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Season 13: Episode 6 - Veto Upset!
Posted on Jul 20, 2011 09:00pm

Eviction nominee Adam hopes that Head of Household Jordan's promise to keep him safe this week holds. Adam's duo partner and fellow nominee Dominic suspects Adam has stabbed him in the back, so he feels he is working alone this week. Rachel is not happy because she feels Cassi should have been the target for eviction instead of Dominic.

After moping some with Dominic, Adam goes to the HoH suite, where Jordan asks him to throw the Veto competition while assuring him he is safe for the week.  Meanwhile Rachel and Porsche discuss how Cassi should be the one to go home this week. Daniele has the same idea, and tells this to Dominic. Daniele doesn’t have it out for Cassi the way Rachel and Porsche do, but she feels if she gets rid of Dominic's house bestie Cassi, he will be more likely to work with her! "I need him to realize my moves will help him in the end,"Daniele says in Diary Room.

Rachel and Brendon lobby Jordan on using the Power of Veto to change out the nominations, but Jordan thinks Rachel is blowing Porsche and Cassi's conflict with each other out of proportion. In Diary Room Jeff reveals he is already sick of Brendon and Rachel's game play, and compares Rachel's constant opinions to the buzz of an annoying gnat! Cassi tries to get closer to Jordan, who honestly likes Cassi and feels she gets a bum rap because she is pretty. Jordan and Jeff want to keep her, but know they have other alliance obligations.

Besides Jeff, Jordan, Dominic and Adam, another couple is randomly drawn to play in the Veto competition. Dominic is crushed when the couple picked is Rachel and Brendon. He grouses that he is now playing against the "super duo" and will get no help from Adam, who he calls "the 300-pound paperweight."

Right before the competition, Rachel pulls Brendon aside and says they need to take this into their own hands, and win the competition so they can control the nomination. Rachel lets Daniele in on the secret. While she says out loud she thinks it is a risky move that could piss off Jeff and Jordan, on the inside Daniele is doing cartwheels of joy.  "In the end nobody is going to be mad at me, and Dominic stays in the house," she reveals in Diary Room.

The HouseGuests go outside and find the backyard transformed into a magical candy shop. Veto Competition host Daniele explains the six will be playing individually, which excites Dominic. To win, players have to chew enough gumballs to cover all the x's on a canvas to create the Veto symbol. They must walk across a balance beam to get to the canvas, so nimbleness is key. If they fall once they can get back into the game if they take two weeks of slop, but if they fall again they are out of the game.

Jordan falls, and starts to go for the slop pass, but Jeff shouts at her not to do it. He thinks she is so far behind there is no reason for Jordan to weaken her upcoming play on slop. Rachel gets pissed, and says if the HoH isn't still playing, why should they? Jeff doesn't appreciate Rachel’s attitude. When she falls, Rachel takes the slop pass, but quickly falls again, and gets eliminated.

Although it is close, Dominic wins the Veto competition, assuring himself safety for the week. As the game wraps Jeff and Rachel get into it, with Jeff yelling at Rachel for calling out Jordan. Rachel pouts and then cries while hiding behind a bush. Brendon consoles her while the newbies watch with delight. The veterans have their first public breakdown!

Jeff is so irritated by Rachel he wonders if they should put them up for nomination when Dominic uses the Veto to save himself and Adam. Rachel eventually offers an apology, but Jeff has to ask himself the question -- are his alliance partners more a liability than an asset? "I'd be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind of back dooring Brendon and Rachel," Jeff admits in Diary Room.

Cassi makes a solid pitch to Jordan about why she and Shelly shouldn’t go up on the block, which gets Jordan thinking about whom she should be thinking about in the game -- herself or her alliance partners? Later Jeff says he will stand by Jordan's decision. Is Jordan ready to shake up the house?

Dominic calls the Veto Ceremony to order, and promptly saves himself and Adam from the chopping block. Jordan has to name her replacement nominees. She's not happy about it, but she nominates Cassi and Shelly for eviction. Daniele couldn't ask for anything better, while Shelly and Cassi come to the realization they now have to campaign against each other to stay. As she watches the Veto Ceremony come to a close, Rachel feels she finally knows Jeff and Jordan are on her side.
Who will be the second evicted HouseGuest, Cassi or Shelly? And who will be the next Head of Household? Find out live Thursday, July 21 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!