Season 13: Episode 24 - The Veto Changes up the Game
Posted on Aug 31, 2011 09:00am

Head of Household Porsche "100 percent" regrets opening Pandora’s Box! For only $5,000, Porsche has unleashed the duo twist back on the house, which means her nomination powers are essentially null and void if new duo partners Rachel or Jordan win the upcoming Veto competition. “I cannot believe I’m responsible,” Porsche fumes.

In the aftermath of the Pandora’s Box announcement, Jordan rightly assumes Porsche got offered money as part of the deal. Kalia is furious at Porsche for opening up Pandora’s Box, and complains that “twists always jack me” in the game. Rachel immediately recognizes how huge this is for her and her last remaining veterans alliance ally, Jordan. One of them was certain to go home, but the twist allows them to both pull themselves off the block and then control the vote for who goes home this week. “This is huge,” Rachel exclaims.

Outside on the patio, Rachel and Jordan discuss how one of them absolutely must win the Veto competition this week. Jordan gets excited when she realizes they can send either of the new duo partners Adam or Shelly home. “We can stab ‘em in the back,” Jordan says, noting if they don’t win this competition, they are idiots. If that happens, Rachel admits one of them deserves to go home.

Meanwhile in the Gehry bedroom, the remaining four HouseGuests grouse about their change in fortune. While everyone complains, Shelly notes there are still four of them competing against Jordan and Rachel in the Veto, so the numbers are still in their favor. A little later in the bathroom, Porsche apologizes for opening the Box, but tells Kalia there is an added benefit she gets as Porsche’s partner--$5,000! However, Porsche is keeping this a secret. “We already have targets on our back,” she says, “why put a dollar sign in the middle?”

Porsche calls everyone in for the nomination ceremony, but Jordan notes it is pretty much irrelevant, because whoever wins the Veto controls the nominations. Jordan and Rachel find themselves on the block, with Porsche telling them they didn’t come talk to her so she felt there was no reason not to nominate them. Later in the Rainbow bedroom, Rachel laughs at Porsche’s thinking, but asks Jordan if they should go make their case to the HoH. Jordan tells her they should make contact, but bide their time.  Jordan finds it amusing that she and Rachel are the only two left of all the veteran players!

After waiting a bit, Jordan pulls Rachel up to the HoH room, where the duo makes their pitch to Porsche and her partner Kalia. Usually the quiet one, Jordan finds her strategic voice and dominates the conversation for why Porsche and Kalia should team up with them and turn on hapless game players Shelly and Adam. Rachel is impressed with Jordan’s pitch, which lays out how they should protect one another next week if they all make it through. After the vets leave, Kalia notes she and Porsche are in a win-win situation; if Jordan or Rachel win the Veto, they can say they want to work with them, but if Kalia or Porsche win the Veto, they can use it as leverage to get promises from the vets.

While Jordan has found her voice when it comes to talking strategy, she has few words for her former friend Shelly, who tries to make nice with Jordan, but to no avail. Shelly cries to Adam about how she feels she is suffering just for game play, but Adam isn’t buying it—Shelly is playing the victim when she should just live by the decisions she has made in the house.

Porsche calls everyone out in the yard for the Veto, where she explains they are playing “Duo Do-Over,” an endurance competition where they must hold onto a dummy made up to look like their original duo partner. The rules as simple—the player who hangs on to their dummy the longest wins the Veto. The competition starts tough, but in less than 35 minutes everyone has dropped except for one player—Rachel! The vets are safe for the week! As Rachel and Jordan celebrate, Kalia wonders if she and Porsche need to tweak their strategy; should they dump Adam and Shelly and form a final four agreement with the vets?

Shelly—who feels hurt and alone after Jordan lashed out at her for turning on Jeff—decides to mend fences. Shelly approaches Jordan cautiously, which allows both of them to apologize to one another. Jordan assures Shelly she doesn’t hate her, but later in Diary Room Jordan notes forgiving doesn’t mean she will forget.

Shelly continues her spinning to Rachel and Jordan in the Rainbow bedroom, where she promises them everything under the sun if she gets to stay for the week. Jordan knows she is being promised the world, but makes no promises to Shelly so she can explore all her options before the live eviction on Thursday.

In the most predictable Veto ceremony of the summer, Rachel uses her power to remove herself and Jordan from the block, leaving Porsche no other option but to nominate Shelly and Adam. Rachel is so thankful Porsche was greedy enough to open Pandora’s Box, while Shelly knows she is now the big target for the week. Adam hopes Shelly is right, while Jordan notes she and Rachel have to decide what’s best for their game rather than listening to whoever is nicest to them. So who will be evicted, Shelly or Adam? And is there tension between Brendon, Daniele and Jeff in the Jury House? Find out Live Thursday, September 1 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!