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Season 13: Episode 5 - Collapse of the Newbies
Posted on Jul 17, 2011 10:45pm

Porsche is delighted to see her duo partner Keith walk out the door. Jeff is even more happy than Porsche. “This is great for our numbers,” the veteran player says, noting he hopes they can trust Porsche, who is now safe from eviction for the next few weeks thanks to her Golden Key. “I feel like I’ve been shanked multiple times,” Dominic says, explaining that two newbies voted with the veterans, sending home one of his allies. The two turncoats Kalia and Shelly put on a good show, acting sad and surprised along with the rest of the newbies who were blindsided by Keith’s departure. Rachel thanks the stars the newbies are “idiots” who don’t know how to play the game. Also thankful is Jeff, who likes that people underestimate the new Head of Household, Jordan. After the HoH competition the newbies congratulate themselves in the in the Rainbow bedroom, while the newbies commiserate in the Have Not bedroom. Everyone swears they didn’t vote with the veterans, while Shelly stays silent. Shelly does offer up a lie when she says they newbies didn’t come to her and offer her a deal. Adam gets suspicious when Dominic walks out of the room and wonders if his duo partner has jumped to the other side. Rachel walks in and asks how everything is going, and then follows up with mock surprise when someone suggests there are sides to the house. “Some people like Porsche,” she says as she walks out of the room, a move that irritates Cassi, who declares she will not be bullied. While Dominic and Jeff talk about the eviction, Rachel congratulates her new house bestie Porsche in the storage room and recaps her on her exchange in the Have Not room with the bitter newbies. “Cassi started the ‘we hate Porsche’ club, and she’s the sole member,” Porsche says. Daniele thinks all of this is hilarious. Meanwhile in the Parlor Room Shelly goes and talks to a depressed Adam, encouraging him to dump Dominic and go make a deal with the veterans for himself. At the same time Cassi and Dominic talk in the Have Not bedroom, where Dominic says he feels Adam cut a deal with the newbies. They both wrongly agree they can trust Shelly, who Cassi sees as a straight shooter. Adam notes he has to do what’s best for him, while Dominic realizes he needs to reach out to his best friend among the veterans, Daniele. Dominic and Daniele have a natural flirtation, which Dominic is more than willing to use to his advantage. Meanwhile Rachel and Cassi have an awkward exchange in the kitchen. Their mutual distrust for each other creates tension that can be cut with a knife. While Brendon and Dominic joke around outside in their faux superhero costumes (Dominic has no problem swallowing his pride for his social game), Adam heads to the HoH Suite and goes for a deal. He admits to Jordan and Jeff he turned down their first offer and voted to evict Porsche, but from now on he is with them. Jeff plays nice but is uncertain about Adam’s true motives. Dominic and Daniele get in some hammock time, where he basically begs for her help. Daniele admits she likes hanging with him but notes he needs to do some work to shore himself up. In the Rainbow bedroom Jeff and Jordan talk with Rachel, who says she wants Cassi out. While Jeff thinks they can cut a deal with Cassi, he is worried about Dominic. Who is more likely to go up? That decision will have to wait, because it is time for the Have Not competition. Jordan comes out dressed like an ant, and explains the four remaining non-HoH duos will be competing today, with Daniele and Porsche plus herself and Jeff watching on the sidelines. The competing duos suit up in giant ant suits where their four legs share two very tight pant legs! The duos are virtually on top of one another as they crawl through a messy picnic site to pick up four crumbs for their anthill. It is a gross, uncomfortable competition, but once again Rachel and Brendon prevail as winners. Everyone struggles with the tight costumes, but Kalia starts to have a meltdown. She cries and screams in pain so much the medic has to cut her out of her costume. “Most of my tears were fear,” Kalia notes, relieved she wasn’t really hurt, but Shelly wonders why Kalia had to be so overly dramatic. Winners Rachel and Brendon then select Dominic, Adam, Cassi and Shelly as Have Nots for the week. Their only consolation is America choosing jellybeans and jerky as an alternative to slop! Despite his food issues, Dominic makes his way up to the HoH suite to make a deal with Jeff and Jordan. After a conversation, Dominic realizes he needs to offer up 100 percent loyalty. Jordan sees Dominic as the leader of the newbies and untrustworthy, but she has to put her thinking aside and talk to Cassi, who also wants to make a deal. She swears she is not opposed to sending a newbie home and on board with working with the vets. A little later Daniele talks with the HoH and Jeff, pitching Dominic to stay and Cassi to go. Jeff and Jordan like Dominic personally but wonder about his game. Jordan feels her nominations are currently a tossup. Adam doesn’t feel good about the upcoming nominations, Dominic wonders if he has a deal with the veterans and Cassi wonders how her tension with Rachel will play out come nominations. Jordan notes she is going to nominate who makes the best sense for her and Jeff’s game. After all the keys are pulled, Adam and Dominic are the eviction nominees for the week. Jordan notes it is nothing personal and just strategy. Adam hopes he is safe. “If Jordan is lying to me, I have no faith in society,” he said. Dominic swears to dig, claw and scratch his way to safety this week. So who will win the Power of Veto? And will the PoV be used to save Dominic or Adam? Find out Wednesday, July 20 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!