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Season 13: Episode 10 - All Hell Breaks Loose
Posted on Jul 28, 2011 11:30pm

Dominic and Adam are not surprised when the Veto goes unused by Brendon, while Jeff is happy with his ally Brendon's decision, because he wants Dominic out. Meanwhile, Daniele goes upstairs to the HoH Suite to figure out what just happened. She had assumed Brendon and his duo partner Rachel were still interested in backdooring Jeff and keeping her close ally Dominic for another week. Daniele warns that if Dominic goes home, she will be furious. The discussion gets heated when Daniele tells Brendon to be quiet and he calls her out for trying to keep Dominic just to benefit her own personal game. Daniele is furious at the way Brendon talks to her, and notes he may be able to talk down to Rachel like this, but she is not going to stand for it.

Downstairs in the Have Not bedroom, Jordan and Kalia talk about the Veto ceremony. Kalia tells Jordan and she had no idea there was a move in the house to backdoor Jeff this week, but a flashback reveals Kalia and Daniele had been discussing the idea of getting Jeff out of the house days before the Veto ceremony.  Meanwhile, Jeff talks to Dominic in the hopes of getting him to admit that Daniele was the one who came up with the plan to backdoor him. Despite Jeff’s demands, Dominic refuses to throw his house bestie under the bus. Afterwards Jordan tells Jeff about her conversation with Kalia, and shares her suspicion that Kalia also knew about the plan to get Jeff out. They decide it may be time to call a house meeting and expose the mastermind, Daniele.

Dominic realizes if he wants to stay he needs to talk to the veteran couples and come clean. Up in the HoH Suite, Dominic finally admits the plan to oust Jeff came from Daniele. In response Brendon, Rachel, and Jeff tell Dominic they wanted to work with him and keep him in the game, but after this they all feel he is tainted. Rachel would love to get rid of a floater like Adam, while Brendon notes Dominic got eaten by the “Venus fly-Donato” too early in the game.

Later that afternoon, Kalia decides to work her social game. She feels like she has been out of the loop with the veterans, and approaches Brendon out in the yard to make sure everything is solid with them. Unfortunately for Kalia, Brendon is in no mood to listen to her yapping, and dismisses her and Lawon as  “100 percent floaters.”  Brendon lashes out at Kalia, who lashes back before walking off. As Kalia heads for the house, Brendon delivers another verbal slap when he tells her to do her own dishes. Kalia is sick of Brendon’s “cocksure, cavalier attitude,” and tells him he doesn’t know everything in this game.

Jordan thinks this is the perfect time to gather everyone for a house meeting, which quickly devolves into a screaming match between Kalia and the veterans. But the conversation changes when Kalia and Dominic both express their frustration for taking the fall for something they didn’t do. Jeff and Brendon point out Dominic and Kalia should get angry with the real culprit—Daniele! Kalia says Daniele is her friend but Rachel warns her a “friend” wouldn’t throw her under the bus, let her take the fall, or throw her alliance away after only three weeks in the house. Daniele has had enough and tells Rachel she is an idiot, which sets off Brendon. Daniele finally admits she did in fact put in motion the plan to backdoor Jeff, which appears to be the final nail in the five-way veterans alliance coffin. Daniele vows once she can play in competitions, her former alliance members need to watch out. Jeff promises his goal this week is to win HoH so he can get Daniele out of the house ASAP.

Host Julie Chen chimes in and asks Kalia about the house meeting. Kalia explains they all know it is a game, and things get said in the heat of the moment. Daniele notes she has been through much worse in the BIG BROTHER house, and that she didn’t come here to be part of a “dictatorship.” In his final plea to stay, Dominic says he thinks some of the HouseGuests are “spineless jellyfish” and they should all “man up and get some guts.” With only Daniele voting to evict Adam, Dominic is the fourth House Guest to leave. Outside with Julie, Dominic says he was trying to encourage the newbies with his speech, and he truly enjoyed his relationship with Daniele.

Julie then informs the remaining ten HouseGuests the duo partnerships are officially over, and from now on they are all playing individually. This means Golden Key Holders Daniele, Porsche, and Shelly can now play in this week’s HoH competition, BIG BROTHER slalom. The competition is simple: the Houseguest who stays on their wintery skis the longest is the new HoH. Julie notes the first five players to fall off their skis will be able to choose a snowball, each containing a surprise that may or may not be good or bad. Julie reveals that the surprise in one of the snowballs is $10,000!

Who will be the next HoH? And who will pick the $10,000 snowball? Find out Sunday, July 31, at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER, on CBS!