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Season 13: Episode 13 - Farewell Brenchel
Posted on Aug 4, 2011 10:05pm

Brendon explains that using the Veto to save Rachel from the chopping block is “about sacrifice,” because he feels he’s much better on the block than his fiancé. Head of Household Daniele says all of her BIG BROTHER dreams have come true with Brendon still up for elimination. Jeff is not surprised Jordan is the replacement nominee and does not feel his girlfriend is at risk this week. All Jordan wants is the heads up if she is going home; she bought a new dress in case she is evicted.

Naturally, Rachel is emotional over the almost certain prospect of Brendon’s eviction. As her fiancé consoles her in the Have-Not bedroom, he reminds her it’s not over yet. Rachel is so proud of her “knight,” but wonders who she is going to jump on when she wins HoH again.

Outside the Have-Not room, Shelly, Jeff and Jordan listen to Brenchel and decide (incorrectly) that Rachel must not have known Brendon was going to save her. Jeff has concerns about next week — Brendon keeps Rachel calm and, with him gone, the strong competitor may become completely uncontrollable.

Up in the HoH Suite, Daniele and Kalia are happy with the nominations, but Daniele notes her game will go off the rails if Jordan goes home. Daniele thinks she has the votes, but realizes she needs to work a few more House Guests to ensure Brendon’s eviction.

Outside on the patio, Brendon and Rachel start campaigning to Porsche. Rachel is quick to point out Jordan previously won $500,000 while Brendon notes Jeff and Jordan are very mellow right now, which means they may have made a deal with Daniele. The pitch continues with Shelly and Adam. Shelly wonders which vote is best for her game, while Adam notes that after a similar pitch from Daniele, he is more on the fence than ever.

Daniele decides to strike at the heart of Brenchel’s game and campaigns Porsche for a vote to keep Jordan. Not only does it secure a safety vote if someone turns, Daniele loves the chance to stick it to Rachel by coming between her and her house bestie. As they talk about the vote, Rachel walks into the HoH Suite— and the room falls silent. Daniele encourages her to stay, but a mopey Rachel leaves. “She keeps forgetting it’s not her room,” Porsche tells Daniele, as Rachel wonders why doesn’t Porsche cut to the chase and just gut her with a knife.

The next day Rachel and Porsche share an uncomfortable silence outside on the patio before Porsche tells her she needs to “stop with the sad thing” and quit being so mopey around the house - it is making people uncomfortable. Rachel explodes and storms off to the hammock, followed closely by Brendon. She sobs that everyone is out to get them while Brendon tells her to hold it together. Rachel keeps sobbing and tells Brendon it was a mistake for him to ask her to get marry him. Brendon gets angry at Rachel for suggesting such a thing and then continually comforts her. “I’m not good as you,” Rachel says. “No you’re not,” Brendon replies. “You’re better.”

Host Julie Chen chimes into the house and talks to Adam about his elf costume before asking Rachel about being saved by Brendon. Rachel notes Brendon is a “once in a lifetime love” and calls this gift “priceless.”

Daniele has played an aggressive game her first few weeks in the house, but what does her dad, Evel Dick, think about her performance so far? “There is no way in hell I’d let her play this way,” Dick says from his home in Colorado, noting that Daniele could have sat back until the final eight before making the move against Jeff. Dick thinks Daniele’s friendship with Dominic set her up for a repeat of Season 8, where she made a similar alliance and subsequent missteps with doomed House Guest, Nick. Daniele does have one saving grace, Dick argues—her penchant for dominating numerous competitions. “Without me, Daniele has a shot at winning,” Dick says, “but it’s going to be very, very hard to do.”

After a quick chat with Daniele in the HoH bedroom, Julie gets the eviction votes started. By a 5-2 vote, Brendon is eliminated from the game, but not before a long, tearful goodbye with his fiancé. Outside, with Julie, Brendon notes Daniele is playing in her dad’s shadow and will definitely be out in the next few weeks. After Julie says goodbye to Brendon she calls the House Guests to the living room for an announcement: the next House Guest to be evicted will have a chance to get back in the game, so they need to all be careful how they play this week.

Julie then reveals to the studio audience the first four evictees have been isolated from the world, and will have a chance to get back in the game by battling next week’s evicted House Guest. A vote by America will give one of the evicted House Guests their chance to return to BIG BROTHER!

It’s time for the Head of Household competition, “Check Mate.” Players face each other in pairs and answer questions based on the first three evicted House Guests: Cassi, Keith and Dominic. The player who buzzes in with the correct answer stays in the game, and then picks the next two players. If a player guesses wrong, they are eliminated. After several rounds, Kalia becomes the first Newbie to win HoH! Who will Kalia pick for eviction? And how will the House Guests react to news that this week’s evictee might stay in the game? Find out Sunday, August 7 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!