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Season 9: Episode 27 - A HouseGuest Wins Her First HoH Competition!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

As the HouseGuests continue to struggle through the Head of Household competition, Adam tells Ryan to put his back into the corner of the Plexi-glass box to get into a better position. Sheila and Natalie both look very comfortable hanging mid-air, while Sharon is the first HouseGuest to show signs of strain. Ryan says he feels pretty safe this week, with his only worry being Natalie, since she can be very sneaky. Sharon knows that as the last person in her alliance, it is a "very big deal" for her to win the HoH competition. Like Ryan, Sheila doesn't trust Natalie. Sheila also thinks that after ten weeks in the house, it's time for her to finally win something.

"I've never been in a glass box before," Natalie says. "I feel 100 percent guaranteed I'm gonna win." Natalie is on the high of watching James get evicted from the house. Sheila still feels bad about James getting the heave-ho, since he reminds her of her son. Ryan is fine with it, since he feels "Pinky" had to go. Still obsessing over numbers, Natalie says James went home on the ninth, on day 63 (6 + 3 = 9) and was always compared to a cat with nine lives. "Matty is going to be so happy," she says.
 The First One Bites the Dust The HouseGuests now have to deal with smoke, which drifts up into the boxes. Sharon struggles even more than before. "I'm about to lose it," she says. "I hurt my back last night." At eight minutes in, Sharon drops! As Adam carries her off, Sharon says, "I'll just win PoV."

Natalie thinks this is great for her alliance, Team Christ, which is made up of her, Sheila, Adam and Ryan. As she hangs in her box, Sheila tells Ryan that he is good with her since he used the Power of Veto last week when she was nominated for eviction. Ryan appreciates the sentiment, but notes that at this point in the game, they are all in it for themselves.

Down on the ground, Sharon tells Adam that Sheila might win this, and that if Natalie wins, it may screw them all. Sheila almost slips, but saves herself from falling. Just after two hours, Adam and Sharon go inside. As soon as the sliding door closes, Natalie suggests the three of them make a deal to put up Sharon and Adam. Sheila says if she wins, Ryan is not going up. With just a little prodding, Sheila says she will put Adam up as well.

Sheila admits that she is really in an alliance with Adam, but knows he can pull himself down if he needs to. Ryan only agrees to the plan because it guarantees Sheila the HoH win.
 Another One is Out Ryan drops after two hours and 47 minutes of hanging. "Who would have known?" Natalie says. "It's me and She-bot." Sheila keeps talking about a letter from home as Sharon encourages Natalie to give the game to Sheila. "Should I make her hang up there and suffer?" Natalie asks. "Jesus suffered for us. What would Jesus do?" Sharon can't believe Natalie would even ask that question. "That girl talks about the Bible," Sharon fumes. "She doesn't know what virtue is." Sheila keeps working Natalie. "You're good," Sheila says to Natalie. "I'm telling you."

Natalie's Decision Sheila tells Natalie she can stay up for at least another hour. Natalie says the nice person in her wants to give it to her, but the fighter doesn't want to drop. Adam thinks Natalie's conversation with herself is annoying everybody and "doing nothing more than making herself a bigger target."

Natalie finally makes a decision. "I'm a giver, so I want to show I can give, so goodbye," she says as she lets go. Sheila wins her first HoH of the game! "I know this deal is not going to bite me in the butt," Natalie says.

In a storage room conversation, Sheila confirms that Natalie is safe. But what Natalie does not know is that Sheila promised not to put her up on the block initially, but said nothing about back-dooring. Natalie is being set up!
 A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words Sheila is confident that getting her own HoH suite is "going to give me a second wind," since a letter from home plus pictures of her family will remind her why she "came into this house in the first place." All of the HouseGuests are excited for Sheila as they enter the HoH Suite and see pictures of her son, brother and sister. Included among her pictures is a headshot from her modeling and centerfold days. Natalie and Ryan both think she looks like a movie star. Adam thinks a shot of Sheila when she was 25 looks "dynamite." He also wishes "that chick was in the house now instead of this thing."

Ryan reads a letter from Sheila's son as everyone listens. Sheila reads the HouseGuests the message from her sister, who tells her she has maintained her integrity in the game. Everyone is riding on a wave of good will, including Adam, who tears up a little. Sheila notes she needed this "more than I needed to breathe."

Who's the Target? Later up in the HoH Suite, Sheila, Adam and Sharon go over the next big move in the game. Sharon says Natalie has to go. Sheila agrees, since she thinks Natalie will continue to be a formidable competitor in competitions, especially endurance competitions. Sheila and Sharon tell Adam that he should go up on the block, and then get taken down by the Power of Veto so that Sheila can put up Natalie in a back door move. Adam is not happy about the prospect of being nominated for eviction, but sees Sheila's wisdom in back dooring Natalie, since keeping Natalie in the dark means she won't compete hard for the PoV. Adam is impressed with Sheila's newfound gameplay!
 Sheila the Wheeler-Dealer Sheila asks Ryan for a favor: if he wins the PoV competition, take Adam off the block. Ryan agrees to the request, since he sees Natalie as a big threat going forward in the game. Ryan is totally on board the plan to back door Natalie. Sheila then has a conversation with Adam to assure him he's safe this week. But at the same time, Natalie and Ryan are downstairs. Natalie can see that Sheila and Adam are a tight pair. Natalie thinks she and Ryan are working together, but Ryan knows at this point they are all turning on one another. Later, Natalie works her way up to the HoH Suite. Sheila tells Natalie she's safe for the week, and Natalie assure Sheila she'll be safe next week. "I kinda know when somebody's lying to me," Sheila says. "No, next week you don't have me. Next week you'll be gunning for me."

Time for Nominations Natalie has "no concerns" about being nominated, since she believes Sheila will live up to her word to not put Natalie up on the block because she gave Sheila the HoH competition. As the last surviving "evildoer," as her alliance was called by Natalie, Sharon is nervous that her status as perennial pawn may come to an end. She knows she is a definite target. Sheila is dreading the eviction nominations, since she has so few choices left in whom to put up on the block. But Sheila also feels like she is finally playing the game. "It's real," she says.

Sheila pulls Natalie's key first. Natalie removes the second and last key. It is Ryan's, which means Adam and Sharon are on the block. Sheila says she is not mad at Adam, but since he put her up on the block last week, it made sense to put him up this week. She says it is just the game, and Adam says he agrees. Sheila tells Sharon she loves her and good luck in the upcoming PoV competition.

Adam understands Natalie is Sheila's target this week, but he hopes this plan unfolds the way it is supposed to. Sheila notes that the "old Sheila" would take knocks in the game on the chin, but the "new Sheila" is not going to take it any more. She hopes this shows everyone what she is capable of doing in the game. Who will win the PoV? And will Sheila's plan to get Natalie nominated work? Find out Tuesday at 9pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER on CBS!