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Season 13: Episode 21 - Zingbot 3000 Returns!
Posted on Aug 24, 2011 06:00pm

Porsche is shocked she and Kalia are nominated for the chopping block, but is convinced she is a bigger threat for eviction than Kalia and needs to win the upcoming Veto competition. Kalia is just as worried for herself, because she knows she has won competitions, plus Head of Household Jeff has told her straight up she is one of his  targets. Jeff is delighted with his nominations, but notes if all the stars align he will also have the option of nominating Daniele as a replacement nominee. Daniele is happy she is safe for now, but is rightfully certain Jeff could backdoor her.

As Daniele and Kalia commiserate in the kitchen over slop, Daniele realizes she is the only one in the game who hasn’t been nominated for eviction, and worries that distinction may end very soon. Daniele also reveals she told Jeff she was willing to throw a Veto competition to prove she is loyal to him and Jordan, but at this stage of the game she wonders if kicking that promise to the curb is the right way to go.

Outside on the patio Adam tells Jeff he thought for sure the HoH would nominate Daniele. Jeff explains he had some points to prove with his nominations. “What do they want,” Jeff asks, “to go to the end and not do anything?” Adam notes that sometimes you say more by saying less, a phrase Jeff likes a lot.

Daniele is already on edge being a Have Not for the week and having her whole alliance on the block, but to add insult to injury she has Rachel to deal with. The redhead is not forgetting that Daniele nominated her fiancé twice for eviction, and keeps laying into her about Daniele’s 25th birthday. “All she is trying to do is make me miserable,” Daniele says, going so far as to turn to Jordan for support. Rachel plays dumb, but Jordan—a HouseGuest who doesn’t like mean game play—warns her ally, “Don’t make me get on you.”

Later Jeff calls everyone into the living room to pick players for the Veto competition. Seven people will play this week instead of six, because Daniele has a Veto play pass from a previous competition. Daniele doesn’t want Rachel to play, because “the thought of her deciding my fate makes me completely ill.” Daniele gets her wish when Adam, Jordan and Shelly are chosen to play, leaving Rachel on the sidelines.

After Jordan does a playful striptease out of her humilitard, Kalia and Daniele talk about how important the Veto competition is going to be for them this week. Daniele is well aware the only way to keep from getting back doored is to win.

The next day the HouseGuests are having a quiet afternoon when a familiar friend walks out from the Diary Room—Zingbot 3000, the insult-spewing robot! The HouseGuests gather around as Zingbot goes to work. The Zingbot says, “Hey Jeff, 1994 called, it wants its soul patch back—zing!” The HouseGuests laugh as Zingbot works through everyone including Daniele, who gets a particularly zingy zing: “Daniele, do you drive your own car, or are you still riding your dad’s coattails?” Ouch!

The HouseGuests go outside and find the backyard transformed into a laboratory. Daniele gets her own zing in when she notes Rachel wants to play in this competition because she fancies herself a scientist, but anyone who slings mai tai’s for a living isn’t a scientist, but a waitress! Competition host Rachel explains the object of the competition is to build Zingbot a fembot bride. The first player to put together the bride’s four sides, attach her arms and put on her head wins the Power of Veto. While Adam and Shelly play to throw the competition, Porsche, Daniele and Kalia work like crazy to win. All their hard work is for naught when Jeff smokes them and snatches the Veto.

This spawns a flurry of individual one-on-one conversations for Jeff, where he hears pitches and pleas from Daniele, Kalia and Porsche. Jeff listens, but decides to tell no one in the house, including close allies like Adam and Shelly, anything about what he is going to do.

Daniele makes the most desperate plea, swearing to Jeff that he has her word, which she later confirms in Diary Room is absolutely good. “Everything I said the last three weeks are true,” Daniele confides. “I hope he believes me now.”

“It’s time for big Jeff to make some big moves and rock the house,” Jeff says before calling the HouseGuests into the Veto ceremony. In what he calls a “strategy move,” Jeff decides to take Porsche off the block and replace her with Daniele, who jumps into the nominee seat with a sarcastic “shocker!” Jeff notes that Daniele said when she did her HoH interview with host Julie Chen, she had no regrets about back dooring Jeff. “If you walk out that door and Julie asks you the same question again,” Jeff says, “I hope you have a different answer.”

Daniele stresses she still has no regrets, and plans on making it through this week to prove to Jeff he just made the worst move of the season. Jeff is pleased with his choice—he feels he has “cut the head off the dragon” that is coming after him in the game. So who will be eliminated? And how will the HouseGuests react to the surprise double eviction? Find out live Thursday August 28 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!