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Season 13: Episode 8 - Don’t Hassel the Hoff!
Posted on Jul 23, 2011 08:35pm

Shelly is now the newest BIG BROTHER Golden Key holder, but she is sad her duo partner Cassi had to go home for her to get it. Former Head of Household Jordan would have loved to send home either Brendon or Rachel this week, but she knows it is too early in the game to turn on her alliance. Rachel is delighted to see Cassi go, while Lawon notes the only reason the beautiful model got evicted was because of Rachel’s cattiness.

Rachel is ecstatic she is the HoH for a second time this season, but Adam wonders if the newbies will ever catch a break and get to nominate a veteran for eviction. In a post-competition storage room conversation, Jeff and Brendon talk about putting Adam and Dominic up, but soon after Adam goes up to the HoH Suite with the hopes of killing that thought. He throws himself at the HoH’s mercy and pitches Kalia and Lawon for nomination, but Rachel notes in Diary Room she and Brendon offered Adam a deal the first week, which he turned down. "Adam must be shaking in his boots right now." Rachel says.

Jeff has another reason to see Dominic get nominated this week that goes beyond game play -- Dominic is a terribly loud snorer! But nominations get put on hold when Rachel announces it is time for this week’s luxury competition. For the first time the Golden Key holders get to play, but more importantly it means there are no Have Nots this week. The HouseGuests go outside to find a red carpet. They all wonder if a celebrity is coming into the house, with Adam hoping it is his TV idol, Tori Spelling. When a mild mannered man comes out from behind the curtain, Daniele wonders if it is a celebrity she doesn’t recognize, but then she realizes the person is not famous. The man tells them he is on the new CBS series "Same Name," where celebrities trade lives with ordinary people who happen to have the same name as them. The man tells them their job is to guess what celebrity shares his name. The first clue is three bars of soap and opera glasses. Jordan thinks this symbolizes "Baywatch," and the celebrity is David Hasselhoff. The HouseGuests come inside and find a microphone stand, which prompts Brendon to guess Michael C. Hall of "Dexter" fame. Brendon gets irritated at Rachel when she whispers to Porsche -- why is Rachel helping anyone else, or worse, telling Porsche what he is guessing?

After a knight in shining armor walks through the house and the HouseGuests see the iconic KITT sports car in the backyard, they figure out quickly the celebrity is indeed David Hasselhoff, who gets out of the KITT car to greet each of the HouseGuests. The 'Hoff announces Jordan is the winner of the luxury competition, and for her prize she gets to watch a special screening of "Same Name" up in the HoH Suite with three other HouseGuests. Rachel is furious when Jordan picks Jeff, Shelly and Kalia to watch "Same Name" over herself and Brendon. While Jordan and her chosen three have a fun sushi feast and watch the new series, Brendon and Rachel fight and cry in the Parlor Room, with Brendon going so far as to threaten to quit the game. Dominic sees an opportunity for himself, and goes into the Parlor Room to try and make an alliance. Knowing that Rachel is currently very irritated with Jeff and Jordan, Dominic plays on Brenchel’s frustrations, and suggests they work together. Dominic makes serious inroads with Brenchel, but Rachel admits in Diary Room she is still not sure where Dominic’s head is at. Right after his Parlor Room conversation, Dominic goes to his ally Daniele and fills her in on his discussion with Brendon and Rachel. This prompts Daniele to go talk to the HoH. Daniele knows she is the fifth wheel in the veterans alliance, and at some point her best option is to turn the two vet couples against each other. If Rachel puts up Jeff and Jordan for eviction, Daniele’s hands are totally clean. Daniele lays into Jeff’s game, and tells Rachel he has to go sooner than later. Brendon likes what he hears, but notes you have to think critically before making such a power move.

Jeff goes up to the HoH Suite next, and tries to pave over any tension with Rachel and Brendon, who lie that they have no problem with being excluded from the sushi feast and the "Same Name" screening. Jeff thinks all is fine with his alliance partners, but Rachel is one to hold a grudge. "I definitely have no problem stirring things up," she says in Dairy Room.

So who does Rachel put on the block? No one seems to know when Rachel calls everyone in for the nomination ceremony. At the end of the day, Rachel sticks with the veterans and nominates Adam and Dominic for eviction. Adam notes this is the second week in a row he has been put up, and once again he hopes he is not the target, but his duo partner Dominic also thinks he is the pawn. Daniele has her eye toward the Veto -- if Brendon or Rachel win, they could get rid of a really strong player this week, namely Jeff! Rachel warns she is all about making a big move this week. So who will win the Veto? And will Rachel use it to shake up her alliance? Find out Wednesday, July 27 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!