Season 13: Episode 25 - The Ring & the Clown Shoe
Posted on Sep 2, 2011 04:00pm

­Now that she is one of the replacement eviction nominees, Shelly knows her chances of staying another week are slim to none, but she is hopeful she can win over Rachel and Jordan. Fellow nominee Adam is unsure if he is the target this week or not, but either way he knows he has to “kiss veteran butt.”

Rachel and Jordan, or “Jochel” as they jokingly call themselves, couldn’t be happier. They control the votes this week, so what they say goes. On the other side of the house, Head of Household Porsche is dejected; by opening Pandora’s Box she brought back the duo twist, which meant when Rachel and Jordan pulled themselves off the block, Porsche had no choice but to nominate Shelly and Adam. “A trained monkey could do my job,” she sighs. “There is no reason for celebration.”

After the Veto meeting, Shelly holes herself up in the Parlor room, where she notices a tiny button on the creepy fortuneteller machine. After she pushes it, the fortuneteller’s eyes light up and its head starts to move! Shelly wonders if the fortuneteller might have a fortune for her that could change up for game. “Come on, spit something out!” Shelly pleads. “After three hours and no fortune, Shelly realizes the joke has been on her.

But Shelly isn’t giving up yet. Outside on the patio Shelly lobbies Rachel hard, and swears she will be with the vets, unlike the shady Adam. Shelly then makes a big move—she promises her diamond ring from her parents as collateral to Rachel to assure her vote. Rachel notes she doesn’t want Shelly’s ring, but instead wants Shelly not to back stab her. Rachel thinks about the offer, when Shelly makes a big admission in the Diary Room—her diamond ring? Not so much. It’s actually cubic zirconia!

Rachel then goes to Jordan in the Have Not bedroom and asks her ally point blank what would happen if they decided to keep Shelly. As if on cue, Adam walks in and begins his pitch for why he should stay. After he leaves, Rachel points out that Adam is a floater who is untrustworthy because all he will do is drift to the power for the week. Jordan is still unsure what to do.

Jordan and Rachel then regroup on the patio with Shelly, who now makes her pitch to Jordan, but not before apologizing for making her so upset last week when she helped orchestrate Jeff’s demise. Jordan notes if Shelly was so quick to get Jeff out, why wouldn’t she do the same thing to her or Rachel? Shelly pleads she is 100 percent with Jordan and Rachel. Shelly also says she has played every competition to win, but a flashback reveals she threw the Zingbot Veto competition two weeks ago. Shelly leaves to let them talk, but Jordan doesn’t know what to do—is she making a strategic decision, or a personal decision with her vote this week?

So how are the jurors doing? Brendon loves having the jury house to himself, because it gives him the quiet to study, relax and not think about the game, but he admits it would be nice to have someone to play ping pong with. From a personal level he’d like to see Rachel come in, but he’d also like to see his fiancé continue in the game. Daniele enters with her signature “shocker!” greeting, which makes Brendon happy. The player who got him out is getting a taste of her own medicine! Brendon is even more pleased when he finds out Jeff was the player who edged Daniele out of the game. “I’m not used to being a loser,” Daniele notes as they watch her DVD, which includes the Zingbot Veto competition, her Veto replacement and her first ever eviction from the BIG BROTHER house! Daniele admits she’d like to see Jeff come through the door “as a bitter factor,” but stresses Adam should be the next in the jury house because of his lack of game play. “Jeff’s back must hurt because Adam will not get off of it,” Daniele says. Zing!

“So is our alliance still good or what?” Jeff asks when he walks into the jury house. “Dude, double eviction sucks,” he says, when Daniele notes this is karma. “Karma is when I got you out,” Jeff snaps back. As a victim of his double eviction, Jeff is still reeling from what happened to him. But Jeff’s biggest indignity comes when he gets to watch the double eviction Veto competition, and he realizes he inadvertently threw his second clown shoe out of his box—if he had seen it, he would have easily won the competition! Daniele loves that her allies Kalia and Porsche played such big roles in getting rid of Jeff. Jeff is dejected (and very irritated at Shelly), but feels if his eviction helps Jordan make it further in the game, ”that would be amazing.”

After host Julie Chen talks to Porsche from the HoH Suite, the HouseGuests enter the Diary room and cast their votes for eviction. A 2-1 vote knocks Shelly out of the house. Outside with the studio audience, Julie tells Shelly she is a fighter before asking her what went wrong. Shelly explains she tried to make a big move in getting rid of Jeff. “It hurt like crazy but you have to get people out of the way,” she argues.

­ Julie then informs the remaining HouseGuests they are playing the “Rolling in the Dough” HoH competition. The players must make their way through gooey donut glaze and sprinkles and bring back baked donuts to their stand. The player with the most donuts at the end of 13 minutes wins HoH for the week. Who is the new HoH? And how will the HouseGuests react to a surprise celebrity visitor? Find out Sunday, September 4 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!