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Season 13: Episode 4 - First Eviction!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:00pm

With the eviction nominations staying the same, Keith feels Porsche is definitely out the door, leaving him with a Golden Key and safety for the next three weeks. Porsche feels the veteran players want her in the game more than her duo partner Keith, so she feels safe as well. In a post Veto Ceremony conversation, Keith tries to make nice, but Porsche is having none of it. "You can tell Keith is lying when his lips are moving," she says.

Meanwhile in the Have Not Bedroom, Keith's friends and allies Lawon, Cassi and Dominic decide they are going to work to keep him, even though he has been a terrible player. They all think they can sway their duo partners to vote out Porsche. Up in the HoH Suite, Jeff, Jordan and Rachel discuss their prospects in a post-Dick world. Jeff argues if they just get one newbie to vote with them, the vote is tied and Head of Household Rachel decides who goes home, and if they swing two newbie votes they control the house.

The veteran charm offensive starts with a wine and beer party night. Rachel notes that the vets have been spending a lot of time up in the HoH suite and need to strengthen their social game downstairs with the rest of the house. Jeff is fully aware they are pretty much selling themselves by entertaining the newbies. Jordan isn't all that enthusiastic, but if the newbies want to play silly drinking games, so be it. Everyone seems to be laughing it up, but Dominic wonders if this collegiality and friendliness is game play. "In the back of my head I’m thinking, what are you really trying to do," Dominic says in Dairy Room.

A little later everyone chills out in the backyard. While she hangs on the hammock, Rachel calls out to Brendon using her intimate nickname for him, "Bookie." Dominic thinks this is hysterical, but Brendon is not happy something so personal is public knowledge in the house. Brendon calls out Rachel on this betrayal up in the HoH Suite, which leaves her sad and teary. The next morning Rachel apologizes and reminds Brendon how much he has in his beautiful fiance. They quickly make up with a make out session, which powers Brendon to get back into the game by lobbying Shelly to vote out Keith. Later in the day Jeff tells the other veterans if they let Adam name their alliance, he is sure Adam will vote with them. When Jeff brings him into the bathroom for his pitch, Adam is so excited and offers up the name "Adam's Angels." Brendon is ecstatic - it now looks like they have the majority they need to get Keith out of the house.

Meanwhile, Cassi is doing some lobbying of her own. She first talks to Kalia and Shelly, and then Adam about how damaged Keith is as a player, and how keeping him in is good for their game. Kalia just wants to vote with the majority, while both Shelly and Adam note they are playing both sides of the house. So who goes home?

Host Julie Chen checks in with the HouseGuests and announces that Dick is definitely not coming back to the game. But Julie also has a surprise - a video from Dick, who tells them he and his family are all okay, but he had an emergency to deal with immediately. He tells them he will be watching and he expects lots of fights!

It's a live show, so it's time for someone to get packing! By a vote of 6-4, Keith is the first evicted HouseGuest, and Porsche gets a Golden Key and a ticket to the top ten. Outside Keith tells Julie he is shocked to be there, admits he let his emotions get the best of him in the game and perhaps choosing a duo partner on looks wasn’t exactly the best plan. In Keith’s goodbye package Porsche ribs him a little before showing off her t-shirt with the saying, "You can look but you can’t touch."

The remaining HouseGuests go out into the back yard for the HoH competition. Outgoing HoH Rachel and the two golden key holders, Daniele and now Porsche, sit on the sidelines. Julie announces this week's game is BIG BROTHER Open, a miniature golf-style game where each player gets one putt to hit slots on the fairway and avoid a water hazard. Rachel picks the order of the players, and decides to have the newbies putt first. Dominic and Kalia are tied for first place, until Jordan knocks them out of the competition. Jeff and Brendon quickly whiff their shots, making Jordan this week's HoH!

Julie congratulates Jordan on her HoH win, and asks Shelly a fan-submitted question - how hard is it to be away from her daughter? Shelly notes that her daughter gave her a stuffed dog as a goodbye present, which helps her stay strong. Julie then asks Adam who his favorite "Beverly Hills 90210" character is, and Adam quickly yells out in his best metal voice, "Donna Martin!"

So which duo will Jordan nominate for eviction, and how will the newbies handle another week with the veterans in control? Find out Sunday, July 17 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS.