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Season 13: Episode 12 - A Vet Takes A Fall
Posted on Aug 3, 2011 09:55pm

Brendon doesn’t care about his nomination for eviction by Head of Household Daniele. He is all about winning the Power of Veto and pulling fellow nominee Rachel off the block to safety, so that way Daniele will be stuck with his competitive and vindictive fiancé. Jeff isn’t shocked he is safe, but knows he could very easily be back doored once the Veto is played. Daniele is all about getting Brendon out of the house, and notes big moves like this get you far in the game. Rachel is very upset, and warns Daniele—who used a sword analogy in her nomination speech—that she is coming back at her with Excalibur!  

After the nominations, the two veteran couples discuss their possible scenarios in the Have Not bedroom. Jeff expresses his feeling that he could be the real target this week, while Brendon notes Daniele has declared war against them with only Kalia as her army. After Jeff and Jordan leave, Brendon and Rachel have some tearful alone time, where Brendon reminds Rachel they will have their whole lives together. He promises to find a cure to cancer, patent it, and make them enough money for the rest of their lives.

In the parlor room Jeff and Jordan discuss what may happen to them this week, with Jordan suggesting she may be the one on the block post Veto if Brenchel wins the competition. Jeff isn’t happy about this, but notes Jordan would be more likely to stay. In the meantime Daniele tries to make amends with Rachel, knowing that if she wants to stay in the house past her HoH she needs to mend fences. But Rachel is having none of it, because she feels nominating her and her man is an inherently personal move. Daniele tries to explain it’s all game, but the two fierce players leave the conversation with two totally different mindsets. “You’re making a grave error,” Rachel warns.

Daniele gathers everyone to pick players for the Veto competition. Jeff is excited when he gets picked, which also pleases Daniele. Rachel is happy when Porsche is picked, and Brendon is pleased to see the hapless Adam chosen as the sixth player, because he is sure he can beat him.

When the HouseGuests go out into the yard, they see this Veto competition is a combination of many of the tasks they have done in past challenges, including the gum chewing, milking, spelling and puzzle solving games. Each player bids on the time it would take to complete the task. The player who picks fastest time has to complete the task within their chosen time. If they are successful, the player with the slowest time gets eliminated. But if they fail, that player leaves the game. Despite some nail biters from Rachel and Jeff, Brendon emerges the winner, which is a worst-case scenario for Daniele—she knows one of her nominees is coming off the block, which means she now risks alienating another HouseGuest who has to go up in Brendon or Rachel’s place.

In the Have Not bedroom, Brendon tells Rachel he is definitely going to save her from the chopping block, but will keep this a secret from the house, so it is more likely to leave the HoH in the lurch at the ceremony. “Daniele will have to make a last minute switch,” Brendon explains.  Back in the parlor room, Jeff is worried Brenchel will cut a deal with Daniele, setting him and Jordan up for certain grief. They go to the HoH Suite and tell Daniele they will try to find out Brenchel’s plans, and swear they are still good with Daniele for next week. Jeff and Jordan talk a good game, but note if they get HoH next week, they would have no problem back dooring Daniele out of the house! Soon after, Shelly comes into the HoH Suite and strategizes a little too hard with Daniele, who feels Shelly is playing an increasingly shady game. Could the House mom find herself on the block?

Jeff and Jordan talk to Brendon out in the yard, and Brendon tells them he is definitely using the Veto on himself. Brendon feels bad about lying to Jeff, but at this point the Veto holder feels he can trust no one. Brendon and Rachel then make their way up to the HoH Suite, and remind Daniele at one point they were all aligned. Brendon notes all could be forgiven and the veteran five could come back together if she nominates someone like Lawon for eviction. “We do have an ability to change the course of the game now and really trust each other, “ Brendon says. Daniele says she will think about it, but can she take that offer seriously?

Brendon is excited for the Veto ceremony and feels if he’s going out, he is going out with a bang. He quickly calls everyone to the living room and announces he is using the Veto on his fiancé, Rachel. Daniele notes if she hadn’t won HoH she would be sitting where Brendon is sitting right now before reluctantly nominating Jordan as the replacement nominee. Brendon thinks he has knocked down Daniele’s game, but Daniele notes this is perfect because Brendon was always her prime target for the week. Jordan isn’t sure what just happened, but knows the pawn often goes home. Which veteran will be evicted, Brendon or Jordan? And who will be the new HoH? And what does Evel Dick think of the game now that he’s outside the House? Find out Thursday, August 4 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!