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Season 13: Episode 3 - An Unexpected Departure
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Head of Household Rachel tells eviction nominee Porsche she’s sorry about nominating her. Porsche thought she was in an alliance with the veteran HouseGuests through her relationship with Evel Dick, but now she wonders if she is really safe. Porsche’s duo partner and fellow nominee Keith isn’t too concerned, because he feels his Regulator alliance with Dominic, Lawon and Cassi will protect him, along with the support of the other newbie HouseGuests. Rachel sees Porsche as a pawn, because her real target this week is Keith. Porsche goes up to the HoH Suite, and quickly gets teary eyed despite reassurance from Daniele, Rachel and Brendon that she is safe. Rachel can’t understand why Porsche isn’t more excited about getting the BIG BROTHER Golden Key, which keeps her safe until there are ten HouseGuests left. Brendon and Daniele also can’t believe Porsche is so upset - they think Porsche doesn’t understand the game, and question why they formed an alliance with this newbie! Meanwhile Keith is all smiles with alliance partner Dominic. He is so confident he is staying this week, Keith tells Dominic he will throw the upcoming Veto competition because he wants Porsche out of the house. Dominic is confident this is the right plan of action. A little later Keith is in the Have Not bedroom and tells Kalia about his plan to throw the Veto competition. Kalia tells him to go talk to the veterans to secure his stay for the week, but Keith rejects the idea. When Kalia leaves, Keith tells Lawon he doesn’t trust her. A little later Dick gets called into the Diary Room, but after a significant amount of time has passed, Jeff and other HouseGuests start to wonder why he hasn’t appeared back in the house. Suddenly, Rachel gets called into the Diary Room. Everyone is speculating when Rachel reappears and asks everyone to gather in the living room. Rachel reads an announcement - due to an urgent personal matter, Dick had to unexpectedly leave the game. Daniele no longer has a partner, so as a result she will be given the first Golden Key. This means she is guaranteed a spot in top ten, but will play in no competitions until then. She will also be allowed to vote for evictions. Up in the HOH Suite, Daniele is very upset, and explains to the other veterans this game was her dad’s life. Brendon gets angry, while Rachel and Jordan talk about how this kills their chances of winning. Jeff enters and tries to calm everyone down, telling them they should relax and not treat this departure as the end of the world. "If you think you are going to fail, you are going to fail," he explains. Keith makes a misstep downstairs when he cheers openly about Dick’s departure. Shelly finds this inappropriate, but Keith’s bigger faux pas comes later when he accuses Porsche and Kalia of working with the veterans and spins conspiracy theories. Lawon and Kalia are both stunned by the behavior, while Porsche hopes this will help her stay. Up, Up and Away! It’s time for the Power of Veto competition! Head of Household Rachel and Brendon play, along with the nominated couple Keith and Porsche and another duo chosen at random - Jeff and Jordan. In a competition that requires them to dress like superheroes and scale a wall, the three teams must solve a puzzle. The first team to finish wins the Power of Veto. Unbeknownst to one another, both Porsche and Keith throw the competition! Jeff and Jordan struggle, while once again Rachel and Brendon rack up another win. After the competition Rachel and Brendon decide to think over using the PoV. "We hold the Veto," Rachel says, enjoying the power she has all to herself. "If we need to change the nominations, we can." Brendon brings duo Adam and Dominic up to the HoH Suite, where the power couple tries to make a deal with them. Dominic knows they are being intimidated. When Kalia gets called up with her partner Lawon, she feels like she is meeting the godfather! Cassi makes an error of judgment in her meeting by suggesting Brendon and Rachel already have a strong relationship with Jeff and Jordan. Cassi likes to speak her mind, and lets people know she is not dumb, but Rachel feels such insolence may be reason enough to use the Veto! It’s time for the Veto ceremony. Keith and Dominic are not worried about going up, while Cassi notes if she and Shelly were replacement nominees, that would be a stupid move on Rachel’s part. After Porsche and Keith give their pitches for why they should be saved from the chopping block, Rachel and Brendon announce they are keeping the nominations the same. Both Porsche and Keith are happy, because they both believe the other nominee is going home! Who will be the first evicted HouseGuest? And how will a new Head of Household shake up the game? Find out live on Thursday, July 14 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!