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Season 13: Episode 7 - Cassi Calls Rachel Out!
Posted on Jul 21, 2011 09:45pm

Shelly feels crappy about being on the eviction block, even though she is confident that she is pretty much safe from going home. She knows this means her best friend and duo partner, Cassi, is almost certain to be walking out the door. Cassi is just as miserable as Shelly, because she has no intention of campaigning against her duo partner, a woman she has come to admire greatly. Head of Household Jordan didn’t want to nominate the "Thelma and Louise" duo either, but she feels she had no choice thanks to her veterans alliance. Conversely, Rachel is pleased that Cassi is already packing her bags. "In the end I always get my way," Rachel says.

As Cassi and Shelly commiserate in the Have Not bedroom, Jordan cries to Jeff in the HoH Suite about the nominations. Jeff reminds Jordan she is a good person, and that's the way things go in the BIG BROTHER house.  "In this game you’ve got to chop heads, and move on," Jeff explains in Diary Room. Both Jordan and Jeff hope their alliance partner Rachel doesn’t flip on them, with Jeff warning he will shred the Vegas redhead if she does.

Downstairs Shelly gets very emotional in the kitchen as she wonders how her deceptive behavior in the house will impact her eight-year-old daughter. Although Cassi doesn’t know this, Shelly secretly flipped her vote in the first eviction and helped the veterans send Keith home. Daniele and Kalia try to console Shelly, but she notes that until they have children, they won’t understand what she is going through.

Cassi pulls aside Rachel in attempt to clear the air, but things deteriorate rapidly when Cassi suggests Rachel is out to get her because she is female. Rachel then sarcastically asks why Cassi didn’t win the HoH competition. Some more bickering ensues with Cassi ending the exchange of words with the ultimate zinger: "You're a catty, catty girl," she says to Rachel, "Ugly person inside."

Rachel is shocked, and runs up to the HoH Suite and sobs to Jordan about how mean Cassi is, but instead of unbridled sympathy the HoH gives Rachel some tough love. Jordan notes she is just being honest, and needs to tell Rachel she sometimes "comes across as bitchy" and that she’s not a bad person but Rachel's mouth "is going to get all the veterans in trouble." Brendon walks in and hears what happened and decides to have some words with Cassi himself. Down in the kitchen, Cassi tells Brendon she thought they had a deal with the veterans, but Brendon says they didn't trust her. When Cassi swears on her family that she would have stayed true to the vets, Brendon gets offended, and implies Cassi is calling him a liar. Brendon then sarcastically asks if he needs to draw a picture for her. The conversation falls apart with Brendon taunting Cassi, who now feels like she is the only adult in any conversation she has with Brenchel.

Host Julie Chen chimes in and asks Adam if he is thankful that Dominic won the Veto competition this week. Adam couldn't be happier, but Cassi jokingly notes she's not all that happy. Julie then asks Rachel how the veterans are doing after their very public spat after the Veto competition. Rachel admits she is competitive and "might make inappropriate comments occasionally," but now all is fine with the vets.

In the house Adam and Dominic are the only all-male duo this season, but the two HouseGuests couldn’t be more different. Three thousand miles away from the BIG BROTHER house in Hoboken, NJ, Adam’s friends cheer as he plays the game. Adam’s girlfriend Fara reveals Adam was over 300 pounds when he started auditioning for BIG BROTHER. In order to be physically and mentally ready for the game, he lost 100 pounds. Fara calls Adam a BIG BROTHER scholar, but feels his duo partner Dominic is naive and doesn’t know what he is doing.

Meanwhile in the San Francisco bay area, Dominic's best friend Dana notes he grew up so sheltered that this is the first time Dominic has slept away from home. In a moment in the Have Not room with Cassi, Dominic reveals he was home schooled. Dana isn’t sure if the HouseGuests know this, but Dominic is a 25-year-old virgin. Despite Dominic's worldly inexperience, Dana feels the part-time model knows how to flirt and work the women in the house, particularly Daniele. With Dominic physically strong and Adam the brain, Dana feels the duo has what it takes to get far in the game.

After a HoH Suite interview for Jordan, the HouseGuests vote unanimously to evict Cassi. Outside with Julie, Cassi says it is unfortunate at this age so many of the adult women in the house are intimidated by other women.

Cassi leaves, and Julie turns her attention to the back yard, where the HouseGuests assemble for this week's HoH Competition. Julie announces the competition is BIG BROTHER online, where the players are asked a series of questions about the HouseGuests answered by fans via In a continuation of their domination, the newbies are flushed out of the game by Brenchel, with Rachel winning her second HoH of the season!

Who will Rachel nominate for eviction, and how will the HouseGuests react to a surprise visit by a celebrity guest? Find out Sunday, July 24 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!