Season 13: Episode 22 - Two HouseGuests Get the Ax!
Posted on Aug 25, 2011 10:50pm

Daniele storms out of the Veto meeting as soon as Head of Household and Veto holder Jeff closes the Veto box. Daniele loves her bestie Kalia, but she is determined to stay even if it means Kalia heads home. Kalia knows Jeff’s target is Daniele, but she is still very upset her friend and ally is this week’s target. Outside on the patio, Daniele lobbies Shelly for her vote. Daniele is shocked when Shelly, a longtime Jeff and Jordan confidant, says she is willing to flip her vote and go against the couple’s wishes. Shelly loves Jeff and Jordan, but knows if she keeps playing with them she is likely to come in third place and go home with no money. It’s a tough position, but Shelly admits, “I don’t think I have any other option.” With her friend Porsche on board and a vote from Shelly, all Daniele needs is one more vote to stay in the house. Shelly buttonholes Adam and points out that it may be time for him to also flip on Jeff and Jordan. Always cautious, Adam is not so sure if now is the time to go against their allies. Shelly is frustrated, and notes if not now, when? Shelly breaks the bad news to Daniele, who calls Adam a “doofus” for being such a lame deciding vote for the week.

Later that night in the back yard, Adam plays with the sample competition ramp BIG BROTHER has left the HouseGuests so they can practice for an upcoming competition. Knowing Adam is unlikely to vote to keep Daniele, Shelly has to try and approach the person she would least likely want to team with: Rachel! To get things rolling, Shelly tells Rachel that in the corn hole beanbag Veto competition, Jeff deliberately threw the game so that Adam would win, assuring Brendon’s nomination and ultimate eviction. Rachel is stunned—if Jeff did that to Brendon, would he also do that to her? Rachel quickly pulls aside Daniele, who confirms Jeff did indeed work to throw the competition. Rachel can barely believe what she is saying, but she suggests the idea of the two of them plus Porsche working together from this point forward! Rachel tells Daniele to tell no one about this before leaving Daniele alone with her thoughts. Can Daniele’s glimmer of hope to stay in the game really be “red extensions and furry boots?” Daniele has always said she will do anything to keep playing, including a deal with the devil.

Before checking in with the HouseGuests, Julie tells the studio audience that earlier today there was an explosion between Jeff and Shelly after Jeff finds out what Shelly said and whom she said it to. Julie then lets the HouseGuests know this is a double eviction week, where an entire week’s worth of game is played during the live show. The HouseGuests get right to business and file in and out of the Diary Room. By a 3-2 vote, Daniele is evicted from the house. Outside with Julie, Daniele argues that everyone in the house is “here to push Jeff and Jordan forward” and that she did in fact get bored with her Golden Key and play harder than she should have earlier in the game. After hearing Rachel’s particularly harsh goodbye message (where Rachel tells Daniele she is half the player her father Dick is) Daniele notes that’s just Rachel.

Meanwhile the HouseGuests have gathered outside for the HoH competition. Julie explains they are playing the game Before or After, where she will name an event from this summer and the HouseGuests must guess if that event happened before or after a second event. If players guess correctly, they stay in the game, but if they guess wrong, they are eliminated. In a battle that comes down to Kalia and Jordan, Kalia pulls out her second HoH win of the season. Kalia immediately pulls aside Porsche and her new ally Shelly. The HouseGuests come inside where Kalia makes her immediate nominations. When Kalia is done, Jeff and Rachel find themselves on the chopping block! The HouseGuests then go back outside for the Veto competition. During the commercial break, the eviction nominees and Kalia took part in a random draw that picked additional players Adam, Porsche and Shelly, leaving Jordan on the sidelines. Julie explains the competition is called Clowning Around, where the players must find two yellow clown shoes in a sea of plastic balls. The first player to find both shoes and get their Veto symbol back to their buzzer wins the Veto for the week. After a short but intense competition, Porsche pulls out her first win of the season and secures the Veto.

The now breathless HouseGuests regroup in the living room for the Veto meeting. Porsche opts to keep Jeff and Rachel on the block and not use the Veto. In his final plea, Jeff comments on his blowup with Shelly earlier that day, and pleads with her to “get past this” so they can both move on in the game. “Respect me, respect Jordan,” Jeff asks.  Jordan and Adam vote to evict Rachel, while Porsche and an unmoved Shelly vote to evict Jeff, creating a tie. Kalia opts to evict Jeff, who storms out of the house after kissing a sobbing Jordan goodbye. Outside with Julie, Jeff says it was “absolutely not” a mistake to back door Daniele, and grouses about how certain HouseGuests “just woke up” more than 50 days into the game and have won a couple competitions in order to get him out. “I’m a little fired up, Julie,” an emotional Jeff admits.

So how will Jordan react to Jeff’s sudden eviction? And who will be the next Head of Household? Find out Sunday, August 28 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!