Season 13: Episode 28 - And Then There Was a Final Three
Posted on Sep 9, 2011 11:30am

­Porsche realizes she now has a 25 percent chance to win, but knows she is fighting all by herself to stay. Adam says his vote shows he is definitely aligned with vets Rachel and Jordan. Rachel isn't very pleased Jordan made the eviction vote a tie. "Why do I always have to get blood on my hands?" Rachel asks. Adam says his Head of Household win this week was long overdue. Jordan is excited for Adam's win, but she admits she is nervous because she wanted to win her safety for herself so she didn't have to rely on anyone else. After Adam's bacon and Tori Spelling-themed HoH suite reveal, the HouseGuests are surprised to find out nominations will be held almost immediately. Adam starts a conversation with Porsche, who argues it would be great if it was two newbies in the final two. Porsche also notes his buddy Jordan did win $500,000 just two years ago. Rachel is up next, and can't believe she has to kiss a floater's butt to stay in the final three. Adam loves that the three women in the house are all fighting to stay, with him in the catbird seat. Jordan is up last, and things get a little testy when Adam suggests he may need to nominate Jordan for eviction "To help Porsche out?" Jordan asks. When Adam gets skittish, Jordan calls out Adam for letting Porsche manipulate him. "We've helped you get to this point and then you're going to screw us?" Jordan says before walking out on him. "Adam, don't lie to me, I read everything on your face. Don't lie to me."

Soon after Adam calls the three remaining HouseGuests to the dining room for eviction nominations. Rachel admits Adam is a total wildcard, and she has no idea what he is going to do today. Adam pulls the only key from the key box, which leaves Rachel safe and puts Jordan and Porsche on the block. With the upcoming Veto, he notes it is still anyone's game, and the nominees can definitely save themselves. Rachel is excited but knows she has to win the Veto tomorrow to stay safe. "If you want to be in the final three, you have to earn it," Adam says in Diary Room.

The HouseGuests come outside for the Veto competition, where the backyard has been decked out with four huge jukeboxes. Adam explains each jukebox has 20 clues, with 10 on each side. Adam explains they each have a jukebox, plus ten blocks with names of evicted HouseGuests on all four sides. The object is the to align the names on the boxes correctly with the clues. The first HouseGuest to get the ten boxes in the correct order wins the final Veto competition of the season. After first messing up the order of her boxes, Porsche re-sorts her answers and wins the Veto!

Post competition, Rachel breaks down and tells Jordan she is sure she is going home. She sobs when she tells Jordan that Brendon will be mad at her for losing. Jordan acts as cheerleader, and tells Rachel she has been a great competitor and her relationship with Porsche will make her safe for the week. After Jordan's pep talk, Rachel realizes she needs to play hard to the end and make a pitch to Porsche.

In the parlor room Rachel complements Porsche and says she would take her to the final two, unlike Jordan, who is much more likely to take Adam. Porsche has some thinking to do-which of the two women goes home?

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and announces it is time for the live Veto ceremony. Porsche quickly uses the Veto to save herself, putting RCL on the block. In her final plea Rachel reminds Porsche she broke the tie during last week's eviction vote, which kept the Veto holder in the game. Jordan admits she doesn't know Porsche well, except that she likes to "wear bikinis and host competitions." Porsche tells them they are both beautiful women, but in the end she must vote out Jordan. For the first time ever, Jordan walks through the door to Julie! Meanwhile, the final three-Rachel, Porsche and Adam-share a group hug. Jordan tells Julie she is a little disappointed she is out of the game, but knew her lack of a relationship with Porsche meant she was almost certainly going home. When Julie asked why Jordan didn't try to develop a friendship, Jordan says it was too late. Julie also wants to know if Jordan learned anything from her relationship with Shelly. "I guess I was playing too personal and wasn't playing smart," she explains. "I got caught up in her niceness. She's a mom but you still can't trust a mom."

The three finalists head outside to begin the first of the three-part Head of Household competition, BIG BROTHER Mixer. Julie explains the HouseGuest who hangs onto the huge mixer blades the longest advances to part three of the final HoH competition. As the three remaining HouseGuests spin on their blades and get lowered into a huge bowl of batter, it becomes clear it is going to be a long night. Who will be the final HoH of the summer? And whom will they take to the final two with them? And who will win the $500,000 prize? Find out live Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 9:30pm ET/PT on the special 90-minute finale of BIG BROTHER on CBS!