Season 13: Episode 19 - Another HouseGuest Gets Evicted
Posted on Aug 18, 2011 06:00am

“I did not fight my way back in just to be evicted one more time,” Brendon says after Head of Household Daniele nominates him for eviction. Fellow nominee Shelly trusts Daniele when she says the mom from Louisiana is not this week’s target, while Rachel can’t believe that Daniele is fine with make two enemies in the house, again!

Brendon quickly pulls a teary Rachel into the Have not bedroom, where she cries over the thought of losing Brendon for a second time. After Brendon calms Rachel down, the couple talks about the upcoming vote. They think Jeff and Jordan will vote with Rachel for Brendon to stay, so all they need is one more HouseGuest to have the majority of the votes this week.  

Shelly touches base with Daniele out in the back yard, where the HoH warns her not to pull a Lawon and overplay herself out of the house, and Shelly promises to play it cool. A little later on the patio, Brendon and Rachel lobby Adam when Brendon points out that this has become a women’s game, and with him out of the house that puts a target on Adam as one of the few remaining men in the house. Adam isn’t sure what to do—should he keep an ally in Shelly on keep a natural target in Brendon?

Rachel decides to pull aside Porsche and see what she is thinking. Porsche immediately disappoints Rachel when she says Brendon is a strong competitor that should go home. Rachel notes he has no interest in targeting Porsche, unlike Shelly, but Porsche notes that the last time she voted to keep Brendon in the house, all it got her was alienation from Brenchel, which was hardly good for her game. Porsche tells Rachel to keep up her smiley face, but the moment Porsche leaves, Rachel’s face transforms into a look of rage!

Later that evening Jeff and Jordan touch base with Shelly. She is relieved to know they are planning to vote for her to stay, but Jeff and Jordan want to make sure Shelly understands they need to keep Rachel with them for the next few weeks, which makes Shelly very unhappy.

In a late night conversation, Daniele makes amends with Jeff—yes, she did try to back door him weeks ago, but she wants to mend fences and form an alliance, which they all realize would shake up the house. After these two conversations, Jeff and Jordan are torn—do they stick with their ally Shelly or their ally Brendon?

The next day Rachel and Brendon reach out to Jordan about her vote. Jordan tells them straight up if there are not the votes to keep Brendon she will vote with the house. Rachel is furious—if the situation were reversed she would stick by Jeff! Jordan tells Jeff about Rachel and Brendon’s disappointment, which sets off a heated conversation within the veterans alliance.  Jeff’s frustration with Rachel’s attitude and Rachel’s anger at Jeff’s perceived cowardice gets everyone going. “I’m not the person to be angry at,” Jeff yells at Rachel.

Host Julie Chen chimes into the house and asks Shelly if it was worth having 24 hours of solitary confinement for a phone call home to her family. Shelly tells Julie it was so great for her spirit, and it makes her feel like she has already won the game. Rachel admits to Julie she is going to be strong if Brendon goes home, but the biggest admission comes from Julie herself; starting with this week’s eviction, the jury will have its first member.

Julie reminds the studio audience Shelly has been playing all sides of the house in her social and strategic game, so what does her family back in Baton Rouge think of her play? Shelly’s husband Tony notes that his wife has unexpected sides, which explains how she was a Homecoming Queen in her college years! Shelly’s eight-year-old daughter Josie admits she really misses her mom, but understands her mom is playing a game. The precocious Josie is so tuned into BIG BROTHER she has advice for her mom—stick with Jeff and Jordan, and quit all the lying!

After two extended final pleas, Brendon is evicted by a 5-1 vote. As he leaves Brendon tells the HouseGuests he will see everyone in jury before he repeatedly hugs and kisses Rachel goodbye. Outside in the studio, Julie asks if Daniele had kept up her end of the deal she made with Brenchel, would they have held up their end? Brendon says maybe, before vowing Rachel will win HoH this week!

After Brendon leaves, the HouseGuests go to the back yard for this week’s HoH competition, All Washed Up. Julie explains they must fill their individual glass bowls with liquid soap using only a tiny cup. As their bowl fills, a ping-pong ball inside rises. The first HouseGuest who fills their bowl high enough so that they can remove their ping-pong ball will be the new HoH! Who takes the power in the house? And what two HouseGuests will be nominated for eviction? Find out Sunday, August 21 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!