Season 13: Episode 16 - An Evictee Returns!
Posted on Aug 11, 2011 09:00pm

Eviction nominee Rachel cannot believe her good luck! With new nominee Lawon up for eviction, her chances of staying in the house just improved greatly. “Lawon is on the block, and I love it,” Lawon yells about himself. With the impending twist coming to fruition during the live show, Lawon is glad he volunteered for this job, and is certain he will just walk out an evictee and return as a nominee with some sort of special power. Jeff wonders what Head of Household Kalia is up to—he thinks Kalia is either very intelligent or incredibly stupid. “My vote goes for stupid,” Jeff says. Kalia is fine with her replacement nomination, because she feels with the twist this is not the week to go after Rachel.

Immediately after the Veto ceremony, Lawon rolls out his acting skills, and plays himself as angry and frustrated. Shelly can spot some bad acting from across the house, and after talking to him for just a few minutes, Shelly is certain Lawon is putting on a terrible performance. A quick trip up to the HoH suite and a brief conversation with Kalia is all Shelly needs to confirm Lawon volunteered for his nomination. Jeff and Jordan hang in the Have Not bedroom when Shelly comes in and lets her secret allies know Lawon is trying to play them all this week. Shelly starts to mock Lawon’s acting, and as if on cue Lawon walks in and continues his performance. After he exits stage left, Shelly returns to her mocking. “The nominations are in,” she says. “The best acting job in the BIG BROTHER house goes to Lawonderful!”

Meanwhile, Rachel goes up to HoH Suite to talk to Kalia and Daniele to see if she can work them to stay. Kalia feels she has given Rachel an easy way out, and now is the time for Rachel to make a deal. Daniele and Kalia say they have votes to either keep her in the house or send her packing. Daniele notes this would be a big deal for her, and Rachel promises she is targeting floaters if she wins HoH. Kalia warns Rachel she needs to keep this quiet. Rachel agrees but notes later in Diary Room “if these girls are stupid enough to keep me in the house this week they are definitely going to feel the wrath of Rachel.”

Predictably, Rachel isn’t one to keep a promise to Kalia and Daniele. She immediately goes down to the Have Not bedroom and tells Jordan pretty much everything they discussed in the HoH Suite, leaving out the single detail that Kalia and Daniele offered her a deal. Shelly walks in and after hearing what Rachel has to share, warns her not to spend any more time with Daniele and the HoH.

Shelly, who is still working both sides of the house, makes a point of speaking to Daniele the next day to give out bits of information so Daniele will think she is working with her.   Shelly lets slip what Rachel told her, and while Daniele puts on a brave face, she is furious Rachel blabbed less than 24 hours after they implored her not to say anything.

Daniele quickly fills in Kalia, who is also dumbfounded. After this revelation, Daniele wonders if they should ignore the twist and just go after Rachel this week. Kalia is more than willing to consider this option.

After host Julie Chen chats with the HouseGuests about how emotional this week has been, Julie reminds the audience Rachel made as many enemies last season in the house as she has this season. Former HouseGuest Ragan really got into it with Rachel during BIG BROTHER 12, but he reveals from his home in Los Angeles that they are now such good friends Ragan has been invited to join Brenchel’s wedding party! Along with his fellow HouseGuest Matt, Ragan watches some of Rachel’s most emotional moments from the past and current seasons. Ragan notes that after Brendon was evicted, Rachel began “cry-bernating,” or isolating herself for some marathon sobbing. Ragan is certain that the cry-bernating is a temporary phase, because Rachel is too much of a competitor to sit out for very long. Rachel is like “a killer in a slasher movie,” Ragan explains, because no matter what anyone does to her, she will rise from the dead and strike again! “Everybody who thinks she’s out of the house better watch out, because she will come back with a vengeance,” Ragan says.

Julie announces it’s time for the live eviction. By a unanimous vote Lawon is the next evicted HouseGuest, but before he can make it to the front door, Julie asks everyone to sit down. She explains that Lawon has a chance to compete to stay in the house another week, but he will be competing against one of the four evicted HouseGuests—Keith, Cassi, Dominic and Brendon. Julie then reveals America has been voting to select which evictee will get the chance to compete. After more than two million votes cast, Julie announces Brendon is the chosen HouseGuest! Out in the yard, Brendon and Lawon get to play “That’s How We Roll,” a game where they must roll 14 different balls (one for each HouseGuest this season) into a hole at the top of their individual ramp. Whoever has the most complete set of balls at the end of three minutes gets to return to the house. When the buzzer finally rings, Brendon has a complete set of balls, which sends him back into the game and Lawon packing! How will the HouseGuests react to Brendon’s return? And who will be the next Head of Household? Find out Sunday, August 14 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!