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Season 13: Episode 1 - A House Like No Other
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Meet the New HouseGuests! If you were lucky enough to spend the summer in the BIG BROTHER house, how would you feel if the HouseGuests included some of the most dynamic duos from seasons past? Would it be a dream come true, or your worst nightmare? For the first time ever, eight new HouseGuests are sharing the house with three returning BIG BROTHER pairs to compete for the coveted $500,000 prize. Host Julie Chen explains that secret showmances and strategic pairs have long dominated BIG BROTHER, but this summer a mix of new and returning HouseGuests will take the idea of dynamic duos to entirely new level with a series of twists, turns and unprecedented surprises. This summer the house takes on a more relaxed Venice Beach, Calif. vibe, with Miami Beach VIP cocktail waitress Porsche, Northern California part-time model Dominic, Louisiana outdoors industry executive Shelly, and Los Angeles-area legal file clerk Lawon entering the house first. The second group to enter includes Illinois HP manager Keith, Nashville model Cassi, New Jersey music inventory manager Adam and LA-based blogger Kalia. Dominic and Porsche are immediately suspicious - why are their only eight of them in the house while there are ten beds and twelve place settings? Adam pops open the champagne as the HouseGuests settle in for a meet and greet. Keith does not admit he is a part-time deacon because he doesn’t want the HouseGuests to think he is judgmental. But Keith isn't the only one keeping secrets - Porsche says she's a student instead of admitting she's a VIP waitress (she thinks the HouseGuests will think she is too glamorous) while Cassi fails to mention her successful modeling career, which she thinks people could find alienating. Welcome back? Julie chimes in and welcomes the HouseGuests, but the pleasantries end quickly when she reveals the summer's first twist—the eight HouseGuests will have to partner with one another and play the game in pairs. If someone wins the Head of Household for the week, their partner is safe from eviction, but the HoH will have to nominate one duo for the chopping block. This means if they are nominated, a duo will be forced to campaign against each other. Julie says she will check back in once they have decided on their pairs. Keith grabs Portia almost immediately, which Dominic thinks was akin to deciding who to ask to prom. Fellow southern girls and tomboys Shelly and Cassi pair up naturally, while an aggressive Adam dominates Dominic into being his partner. This leaves Kalia and Lawon a duo by default. Kalia is not happy that such a large personality is her partner - she feels he will make it difficult for her to lay low for the season. Julie comes on the living room monitor and asks them to sit together as pairs before delivering the next bombshell - they are not the only pairs, and other HouseGuests will be entering the game! Now that it is official, the first eight commit themselves to a super alliance that will exclude anyone else who comes into the house. The doorbell rings. Rachel and Brendon from last summer walk into the house! A formidable showmance that dominated competitions, "Brenchel" is back, which irritates Adam, who feels they are trespassing. "They are not taking over my house," he warns. Rachel and Brendon barely get to announce they are engaged before the doorbell rings again. Who could it be this time? The cheers are even louder when Season 11 favorites Jeff and Jordan arrive. Lawon feels like he is in the company of BIG BROTHER royalty while Shelly admits she is both star struck and concerned she has to play against a former winner in Jordan. That makes only twelve HouseGuests, Rachel notes. The doorbell rings a third time! The HouseGuests go nuts when season eight winner Dick and his daughter Danielle enter the house. Keith doesn't initially recognize Danielle with her now brunette hair, but Lawon knows what such a strong couple means to his game—things just got competitive. Dick admits he and Danielle are once again estranged and haven't really talked over the past three years. Jeff isn't sure if Dick is telling the truth, but he remembers when they were in the house the first time, they had also been estranged, but went on to take the top two spots in the game. Going Bananas After the shock wears off, the HouseGuests get their game faces on for the first Head of Household competition. The back yard is transformed into a jungle with seven huge suspended bananas, and Julie explains the "Going Bananas" competition is simple; each duo holds onto their banana as long as possible, with the last HouseGuest holding their banana becoming the new HoH. Adam knows the new HouseGuests have to win to keep their majority in the house, while Jeff already feels the tension between the returners and first timers. Everyone seems to be fairly stable on their swinging bananas until Julie announces that chocolate is the perfect complement and the HouseGuests are sprayed down with gobs of slippery brown goop. Shelly - who admits she doesn’t want to be HoH the first week - is the first player to drop, followed by Jordan. Keith drops next, which excites Rachel, who likes that the newbies are dropping like flies. Lawon and Adam fall, followed by Jeff, Dominic, Brendon and Kalia, which leave newbie Porsche competing against returners Rachel, Dick and Danielle. When Porsche drops, it confirms a returner will be the first HoH. After some negotiations, Dick and Danielle let go of their banana, making Rachel the first HoH of the season. Oh, and one other thing... Everyone gathers in the living room for Julie to congratulate Rachel on her win and explain that the decision to nominate for eviction is Rachel's alone. But there's another bit of news. As in the past, one HouseGuest will be evicted, but a huge advantage awaits the HouseGuest who survives the chopping block. This year the nominee who stays gets the BIG BROTHER Golden Key, which guarantees them a spot in the top ten. Anyone who survives eviction in the first four weeks cannot be nominated until there are only ten players left. Because the Golden Key holders cannot be evicted, they will not take part in competitions. They will vote for eviction, however. Shelly notes that any plans you had before are gone, while Danielle admits she will happily send her dad out the door. Rachel feels that everyone is now playing for who they want to keep in the house, and sees the Golden Key holders as the ultimate BIG BROTHER floaters. Now that's the way to get BIG BROTHER started! Which duo will Rachel nominate for eviction? And how will the Golden Key impact the game for both the newbies and returners? Tune in Sunday, July 10 at 8pm ET/PT for BIG BROTHER on CBS!