Season 13: Episode 17 - Brendon’s Back, But Daniele’s Not Out
Posted on Aug 14, 2011 06:00pm

“How could this even be more perfect,” Rachel asks after Brendon wins his competition against Lawon and gets back into the house. Kalia is kicking herself for putting up Lawon for eviction, because if she had gone with her gut instinct Rachel would have been the one competing against Brendon in the fight to stay in the game. Daniele can’t believe she and Kalia worked so hard to end up exactly where they started—the veterans alliance is still intact.

When everyone goes back inside, Shelly rounds up the vets plus Adam for a victory celebration in the Parlor room, which shocks Kalia, Daniele and Porsche. Kalia can’t believe America voted for Brendon to return over Dominic, while Daniele points out how fake Shelly and Adam are for celebrating with the vets.  Porsche feels isolated as well—with her friendship with Rachel over, she now has no one else but Kalia and Daniele.

Brenchel finally get some alone time, where Rachel fills in Brendon on what’s been going on in his absence. Rachel was shocked when Daniele voted to keep her, but she was just as shocked when she overheard Shelly suggest to Jordan that with Jeff the trip have a final three deal. Brendon is having none of this, and vows he will not let Shelly drive a wedge between them and Jeff and Jordan.

It’s time for the week’s Head of Household competition. As the outgoing HoH Kalia can’t play, and serves as host. The remaining HouseGuests walk around the back yard and see different stations representing their home states. When he sees the small samples and the larger displays, Jeff knows it will be a counting game, where they will have to guess the exact number of baseballs, Mardi Gras beads and pepperoni slices. With a six to two advantage, the vets think they have the numbers to take the HoH for the week, but when Rachel, Jordan, Brendon and Jeff are eliminated, Daniele realizes she has a chance to take power for the week. When Adam is eliminated, Daniele realizes she is safe, but is leaving nothing to chance; she beats Porsche in the last round to secure HoH for herself.

“Calling this game a rollercoaster is the understatement of the century,” Kalia exclaims as the dejected vets realize they are once again scrambling to stay in the house. Rachel thinks she and Brendon can make a deal, and brazenly walks into the Rainbow bedroom as Porsche, Kalia and Daniele celebrate. Rachel gives Daniele the mother of all awkward hugs as she thanks her for voting to evict Lawon instead of her. Rachel walks out, leaving everyone speechless. “That was weird,” Kalia says, “really weird.”

Adam is the first HouseGuest to pay homage to the new HoH by going upstairs to talk to Daniele. He does his best to make a deal, but Daniele doesn’t seem very impressed with all his floating. Shelly is the next HouseGuest to go up the spiral staircase to her case. Kalia and Daniele are quick to remind Shelly she was visibly happy when Brendon walked back into the game. There are apologies all around, but when Shelly asks Kalia to leave so that she can talk to Daniele one-on-one, she tries to make a deal with the HoH. Daniele, who knows when her butt is being kissed, is not buying anything Shelly is trying to sell.

In the meantime Kalia goes downstairs and tells Porsche what was going on upstairs. Porsche starts ragging on Shelly, who has already come down from the HoH Suite and overhears everything being said. Shelly exchanges words with Porsche before they sit down to hash things out. Shelly thinks she has done right by Porsche, but Porsche tells Shelly she knows Shelly tried to make a final three deal with Rachel and Brendon. Shelly is furious, and feels Rachel is saying things that are definitely hurting her game.

Rachel and Brendon then get their five minutes with the HoH, a session Brendon notes feels like “déjà vu.” Rachel suggests nominating Shelly and Adam, with Adam as the pawn. Rachel then tells Daniele how Shelly tried to cut a final three deal with Jeff and Jordan, and stresses the idea of a truce between them and this week’s HoH. “We are 100 percent” into the deal, Brendon pleads. Is Daniele open to the idea of a truce?

Adam hopes he is not the target this week, while Rachel notes the last two times Brenchel tried to make a deal with Daniele it blew up in their faces. Daniele doesn’t know what to do—should she make a huge risky move and trust Brenchel or go the easy way and nominate the couple? Once all the keys are pulled, Adam and Shelly end up on the block. Shelly isn’t happy with Daniele, but she’s even more furious at Rachel, who she blames for exposing her game. Brendon is relieved, but Daniele notes if the Veto gets used she may have to call off the truce and nominate one half of Brenchel. So who will win the Veto? And will it be used to save Adam or Shelly? Find out Wednesday, August 17 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!