Big Brother
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Season 13: Episode 2 - The Regulators Are Born
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

"This brings a totally new aspect to the house," Rachel says of the BIG BROTHER Golden Key, noting that the Head of Household has to think about who they are going to keep as much as who they are going to evict. For the next three weeks, the nominee who survives eviction gets a Golden Key, which keeps them out of all competitions and off the chopping block until there are only ten HouseGuests left. Brendon feels the Golden Key turns HouseGuests into floaters. "It may be a different season, but we have the same view on floaters," he says. "I don’t like them." Dick talks to fellow returners Jeff and Jordan after the Golden Key announcement, and solidifies his belief that the six veteran players need to stick together. Daniele also agrees. While Dick and his daughter Daniele have many issues with one another outside the house, they both stress they are here to win. "If we played BIG BROTHER all the time in real life we'd have a fine relationship," Dick reveals. Meanwhile duo Porsche and Keith have a quiet conversation. Porsche thinks that they should partner up with the six veterans. Keith nods and smiles to Porsche's face, but in Dairy Room he reveals he thinks Porsche's idea is a bad idea for them. A little later Keith hangs in the library bedroom with Lawon and Dominic. The three of them feel they would make a good alliance, but Dominic suggests they add a fourth to their secret group - Cassi. Scheming gets put on hold when Rachel reveals her HoH Suite. Everyone does his or her bit to smile and show interest (except Dick). When Rachel finally settles into the HoH Suite with Brendon and the Donato’s, they decide they should start reaching out to some of the newbies. Daniele notes every time someone is on the block, she wants deals from them that will help her game. Regulators Unite! While Rachel and Brendon debate the merits of plastic surgery, Dominic makes his move on Cassi, and asks her to think about aligning with him, Lawon and Keith. He stresses that if Cassi comes in with them, she couldn't tell her duo partner Shelly. Cassi notes this makes sense and could offer her protection, taking her all the way to the end. Soon after Cassi finds herself in the library bedroom with Dominic, Lawon and Keith. They agree to form a secret alliance and call themselves the Regulators. "This is an epic moment," Dominic says as they lock fingers. Outside in the living room, Dick pulls aside Porsche for his pitch. Almost immediately Porsche takes the offer, telling Dick she feels the newbies are not comparable in game playing to the veterans. Dick likes what he sees in Porsche - a strong competitor who will be easily manipulated. Porsche goes to Keith and tells him what she thinks is good news - they have formed an alliance with the six veterans, putting them in the strategic majority in the house. Keith hugs her and plays nice, but he knows his true allegiance lies with the Regulators. He quickly tells the other Regulators what is going on, but they advise him to keep cool, keep canoodling with Porsche, and let her know nothing. Mooooo! Dressed as a cow, Rachel comes out of the Diary Room and announces it's time for the season's first Have/Have Not Competition. She explains this summer the Have Nots for the week will be forced to take only cold showers, eat slop and have to sleep in the worst Have Not bedroom in BIG BROTHER history! Everyone gears up in their cow costumes and breaks up into three teams of four, except for Brendon, since he is an automatic Have for the week as Rachel's partner and doesn’t have to compete. Outside, the HouseGuests find the back yard transformed into a moonscape, compete with a milk waterfall. Rachel explains their spacecrafts need refueling, and their job is to dunk themselves in the galactic milk pool, soak themselves, and go up to their platforms and squeeze out as much milk as possible to fill up their empty tanks. The first two teams to finish are Haves, with the last team becoming Have Nots for the week. Daniele, who is teamed up with her dad plus Jeff and Jordan, notes she wasted away to 99 pounds when she was on slop, so she is driven to win. Daniele's drive spurs her team, which gets their tanks filled first. The bell finally rings, and Shelly, Cassi, Kalia and Lawon find themselves in last place - they are Have Nots for the week. When the HouseGuests go inside, they find the library bedroom transformed into a stark white padded cell, with 24-hour fluorescent lights blaring! Who's going up? Up in the HoH Suite, Jeff talks to Dick and Rachel. Dick thinks they should pull in Adam to their veterans alliance, because having another pawn besides Porsche keeps them in control of the game. Jeff is fine with Dick’s plan to approach Adam, because the more dirty work Dick does, the better it is for Jeff's game. Adam comes up to the HoH Suite, and agrees he will work with the veterans and not put them up for eviction, but privately notes Dick should watch out, because he is coming after the veteran. A little later Rachel talks to Jordan and goes over her nomination options. Keith and Porsche are strong players and definite threats, but so is Adam, even if Dick does seem to have him following him around like a puppy dog. Rachel would like to get rid of Keith, but is worried about giving Porsche free three weeks in the house. So who does she nominate? Time for the nomination ceremony! Rachel notes Brendon is safe this week because he is her duo partner. Rachel then removes Dick and Daniele's keys from the box. They pull Jeff and Jordan's keys. Jeff and Jordan then reveal Shelly and Cassi's Keys. The last set of keys in the box are revealed to be - Adam and Dominic's. Rachel explains this decision to nominate Porsche and Keith was total game play. Porsche wonders if she is the target, while Keith notes he is not giving up the fight - can the Regulators save him from being the first evicted HouseGuest? Who will be the first Power of Veto winner of the season? And will they use the PoV to save Keith or Porsche? And how will an unexpected turn change the game for everyone? Find out Wednesday, July 13 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!