly, when he casually mentions she hasn't worked out since Matt left the house. Natalie is having none of it, and snaps at James that he should not make fun of her. Natalie tells him she doesn't like how he mocks her the same way Chelsia did. James is delighted he's hit a "soft spot." Adam laughs at the whole situation, and Natalie warns him that anyone who laughs at her is at risk if she wins the next HoH. This prompts a conversation between Ryan and Adam about their final three; after listening to Natalie, they think it is in their best interest to bring along Sheila. Meanwhile, Natalie tells Sharon and Sheila that if it came down to her, Adam would be the next one to go. A female/male rivalry seems to be coming to a head when Ryan tells Adam "we have to knock the bitches out."

Double Talk Can Get You in Trouble Natalie is one busy little beaver in the house this week. She tells Sheila and Sharon they need to build up their girl power alliance, but Sheila is not buying it. "That's a bunch of crap," Sheila says of Natalie's proposed partnership. "Natalie tells people what they want to hear." Sheila's theory is proven right when Natalie whispers to Adam and then Ryan that Sharon is out to get them and wants the girls to stick together. Sheila decides she needs to warn Adam of Natalie's schemes. Adam is confused. "It's like who do I believe?" Adam says. "Who's who, what's what?"

During a chess game with Ryan, James notes that Natalie is bad news. He then throws out the scenario of him not leaving this week. Ryan says it would be a very risky deal for him. On a hunt for one more vote, James makes his way to Sheila, who is chatting with Adam. James tells her they will need him to battle Natalie. Sheila respects Natalie's competitiveness and notes she is a female version of James. Adam tells Sheila she is a "crucial decision maker" in the house. Sheila says she may do something crazy in honor of her upcoming 46th birthday.

Host Julie Chen goes to the Living Room, where she asks Natalie a question from a viewer, Brenda from New York. Brenda wants to know what religion has to do with the game. Natalie says religion keeps her strong. Julie asks Adam about the "babies," or hot ladies, dying to meet him. What kind of woman is he looking for? Adam is looking for style, a positive attitude and quality conversation, "because if it gets too boring, I'm outta there." Sheila is asked if she has a message for her son. She says she loves him and this is the "hardest thing I have ever done in my life." She also says she can't wait until the show is over and they can celebrate his birthday together.

The True Sharon Sharon has played a steady game, staying calm and quiet despite numerous trips to the chopping block. From their home in Kansas, Sharon's dad, Gordon, says his daughter is an "all-American girl." Sharon's mom, who is also named Sharon, notes her daughter "just loved animals" growing up. Her dad hopes she doesn't bring the house guinea pigs home with her. Sharon's mom notes that Sharon recently survived a car crash where her car flipped four times. "Since the car accident Sharon has realized how valuable her friends and family are," her mom says. Sharon has repeatedly said in the house she lives by the Marines motto Semper Fidelis (always faithful), but her father thinks she could find that motto a "detriment." Her sister Charlene says Sharon "has a lot of fight in her" and that people will be "surprised how strong she really is."
 Welcome to the Jury House! Matt, the first HouseGuest to make it to the Jury House, says he has come to terms with not winning but misses being around people. Matt says he wants to see James walk in the door first but if not, any of the females will do. Chelsia walks in and Matt wonders if she wants to sleep in his room. Chelsia states she's not going to be hooking up with Matt anytime soon. Chelsia then says she hopes Natalie is the next HouseGuest through the door, even if she will bug her in the house. When Joshuah walks in, Chelsia says, "I don't want to see you here!" Matt is very happy his alliance is still doing well in the house, especially Natalie, who he is rooting for to win. Plus he thinks Natalie might "buy me something nice" with the prize money. As they watch footage from the competition, Joshuah lays into Natalie, calling her outfit "whorish." Matt thinks Joshuah and Chelsia are nuts. Should make for a fun Jury house!

It's Time to Vote Back at the BIG BROTHER house, Julie asks nominees Sharon and James to make their last pleas to stay. Sharon says she is again in this situation and would love to be here another week, but whatever happens, happens. James says he "could say a million things right now," but decides to keep it simple. He notes he came into the house as a kid trying to bike around the world, and he is leaving "with a girl I fell for on national television and friends I will have forever."

Natalie goes first and casts her vote to evict James. Ryan votes to evict James, and then Sheila votes to evict James. It is unanimous. Julie announces that by a 3-0 vote, James has been evicted from the BIG BROTHER house. As James exits the house, Julie says it is déjà vu all over again, and James replies, "but this time it's for real, hopefully!"

Julie asks James if he regrets going back on his word to Natalie over putting Matt up on the block. He says in some ways he does, but in other ways, he doesn't, since Matt was lying all week to him. James says he just "had to take care of business." Julie notes that James said he hadn't cried since he was 14, but cried several times in the house. James says the isolation and loneliness in the house is difficult.

In his goodbye message, Adam tells James "it was the house's choice, not mine, to get rid of you." Sharon swears she will do whatever she can to send Natalie packing, while Ryan tells him he's been a "true warrior" in the game. Natalie tells him "once a cheater, always a cheater." Sheila says he reminds her of her son. "You are crazy, James," Sheila says. "You lived up to the name."

Julie asks if James will remain friends with anyone other than Chelsia. "Probably, maybe," James says before Julie demands some names. James says he will remain friends with Adam, Sheila and Sharon, but he hates Natalie and Ryan "for what they stand for."
 Time for the HoH Competition The HouseGuests come outside to the back yard and find four large plexi-glass boxes. Julie explains this week's HoH competition is called "Glass Houses." Ryan, Sheila, Sharon and Natalie are told to grab on to either the bar or rope hanging in the box. The rules are simple: if fall out of your box, you will be eliminated, while the last remaining HouseGuest in the box wins HoH.

Ryan, always heavy with the sweat, starts perspiring almost immediately. When Julie asks him how he is doing Ryan says, "We'll see in five minutes." As the episode comes to an end, Sharon is definitely struggling. "I am about to lose it," she says, noting she hurt her back yesterday.

Who wins this week's HoH? And which two HouseGuests will be nominated for eviction? Find out Sunday at 8pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER on CBS.