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Season 13: Episode 14 - Jordan Breaks Down
Posted on Aug 7, 2011 09:40pm

Jordan feels Brendon got the short end of the stick when it comes to his eviction. Former Head of Household Daniele is delighted for Brendon to have a nice summer watching from home, and is more than ready to see Rachel walk out the door as well.
Both Jeff and Rachel note their worst-case scenario came true when Kalia won HoH. Lawon is more than ready to have one of the newbies finally win, but Jeff knows this could mean the end of his game now that he is perhaps the prime target for the week. Jeff also has issues with Porsche, who decided to pit Jeff against Shelly in the Checkmate HoH competition. Porsche comes up after the game and apologizes, saying she just blurted out two names, but Jeff isn’t in such a forgiving mood. Porsche admits in Diary Room she genuinely didn’t mean anything by her picks, but if it led to the HoH keeping her off the block for a week, she is fine by that.

Kalia gets very emotional about her win, while Daniele boasts that she is “proud of my little protégé.” Jeff consoles Rachel and tells her she is allowed to have a pity party. Rachel sobs by herself in the Have Not bedroom while Daniele and Kalia celebrate in the Rainbow bedroom. Porsche and Jordan soon console Rachel, with Jordan cheering Rachel up by telling her the remaining six weeks won’t be that long. After Porsche leaves and Jeff enters, Jordan grouses about what Porsche did in the HoH competition before arguing that this week’s HoH is almost worthless because of what Julie told them during the live show. Rachel has heard enough and decides the pity party is over. “I’m here to compete,” she says.  

Kalia’s HoH Suite reveal is a very emotional moment for the new HoH, which moves Shelly but has Jeff rolling his eyes over the amount of tears. Daniele and Kalia soon have the space to themselves, with Daniele giving the new HoH some tips on making sure to listen and not give too much away when people come to lobby her. Almost on cue Rachel walks in. After an awkward silence, Daniele takes off to give them space, and Rachel gets to work. She congratulates Kalia, tells her she is excited for Kalia’s first HoH win and promises not to nominate her if she wins HoH next week. Kalia is intrigued by the idea of forming some kind of partnership with Rachel, but fears that it is like putting a foundation on quicksand.  As Rachel leaves, Kalia relishes her moment as the top dog in the house. “Humble pie tastes good, doesn’t it,” Kalia says to herself.

Kalia and Shelly share a friendship building moment just before Adam gets to shed his elf costume, a house delight Jordan is sad to see go. Up in the HoH Suite, Kalia worries about her nominations, because if she puts up power players Jeff and Rachel, one of them is definitely staying to fight another day. Kalia thinks she will play the emotional card when she tells Jeff he isn’t the target and is just there to keep Rachel from winning the Veto, but Daniele isn’t so sure of that strategy. Daniele isn’t that concerned, however; while she is fine getting blood on her hands, she is happy to have Kalia doing the executions this week.

In a Have/Have Not competition that requires the HouseGuests to make nasty blended concoctions, Daniele, Porsche, Adam and Lawon are victorious, which means Shelly, Jordan, Jeff and Rachel are the Have Nots. Jordan gets very emotional over their loss, but Jeff and Rachel are both excited about their slop alternates for the week—coconuts and catfish!

The stress of the week is getting to Jordan, who breaks down in the Have Not bedroom over how much she, Jeff and Rachel are fighting to stay when so many of the HouseGuests do nothing. Meanwhile, Kalia does some outreach to Shelly, who suggests she is open to working with the HoH and her buddy Daniele, but in actuality still feels totally aligned with Jeff and Jordan. Still, Shelly is keeping her options open if the veteran couple falters in the game.

Jeff and Jordan make their way to the HoH Suite, where Kalia lays out her plan and insists Jeff will be nominated just to win the Veto competition. Jordan is still in a bad mood, and angrily warns Kalia that with the twist this week, she could very well have two strong players in the house gunning for her. “A lot of people are dead weight,” Jordan fumes.

After Jordan storms out, Jeff asks Kalia if she is her own person, and points out in her family photos there are no shots of Daniele. “You are my target now,” Jeff warns. “I’m 100 percent coming after you. Good luck in this game. See you at Veto.” Kalia admits Jeff and Jordan’s outbursts have definitely rattled her. “I don’t know,” she says when thinking about her nomination strategy.

At the Veto ceremony, Rachel has some other psychological moves left in her game when she sits almost on top of Daniele. “Is this serious,” Daniele asks as Rachel gives her a smile and says she’s just sitting at the table. Kalia starts the key reveal, but Jordan grinds things to a halt when she notes she is pulling her key right now but she knows she will be on the block once the Veto ceremony is over. When all the keys are pulled, Jeff and Rachel are the nominees. Kalia stresses she is a strong person and is making her own decisions, which gets a laugh from Jeff and Rachel. Daniele is annoyed at Rachel’s antics but has no problem with either nominee going home. Rachel and Jeff both note they are in it to win it, and warn that this week’s twist may make life for Kalia very difficult very soon. So who will win the Veto? And will it be used to take Jeff or Rachel off the block? Find out Wednesday, August 10 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!