Season 13: Episode 20 - The Vets Alliance Ascends
Posted on Aug 22, 2011 06:00am

As the HouseGuests slip and slide across the back yard during the Head of Household endurance competition, Jeff notes this this is a must-win for him. Now that his ally Brendon is gone, Jeff feels he is the biggest target in the house. Jeff is not alone, however—Rachel also feels she is a target, and needs to secure her safety through a HoH win.  Sitting on the sidelines, outgoing HoH Daniele knows her only assurance of safety for the week comes in a win for Kalia or Porsche. Shelly is delighted she survived the chopping block this week, while Rachel notes that Brendon coming back for just one week before getting evicted for a second time helped re-light her fire. The foam, bubbles and cold water are all taking their toll on the players, including Kalia, who gets very annoyed with Daniele and her inadvertently annoying cheers from the sidelines. Adam takes a bad fall, which slows down his game, as Jeff begins to move to the front of the pack, followed closely by Rachel and Porsche. After just over 90 minutes, Jeff reaches into his bowl of liquid and grabs his ping-pong ball, becoming the first male HoH of the season.

Jeff couldn’t be happier, but Porsche knows this win sucks for her and her allies Kalia and Daniele. “How many times will I get second place and not win,” she asks. Soon after in the Rainbow room, Daniele congratulates Jeff. She hopes the deal she proposed last week still holds, which means she will be safe through Jeff’s reign as HoH. Jeff is all smiles with Daniele, but is fully comfortable doing whatever is best for his game this week. Later in the bathroom Rachel and Jordan chat as Jeff takes a shower. Meanwhile in the Gehry bedroom Shelly, Kalia and Daniele grouse about Rachel. Shelly can’t stand the red head, and finds her chummy attitude with Jeff and Jordan annoying considering how tense things were for them before Brendon got evicted. Shelly then makes a point of going into the bathroom to fawn over Jeff in order to mock Rachel. She says nothing, but Rachel sees exactly what Shelly is doing. “I’m so over Shelly,” Rachel says, arguing she has no business being here over her fiancé Brendon.

Jeff calls everyone for his HoH suite reveal, and even jokes about how the HouseGuests need to rock their fake smiles in this weekly ritual. After everyone congratulates Jeff, Rachel makes sure she is the last one with the HoH. Jordan joins the HoH as Shelly continues to rag on Rachel with Kalia. Fed up, Shelly goes up to the HoH suite and calls out Rachel for giving her dirty looks all week. “Stop cutting me down,” Shelly demands, as Rachel uncharacteristically says nothing. Jeff and Jordan play peacemakers and note all four of them are still an alliance. Jeff is proud of Rachel—she is finally listening to him and keeping quiet when she should!

The next day the HouseGuests come into the kitchen to find the Have Not foods for the week—hard-boiled eggs and jalapenos! Jeff opens a card and reads the HouseGuests the rules—there is no Have Not competition, and one of Jeff’s responsibilities is to pick three Have Nots for the week. Jeff notes Daniele and Porsche have not been have Nots yet this summer, so they are on the list, and rounds out the Have Nots with their buddy Kalia. Daniele feels this week is going to blow—when she was on slop in seasons past, her body did not handle it well at all.

Kalia is the first HouseGuest to reach out to the HoH to check on her tenuous status in the game. Jeff reminds Kalia that when she put him up on the block, he swore he would be back to return the favor. “I told you what would happen,” Jeff says as Kalia tries to throw Rachel under the bus, “I warned you.”

After the HouseGuests marvel at the new eight-seat table, Daniele and Jeff get their game on. Jeff tells Daniele everything she wants to hear about being safe, but Jeff admits in Diary Room it’s more to keep Daniele quiet for the week. The last thing he needs is Daniele making trouble for him. Jeff raises the issue of this week’s Veto, and wonders if she wasn’t nominated, would Daniele throw the competition to keep Jeff’s nominations the same? Daniele says that would put her in a bad position with her buddy Kalia, and notes she probably wouldn’t win anyway.

Porsche then makes her way to Jeff. For the first time in 49 days Porsche and Jeff have a conversation about the game, a milestone Jeff does not miss. “This is a sight to see, let me tell you,” he says, noting that it took her a while to get into the competition.

A little later in the HoH Suite, Jeff recaps his conversations with Jordan. He lets his biggest ally know he talked to Daniele about nominations and the Veto competition. Jordan doesn’t think Daniele would seriously consider throwing the competition. Jeff agrees as he starts working through his current dilemma—does he keep Daniele off the block and keep her from getting upset, or does he go with his gut and put a strong player on the block?

Jeff calls the HouseGuests into the dining room for the Nomination ceremony. After all the keys are pulled, Kalia and Porsche find themselves on the block. Porsche is pissed, Kalia vows to lay low and Daniele is worried. Will the Veto competition allow Jeff to shake up his nominations? Will Daniele find herself back doored? Find out Wednesday, August 24 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!