Season 13: Episode 27 - Down to Final Four
Posted on Sep 8, 2011 10:35am

­New eviction nominee Porsche vows there is no way she is leaving the game yet. She may get her wish, because Head of Household Rachel’s target this week is the other nominee, Kalia. The two nominees have been playing as allies for a majority of the game, but Kalia notes at this point they will have to fight hard for this week’s Veto. “May the best woman win,” Kalia says.

Later in the Rainbow bedroom, Kalia and Porsche wonder if Adam would use the Veto if he won the competition. This would be their perfect scenario, because if he did take down either of them, Rachel would have no choice but to nominate her ally Jordan. Because they would control the votes, Jordan would be a lock for eviction. This thought has already occurred to Jordan, who makes a beeline for the Parlor room to talk to Adam. Jordan points out if he uses the Veto, she goes home. Adam swears he is not going to screw her over.

Rachel comes out of the Diary Room and calls everyone for the Veto competition. The backyard has been transformed into an ocean with a huge wave and giant shark, “OTEV,” who tells them he is hungry. Each round of the competition OTEV will describe a kind of pie named after an evicted HouseGuest. The object is to find a pie tin with the evicted HouseGuest’s name on it. If they bring back the wrong pie tin or are the last player to come back to OTEV, they are eliminated.

Despite fighting hard, Jordan is the first player eliminated, followed by Rachel. Kalia is eliminated next, and quickly breaks down into tears when she realizes she can’t save herself. In the last round Porsche quickly climbs up to OTEV with a pie tin, but realizes she has selected the wrong one. As she tries to correct her mistake Adam ends up winning the Veto! Both Jordan and Kalia know their fate now lies with the bacon loving metal head.

Meanwhile in the jury house, Jeff, Daniele and Brendon wonder who the fourth member of the jury will be. Daniele wants to see Adam, while Brendon would like to see Daniele’s buddies Kalia or Porsche walk through the door. Jeff gets his wish when Shelly walks through the door yelling “Momma in the house!” Shelly goes right for a hug from Jeff, but almost immediately the former allies start sniping at one another. Jeff asked what happened and Shelly tells him she had to make a decision. Jeff notes it didn’t ultimately work out so well for her. “You were going to beat me in final three,” Shelly says, with Jeff snapping back with “you don’t know that” before reminding Shelly she did nothing to protect him and Jordan in the game. The tense exchange ends when Shelly pulls out her DVD for the Jury House viewing. After watching the HoH competition and the Pandora’s Box reveal, Daniele notes it would have been awkward hanging onto her dad during the Veto competition. When Rachel wins, Brendon notes his fiancé always comes through when she has to. Shelly tells Jeff she 100 percent offered the vets everything to stay, which gets Jeff laughing. “Now you want to switch back to Jordan,” Jeff fumes. “I’m way smarter than you think,” Shelly says. “Apparently not,” Jeff shoots back.

In the Veto competition aftermath, Kalia sobs to herself in the toilet, because she knows Adam will never make a big move like shaking up the nominations. “So unfair,” she wails. Up in the HoH suite, Rachel and Jordan hope Adam sticks to his word. A little later Porsche and Kalia make their pitch, pointing out it originally was the newbies versus the vets, and in a final three with Porsche and Kalia, Adam has a much better chance. They also point out that fans like to see HouseGuests make bold moves in the game. “Make a big move,” Kalia pleads. “It’s time.”

Adam calls everyone in for the Veto meeting, and announces he is not using the Veto. “My actions today show I am a man of my word,” he says to a devastated Kalia. “I know you are upset with my decision but you have to respect it.” Kalia is furious, and notes this is the move of a “classic grade-A cowardly floater.”

Host Julie Chen checks in with the HouseGuests and announces it is time for the eviction. In her speech Kalia tells Adam, “please start playing like an all star, not a fan.” With Adam voting to evict Kalia and Jordan voting to evict Porsche, there is a tie Rachel must break. She notes they are both awesome, but Rachel ultimately decides to evict her target for the week, Kalia.

Outside Julie notes just last week, Kalia, Porsche and Adam all said newbies to the end. A tearful Kalia explains her downfall in the game “was trusting the wrong people at the worst times. This whole season has us being the underdogs. I wanted us to beat those vets.”

The four remaining HouseGuests make their way outside for the HoH competition, with outgoing HoH Rachel sitting on the sidelines. Meanwhile, Julie reveals to the audience the previous night was a memorable one for the HouseGuests. After weeks of wondering if she can talk, the HouseGuests learn the fortuneteller in the Parlor Room can in fact speak! Over the course of the evening (and well into the early morning) the fortuneteller gives funny predictions of all the HouseGuests.

Before the competition starts, Julie explains whoever wins this HOH will be able to compete in the next and final HoH competition. In a true/false guessing game based on the fortuneteller’s predictions, Adam answers six out of six questions correct, and wins his first HoH of the season. Who will Adam nominate for eviction? And who makes the final three? Find out live Thursday, Sept. 8 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!