Season 13: Episode 15 - Lawon's Big Offer
Posted on Aug 10, 2011 06:00pm

Immediately after the nomination ceremony, Shelly pulls aside new eviction nominee Rachel and tells her taunting Daniele is not the way to go. Rachel feels that even though Kalia is officially the Head of Household, Daniele is the de facto power of the house. Fellow nominee Jeff is also angry, and notes Kalia is setting herself up for a promised backlash. Meanwhile, Daniele couldn’t be more pleased! Kalia is getting her hands bloody, but Daniele notes all she has to do is “go to the bathroom and wash mine.”

In the Parlor Room, Shelly tries to calm Rachel down, going so far as to raise her voice to get Rachel to pay attention. Rachel feels she is definitely going home and the nomination is nothing more than another personal attack. “It’s a game,” Shelly yells, with Rachel telling her maybe she should just walk out and go home. Rachel is still upset when she cries in the Have Not bedroom with Jordan, who has become Rachel’s sounding board and cheerleader now that Brendon has left the game. “Believe me, it is tough work,” Jordan admits in Diary Room. Next door in the Rainbow bedroom Daniele and her new house buddy Porsche listen to all the wailing. Porsche started off Rachel’s friend, but feels she needs to have some distance from her in order to maintain her game, and is fine casting a vote to evict Rachel this week. Daniele likes Porsche personally and likes her even more now that she is estranged from Rachel.

A little later Kalia vents to Daniele in the HoH Suite, and shares her difficulty about being the power in the house for the week. After seeing Jeff and Jordan downstairs on the monitor, Kalia listens at her door to figure out what is going on, and quickly learns the couple is lobbying Adam and Lawon to stick up for themselves in the game. All this pressure is too much for Kalia to bear, who breaks down in sobs in front of Daniele. Kalia now feels she has to do something to prove to Jeff he is not her target this week.

After players for the Veto competition are picked, Shelly touches base with Jeff and Jordan in the Have Not bedroom. Jordan is tense and emotional, and Shelly’s outreach inadvertently makes everyone angry at one another. As Jordan breaks down, Jeff notes he’s the one on the block but he is the only person in the house holding it together. Jeff finds Shelly in the Parlor room, and shores up their alliance. Jeff pinkie swears to Shelly they are tight, with Shelly telling him she is in 100 percent. “Make sure it’s 110,” he tells her.

It’s time for the Veto competition. The HouseGuests come outside and find the back yard transformed into a Greco-Roman garden. Besides Jeff, Rachel and Kalia, additional players Adam, Jordan and Shelly join the competition. The goal is simple: the player who rolls their ball across two ramps 300 times without dropping the ball on the ground is the winner. Btu the game comes with a price; if a player drops the ball, their tally drops down to zero. Jeff and Adam are off to solid starts, with Rachel struggling to keep up. Daniele gets pissed when Kalia starts cheering on frontrunner Jeff. After a nail biter of a finish, Jeff grabs the win from Adam. Rachel is sad, and notes her only chance to stay will be the returning HouseGuest twist that host Julie Chen announced during the previous week’s live show. Kalia is ecstatic Jeff won, but knows she is now set to annoy another HouseGuest when she has to put up a replacement nominee. Post competition Rachel cries in the Have Not bedroom, with Jeff admitting in Diary Room his five-year-old niece handles losing better than Rachel. Despite being annoyed by her, Jeff wants Rachel in the house because it takes the target off him and Jordan.

After Adam shaves off his beard, Jeff and Jordan make their way up to the HoH Suite, where Kalia tries to work things out with them. The HoH explains she will try to rectify her wrong by going with someone else as a replacement nominee besides Jordan. Jeff says he will take this into account, but doesn’t buy what Kalia is selling until he sees the nomination. Soon after Rachel comes up and pitches a possible alliance between her and the HoH in order to stay. Kalia says she will consider it, and in a conversation with Daniele, really does weigh the benefits of working with the emotional redhead. Daniele is not happy, but Kalia says they can’t ignore the twist and have to plan for a scenario where Rachel comes back into the house.

Kalia and Daniele are in a disagreement over what to do, but Lawon magically solves their problem when he volunteers to go up on the block! Lawon is hoping the twist will help him return to the house with special powers, but all Kalia can think is how this will set her right with Jeff and Jordan. Daniele is also happy that someone will go up without considering her and Kalia their enemies.

At the Veto ceremony Jeff immediately takes himself off the block. Kalia quickly nominates Lawon, who puts on an act of being surprised when he goes up as the replacement nominee. Kalia thinks this is a win-win situation, but Jeff says Kalia is an idiot for believing them. Lawon is certain the twist will keep him in the house, while Rachel can’t believe her luck, and notes with this turn of events she’s done crying and is back in the game. Who will go out the door next? And whom will America choose to battle the next evicted HouseGuest for a chance to return to the game? Find out live Thursday, July 11 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!