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Season 13: Episode 9 - Daniele Fights for Dominic
Posted on Jul 28, 2011 04:20pm

Dominic is on the block, but feels he is good to go this week because he has a deal with Head of Household Rachel and her duo partner Brendon. But fellow eviction nominee Adam also feels he’s safe. Jeff is pleased there is now proof he and Jordan are still on good terms with Rachel, and is relieved they weren't nominated. An emboldened Daniele is excited to finally have an in with Rachel, and decides now may be the time to encourage the HoH to make a bold move in the game.

Dominic talks to Daniele in the Parlor Room and asks her if she can take care of any remaining issues with Rachel to make sure he is all set to stay for the week. "Any magic Daniele can work would be absolutely perfect right now," Dominic says in Diary Room. Daniele goes up to the HoH Suite and suggests the move Rachel needs to make is nominating Jeff and Jordan for eviction. When Rachel wonders out loud if Daniele may be onto something, Daniele realizes her hard work may be paying off. In a shared romantic bath, Brendon tells Rachel he is concerned about Jeff and Jordan and wonders if they should focus on their own game and not play for all the veterans. Rachel is torn -- is this the week to do this?

Post bath, Dominic makes his way to the HoH Suite, and expresses his vision of a final four that includes Brenchel, himself and Daniele. Brenchel seem to be buying it, especially if Dominic throws the Veto competition as proof of his loyalty. "You guys own me," Dominic says in Dairy Room after the successful conversation. "Take me along until I shank you in the back three weeks from now!"

Dominic and Daniele's adolescent flirtation is obvious to everyone, especially Jeff, who doesn't like his supposed veteran alliance member hanging out with a young, strong competitor. When Jeff and Jordan are chosen to play in the Veto competition along with Brenchel and the nominees Adam and Dominic, Daniele is not happy. "If they pull it out, all my plans are denunzio," Daniele says in Diary Room.

Jeff tells Jordan he doesn't trust Dominic, but also has issues with Daniele's loyalty. In the meantime Daniele goes to the HoH Suite and makes another pitch for back dooring Jeff and Jordan this week. Brendon doesn’t like the hard sell, and wonders if this move benefits Daniele more than it does him and Rachel.

Jeff and Jordan decide to hash things out with Rachel and Brendon. The two couples all agree Daniele is in a great position in the house, and while she may whine about not being able to compete as a Golden Key holder, she is sitting very pretty in the game. Brendon thinks their alliance partner is looking for her own duo pair, and the primary candidate to be in her final two is Dominic. "At what point does she decide she is going after us," Brendon asks. Rachel admits in Diary Room she is definitely suspicious of Daniele, but she is still suspicious of Jeff and Jordan. Either way, Rachel wants to win the Veto to maintain absolute power of the house.

Rachel doesn't have to wait long! Host Porsche calls everyone out to the back yard for the Veto competition, which involves a huge bathtub and a giant woman with very hairy legs! Porsche explains the six competitors will be playing individually, with the Veto winner having the sole power to take Adam and Dominic off the chopping block. The players must first pluck a hair from the giant legs. Each hair contains a letter players will then use to spell the longest word possible. Everyone laughs as Jeff remembers the struggles he had in his first season when he tried to spell the ill-fated "technotronic," a word that haunted him for the rest of his time in the house. Dominic is poised to throw the competition, while Rachel and Brendon are gunning hard for the win.  Jeff redeems himself by spelling "expresses," but Brendon wins the competition when he correctly spells the word "understanding." Once again, the Brenchel duo is the ultimate decider.

Later in a backyard during some sunbathing, Rachel asks Daniele if they should use the Veto to put up Lawon and Kalia. Daniele doesn't get it -- why isn't Rachel focusing on Jeff and Jordan as targets? Daniele once again assures Rachel that Dominic has their back.  "You have to trust people in this game," Daniele tells Rachel.

Meanwhile Dominic is doing some campaigning on his own, and approaches Shelly about working with him and Daniele to get out Jeff and Jordan. Dominic doesn’t realize Shelly is completely loyal to Jeff and Jordan, and immediately rats him out. When Shelly tells Jordan what Dominic has been saying, Jordan runs to the HoH Suite to tell Rachel. "They are plotting against us," Jordan says, noting that if they keep Dominic it makes the other side of the house stronger. Brendon says they can't say anything that might make Daniele suspicious. After Jordan leaves, Brendon tells Rachel he thought Daniele wouldn’t turn on them, but it is clear she already has! When Jeff and Brendon speak, they both express amazement over why Daniele would do something like this, and what it means for their veterans alliance. "I was down with the final five," Jeff says, "but final four sounds better to me."

Brendon calls everyone into the Veto meeting, and to Daniele's disappointment, decides to keep the nominations the same. Dominic thinks he is safe and that Adam is the real target, but Daniele isn't so sure. She is furious Brendon didn't use the Veto, and declares she is done helping Brenchel's game. So who will be the third evicted HouseGuest? And will a Newbie finally become the Head of Household? Watch Thursday, July 28 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!