Season 13: Episode 26 - A Notorious day in the house!
Posted on Sep 7, 2011 11:00am

­ Rachel admits it is “so hard to get your body through this glaze” in the Head of Household competition. The glaze the players must crawl through is sticky, deep and requires the use of all your muscles, but Rachel knows she or Jordan have to win or both of them are getting nominated for eviction this week. Kalia also feels the need to win for her and Porsche. Adam wants to win to prove to Rachel and Jordan they did the right thing by keeping him this week over the newly evicted Shelly. Jordan notes that if Shelly hadn’t turned her back on Jordan and Jeff, Shelly would still be in the house. Kalia has a problem of her own with this week’s elimination—she thought she was voting with the house when she cast her vote for Adam, but when Jordan and Rachel voted for Shelly, she put a very big target on her back and created tension between herself and Adam. “Hopefully Adam doesn’t hold a grudge,” she says.

At the end of the 13-minute competition, Rachel is victorious, making her the HoH for the week. As Rachel and Jordan celebrate in the storage room, they look at the remaining HouseGuests and figure Adam is their best bet to work with going forward.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Kalia calls over Adam as they wash off the glaze from the HoH competition. She apologizes for her vote, which Adam seems to accept. Kalia knows the last thing she needs is another enemy in the house, and hopes her apology comes off as sincere. But later in Diary Room Adam reveals he isn’t very impressed. “Say you’re sorry and put it in your back pocket,” he fumes. “I don’t want to hear it.”

After Rachel’s HoH move in, Kalia gets a chance to lobby Rachel. Kalia admits she pegged Rachel wrong from the beginning but doesn’t know where to go from here. Rachel pointedly tells Kalia that she thinks it is a “travesty” that competitors like Jeff, Brendon and Daniele are in the jury house, which leads to an emotional Kalia begging to stay for final three. She also finds time to throw Porsche under the bus and commit to Rachel and Jordan. “If Porsche ends up being collateral damage, so sorry,” Kalia says.

A little later Porsche makes her pitch to Rachel, who admits she doesn’t know what happened between her and Porsche, considering at the beginning of the summer they were much closer. Porsche says all the right things, but reveals in Diary she would “obviously” put Rachel up if she gets HoH.

It’s no secret that Adam is a huge “Beverly Hills 90210” fan, as well as the ultimate Tori Spelling aficionado, thanks to his constant discussion of the seminal teen show and his encyclopedic knowledge of all things Donna Martin. When Rachel walks into the HoH suite and sees there is a Pandora’s Box that will include Tori Spelling and a shopping spree, she knows Adam will be the most excited of all the HouseGuests. Rachel knows with every temptation there is a consequence, but decides to open Pandora’s Box anyway. She walks into the Pandora’s Box room off the HoH suite to find a celebrity—natural body builder and BIG BROTHER alum Mr. Pectacular, Jessie! Rachel is not very thrilled to find out her shopping spree in the Pandora’s Box room includes Jessie-themed t-shirts, water bottles, fitness books and hair gel! At the same time downstairs, the doorbell rings—when a very pregnant tori Spelling enters the living room, everyone freaks out, but Adam gets so worked up his head almost explodes. Adam takes Tori on a tour of the house, where she admits she watches the show and finds Adam adorable! As Porsche takes pictures of Adam kissing Tori on the cheek, Rachel is forced to take pictures with Jessie! Before Tori leaves, she tells the HouseGuests they are getting a three-minute shopping spree outside, but Adam says this time with Tori is all he needs. As the rest of the house tears through the clothes, Rachel has to watch from a monitor in the Pandora’s Box room! “I have to go outside,” she yells. “Glitter shoes! They don’t deserve clothes.” As the rest of the HouseGuests load up on the free loot, Rachel is saddled with way too much Jessie swag. “Now go out there and make everybody else a fan,” Jessie commands as Rachel heads downstairs.

After the house settles down, Adam talks to Rachel and Jordan. He knows he made a mistake when he drifted away from the vets after Jeff was evicted, but he is all in with them for the rest of the game. “I hope she believes me, because it’s the truth.” Rachel has always said she wants competitors in the game, but at this point keeping a weak player may be the best move. “And if there are any weak players in the house, it is definitely Adam,” Rachel notes. After Adam leaves, Jordan warns Rachel they were tricked by Shelly, and can’t afford to be tricked again.

Rachel calls the HouseGuests inside for the nomination ceremony, and after the two keys are pulled, Porsche and Kalia find themselves on the chopping block. Porsche isn’t surprised, and knows she has to rock the Veto competition. Kalia knows after nominating Rachel so many times, “payback is a bitch called Rachel.” Who will win the Veto competition? And who will be the next evicted HouseGuest? Find out Wednesday, September 6 at 9pm ET/PT on a special eviction episode on BIG BROTHER on CBS!