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Season 13: Episode 11 - The Donato Strikes Back
Posted on Jul 31, 2011 10:10pm

At the start of the Head of Household endurance competition, Daniele knows the entire house is against her. She knows if she loses this competition there is no doubt she is going home going home this week, but vows there is “no way in hell I’m letting this happen.” Jeff is feeling the pressure, too. He wants to win to ensure that Daniele stays out of the HoH Suite for the week, which would keep the veterans alliance safe. After last week’s blow up, Kalia is also gunning for a win, as is Shelley, who wants to prove to the vets she definitely has their back.

The award for “Most Frustrated” definitely goes to Rachel, who as the outgoing HoH is forced to sit on the sidelines and watch a competition she knows she would rock. Jeff is already feeling the pressure in his arms and shoulders, but before he really starts to struggle, Adam drops off his skis and falls out of the competition. Adam is hoping to pull the snowball with the $10,000 prize, but instead gets the honor of wearing an elf costume for the week! Lawon falls next, and pulls a Have Not card out of his snowball. Daniele wishes a snowball would hit Rachel’s face to shut up all her cheering from the sidelines, but she inadvertently gets a better surprise when Brendon falls off his skis after just 35 minutes! “Really,” Daniele exclaims, “could this be any better?”

While Rachel holds in her frustration over Brendon’s fall, Jeff decides to hop off his skis, and gets the coveted $10,000 snowball. Jeff is excited, but wonders if this is also his one-way ticket home. Jordan falls next, signifying a huge landmark in the game—for the first time all the vets are out of the competition! Daniele is ecstatic, but knows Shelley and Porsche are still in the game. Kalia is on Daniele’s side, but the two of them know they are otherwise alone. After all the positive cheering Shelly gets from the vets, Kalia feels she can now trust the southern mom “about 22 percent.”

After Jordan takes the last Have Not snowball, Porsche starts having shoulder problems and falls off her skis. Rachel is freaking out because now the only thing standing between a vet massacre and safety this week is Shelly. Despite Rachel’s pleas, Shelly falls, leaving Daniele and her ally Kalia left in the game! Knowing she’s safe for the week, Kalia jumps off, making Daniele the HoH for the week. “And, she’s back in the game, folks,” Daniele says as she hops off her skis to accept her HoH key. “People were scared of me before, they better be scared now,” she warns.

Soon after in the kitchen, Kalia tries to say she is sorry to Rachel and express her desire to move on from all the drama last week, but Rachel and Brendon are having none of it. Kalia notes when Rachel is not the HoH for the week, it needs to be the “pity party of the year” for the entire house. Meanwhile Daniele pulls aside a tearful Jordan and tells her she and Jeff are safe from eviction, something she is not ready to believe.  Later in the Have Not bedroom, the veteran couples commiserate about how they have gone from the penthouse to the outhouse. Brendon notes Daniele may be coming after all of them, “no one has ever won this game by themselves.”

Jeff and Jordan go up to the HoH Suite to make their pitch to Daniele, a task Jeff is not happy about at all. Daniele apologizes for last week, and admits she overplayed and did not mean to make the backdooring of Jeff personal. Daniele knows she can only evict one person, and needs to mend her fences. Daniele pledges not to put Jeff and Jordan up on the condition they don’t put her up the following week, giving them all a two-week truce. Jeff takes the deal, but wonders if he and Jordan can really trust the HoH.

Adam’s elf costume may not include a unitard, but his holiday look is definitely entertaining to the HouseGuests. The Have Nots aren’t too thrilled to get sardines and seaweed as their acceptable alternatives to slop, but at least one of the Have Nots is focused on bigger things. Brendon along with Rachel heads up to the HoH Suite with Daniele. It is apologies all around for everyone, with the three of them all expressing how much they genuinely like one another. Brendon notes if he and Rachel stay off the block, they will be willing to forgive and forget, but if she comes after any of the vets, she will get backlash from all of them.

It’s time for nominations! Jeff is expecting nothing but a nomination for himself, while Brendon is equally worried. Jordan hopes she can trust Daniele’s word, but Rachel is pretty much resigned to the fact she is up on the block this week. Daniele notes she is not out for vindication or revenge, but is only in the game for herself. That said, she is not afraid to get blood on her hands, because that’s the only way to play the game. After all the keys are pulled, Rachel and Brendon find themselves on the chopping block. “You drew the first sword,” Daniele says, referring back to Rachel and Brendon’s refusal to use last week’s Veto to save Daniele’s ally Dominic. Rachel isn’t buying it, and thinks this move is 100 percent personal. Jeff is amazed he is safe for the week, but wonders if he is going to be the target of another back door move. Daniele knows the Veto may be used this week, but no matter what happens one half of Brenchel is going home. Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save Rachel or Brendon? Find out Wednesday, August 3 at 8pm ET/PT on CBS on BIG BROTHER!