Season 13: Episode 18 - Shelly Calls Rachel Out
Posted on Aug 17, 2011 07:00pm

Shelly is furious, but not at Head of Household Daniele for nominating her—Shelly’s ire is directed at Rachel, who she feels has been telling lies about her game. Adam notes this is his third time on the nomination block, and this time around the only way he knows he is safe is by winning the Veto competition. Rachel is excited, because somehow she and Brendon escaped Daniele’s wrath. For her part, Daniele feels her nominations are perfect. “Plan A, Shelly goes home,” Daniele explains, “Plan B, back door Brendon.” Either way, a win-win.

Shelly goes up to the HoH Suite, where Daniele begs Shelly not to be mad. “I need Brendon to go home this week,” Daniele explains, with Shelly promising she is “100 percent on board.” Shelly then explains to Daniele how Rachel told Porsche she had a final three deal with Brenchel, a move that still infuriates Shelly. “Let’s get ‘em out,” she tells Daniele.

While Brenchel celebrate their good luck and steel themselves for a Veto victory, Adam makes his way up to Daniele. “I can only assume you want me to win Veto so you can put someone else up,” he tells her. Daniele tells Adam she needs Brendon gone because Rachel is no good in the game without him. Adam shouldn’t feel that comfortable, though; later in Diary Room Daniele reveals neither of the current nominees are her target but they are both totally expendable.

Shelly finally corners Rachel in the rainbow bedroom and tells her the lies Rachel has been telling are “very disappointing.” A flashback shows Shelly did in fact broach the idea of a final three deal with Brenchel, but she reacts with anger and emotion when Rachel suggests Shelly was open to evicting Jordan. As Shelly explodes, Jordan listens to the fight, but doesn’t know whom to believe.

Shelly storms outside, where she fumes to Adam and then Jeff. Shelly tells Jeff she is so worked up by what Rachel said, but Jeff tells her she has to calm down because he and Jordan aren’t taking what Rachel said seriously. Shelly finally calms down when players are picked for the Veto competition. In a shocker, Rachel and Brendon are left on the sidelines when Jeff, Jordan and Kalia are chosen to play alongside the HoH and the nominees. The HouseGuests go outside to find the back yard transformed into a barnyard. Competition host Porsche explains this is the “corniest” Veto ever, because the players are playing a version of the corn hole beanbag game that has been in the back yard all summer. The goal is to toss a beanbag through the hole and score just one point. If a player misses the hole, their beanbag falls into the spinning wheel, where they are
assigned various points. The player with the lowest score wins the round. The player with the highest points per round is eliminated, where they get one of six prizes. But there’s a catch—players eliminated in later rounds can exchange their prize with an item already revealed. Rachel feels Jeff and Jordan are their only hope, but Jeff is still trying to figure out if he should throw the competition. After Adam subtly begs Jeff to let him win, and Daniele slyly assures Jeff he is safe this week, Jeff throws a round, paving the way for Adam to snag the Veto. Jeff does well with a $5,000 prize, while Daniele ends up with a Veto pass, which will allow her to play in next week’s Veto competition even if she is not nominated or chosen. Kalia walks away with a Caribbean vacation, while Jordan hands off a 24-hour solitary confinement sentence that includes a call from home to Shelly. Jordan wants the call for herself, but knows Shelly has felt so removed from her daughter she needs it more than Jordan does. Shelly can’t believe Jordan’s generosity, especially since Jordan ends up with a “humilitard,” the worst costume ever in BIG BROTHER history!

Shelly is confined to the Have Not bedroom with nothing but a portable toilet, bread, water and slop, but she knows it is worth it for a call from home. Shelly gets very emotional when she gets to hear from her husband Tony and daughter Josie, but at the end of the call she feels strengthened after connecting with her family. Shelly comes out of the Have Not bedroom to find Daniele in her humilitard, which includes a pink tutu, pink fuzzy shoes and a beanie!

Brenchel makes their way up to the HoH Suite to see where they stand with Daniele. Rachel wants to know if Daniele would consider back dooring Jeff this week, noting he has won lots of cash. Brendon chimes in and explains they have every motivation to help Daniele stay, and promises they will be “100 percent loyal” to her for the rest of the game. “You call all the shots right now,” Rachel reminds her.

Daniele has a choice to make—will she align with the strong couple Brenchel or make another big move and go after another strong player in Jeff? She has to decide fast, because Adam calls the Veto ceremony to order. As expected, Adam takes himself off the block. Daniele explains there have been many twists in the game, and notes “we have a zombie in the house we keep trying to kill but just wont die.”  With that, Daniele nominates Brendon! Shelly is pleased by the replacement nomination, while Brendon warns zombies have the habit of coming back. Daniele is happy with her decision, and notes her next assignment will be dealing with “the zombie bride.”  Jeff realizes he and Jordan are in a tough position—do they support their ally Shelly or their ally Brendon? And who will be the next HoH? Find out live Thursday, August 18 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!