Season 13: Episode 23 - The House Explodes!
Posted on Aug 28, 2011 07:00pm

In a flashback that shows the night before the double eviction, Rachel goes to Jeff in the HoH Suite and asks him if he did in fact throw the corn hole Veto competition, which ultimately led to Brendon’s eviction. Jeff does not come clean to Rachel, but makes sure to find out from his ally that Shelly was the one who told her this. Jeff says he has been very honest with Shelly throughout the game, but wonders if she is in fact really a true ally to himself and Jordan.

Two hours before the double eviction, Shelly notices immediately when Jeff gives her the cold shoulder. When she asks Jeff what is up, he tells Shelly there is “too much back and forth” between Shelly and her new house bestie, Daniele. “I don’t like it anymore,” he says “Everybody’s best friends.” Shelly thinks someone spilled the beans about her trying to keep Daniele in the house this week, and assumes that someone is Adam. Just 90 minutes before the double eviction, Shelly pulls Adam into the Parlor room, where Adam confirms he is voting out Daniele. Adam wanted himself, Shelly, Jeff and Jordan for his perfect final four, but with Shelly “acting crazy” he doubts that is going to happen.

Jeff knows there is something up with Shelly, so he decides to talk to Adam in the Parlor room and make sure his vote is solid. Adam then tells Jeff all the pressure Shelly has been putting him under, confirming Jeff’s suspicions that Shelly is a rat! Shelly bursts into the room and plays the pissed off card while also calling Adam out. Jeff sees what Shelly is up to, and lays into her after Shelly says she has been up to her own plan this week. “Why do you have a plan,” Jeff asks incredulously. “You just told on yourself.” Shelly protests, but Jeff has heard enough. “You are covered everywhere,” he tells her sarcastically.

Shelly knows at this point she is in trouble, especially after another tense conversation with Jeff. One hour before the double eviction, Adam comes completely clean to Jeff and Jordan in the Rainbow bedroom and explains how Shelly spent the week trying to get votes to keep Daniele for the week. Shelly comes into the Rainbow bedroom and once again tries to do damage control while throwing Adam under the bus. Adam lashes back! “Why do you want to keep Daniele so bad,” he yells. “Answer the question!” Shelly tries to spin it, but the damage is done. “I am in shock,” Jordan says, once she realizes her biggest ally next to Jeff has been playing her. “It hurts.”  

Jeff asks Shelly straight up why she told Rachel he threw the competition. “You ride the fence too close,” he warns her, as Shelly informs Jeff she can explore whatever options she wants in this game. “Fine,” Jeff shouts. “It hurts.” But Shelly gives it right back to Jeff: “Yeah, it hurts me too.”

When she realizes it is a double eviction, Shelly knows she has picked the worst week to get into it with Jeff and Adam. Kalia is very sad to see Daniele go, while Jeff feels no remorse at all. Shelly knows she has burned a bridge, but is ready to deal with the consequences. Kalia is stoked to win her second HoH of the season, and hopes this time around she makes it a good one. Kalia is relieved she can keep her word to Jordan, who she promised week one she would not nominate for eviction or vote out. With Jeff and herself on the block and Porsche winning the Veto, Rachel is 100 percent convinced she is going home. Despite Jeff begging Porsche to use the Veto, the nominations stay the same and Jeff is evicted, which leaves Jordan an emotional wreck. On a scale of one to ten of anger, Jordan reveals she is a “20” after the live show. “Did this really happen to me,” she asks incredulously.

As Rachel tries to console Jordan in the Parlor Room, Jordan sobs about how stupid she was to trust Shelly, and how foolish it was to give up her own phone call home so that Shelly could talk to her daughter. “I probably look like the biggest idiot,” Jordan says as Shelly bursts into the Parlor room after listening in on their conversation. “”If that’s really what you think you don’t know me at all,” Shelly says. “I don’t,” Jordan shoots back, before the two former allies start screaming at each other. “That’s how you repay me,” Jordan screams at Shelly. “You lie! You lie! All the time!” Things get so emotional Rachel has to physically separate Jordan and drag her into the Rainbow room. “This is not you,” Rachel tells an apoplectic Jordan. A few hours later after everyone has calmed down, Kalia announces the next HoH competition. In a game of skill involving a huge snake (which Rachel feels is the perfect metaphor for the week), Porsche edges out Jordan to become the next HoH. “To top it off,” Jordan fumes. “Can we just go and get evicted?” Rachel is devastated, while Kalia notes this is the perfect topper to her most perfect day in the house. Adam quickly mends fences with Shelly, fully aware which side of the house is back in power. Jordan finally calms down when she realizes she has cried so much she can’t even cry any more.

New HoH Porsche goes into the HoH suite and finds a surprise—Pandora’s Box! Porsche reads a card waiting for her, which explains she could release something good or something bad into the house by opening it. Porsche decides to open the box, which wins her $10,000 that will be split with another HouseGuest. She then takes another envelope which she must read to all the HouseGuests. After everyone gathers in the living room, Porsche reveals she did open Pandora’s Box, but also unleashed the duo twist back onto the house for one week! Duos will be nominated as a pair, and if the Veto is used, will also be removed from the block as a pair.  Porsche and Kalia partner up as Rachel and Jordan come together, leaving Shelly and Adam as the third pair. Shelly notes this couldn’t happen at a worse time for her, while Rachel sees this as her and Jordan’s chance to survive the week. Kalia is furious at Porsche for opening Pandora’s Box. “When you have a full house you don’t trade in your cards,” she fumes. Jordan felt helpless, but she now relishes the chance to feel good about the next stage of the game. Which duo will Porsche nominate for eviction? And how will the duo twist impact the Veto? Fins out Wednesday, August 31 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!