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HoH Suite Spot: Frankie Gives A Game Update
Posted on Sep 10, 2014 11:30am

I can not believe I have made it to the final five of Big Brother 16 and most likely to the final four (though with that countdown ticking away and this being the most twisted season ever I am taking nothing for granted) so I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on my journey in the house to this point.

I am an enormous fan of this show and to have made it so far is an incredible honor and to be completely honest a total shock. I never thought in a million years I would be able to make it to the final five, because I knew that I was entering this house a HUGE target and that there would be no way of hiding that. I was not going to dull down my personality, I was not going to throw competitions, and I was not going to play a passive role in my alliances. I was coming in to this house to PLAY and nothing was going to change that. I think I showed it to the world on the very first HOH competition… Yes I know that winning the first HOH is usually a curse but it didn't matter to me. If it's a comp, I will try my hardest, end of story. But now reflecting back on it, winning that first comp IS the reason that I am sitting in the HOH room today in the final five, because if it wasn't for that win, I would not be as close as I am with Caleb, who has beasted this game with me, and I believe I would not have been asked to be a member of the Bomb Squad, let alone a founding member, which has gotten me to this point. So much for that curse. ;) But having immediately put a huge target on my back, I would then have to figure out how not to be taken out early, and that is where the BOB came in. I am so grateful for the BOB because it meant that strong players were consistently left off the block and needed to be backdoored, which kept me from being nominated for 8 weeks. But something else kept me from being backdoored and I believe it was the fan vs. student twist.

People were making terrible mistakes and horrific game decisions left and right, which I attribute to the fact that there were so many novices in the house, and it was so easy to convince whoever was the HOH that those "students" needed to go. I tried with all of my might to keep Donny in this house, but it just wasn't possible. I do trust Donny and believe he would have been loyal to Team America until the end, even though Derrick thought otherwise, but his terrible social game made him a target from day 1 and eventually there was literally NOTHING left that I could do to protect him. And he had to go…

And that brings me to the fact that I have actually been playing 2 games at the same time… Big Brother and Team America's Big Brother. I have had to not only juggle being the center of an 8 person alliance filled with imbeciles, but I also had to do missions for America. It was super stressful. Not to mention the fact that I lost my grandfather and had an ENORMOUS secret that I was keeping from everyone… Now do you see why I am SHOCKED I am here? But now that I am here… what's next?

These past 2 weeks have been very challenging for me as whether or not to remain loyal to our alliance or make self-serving decisions has been coming up for everyone. Honestly, it never really crossed my mind to take out any of the boys or Christine until Caleb told me about the conversation between him, Cody and Derrick about possibly backdooring me last week. I was honestly not surprised to learn of this conversation, but I was surprised that it had never REALLY occurred to me to do the same. With all the power I have wielded in this game I have only used it to do good. To protect Cody, Caleb, Christine and Derrick. And once I heard that they were discussing getting rid of me the last week I was unable to play in the veto, which I think would have been INCREDIBLY cowardly, I began to think maybe I should strike first at them. But then I remembered something I said on day 50. Once I came out about my true identity I swore that I was going to play the rest of this game as Frankie, would never choose money over friends, family, or partners. And so I decided to choose loyalty in the hopes that my loyalty will inspire allegiance in return. Could the decision to do so be the reason that I am evicted from this house before the finals? ABSOLUTELY! But that betrayal would be on the head of the person who struck against me first… not on mine. And that I can live with. I am playing this game for charity, and the manner with which I win this money for them is very important to me. And so I stand by my decision. Hopefully it will see me through to the final 3. Also, those boys still have to beat me… and as you can see… I haven't made it easy for them and don't intend to let up AT ALL!

Overall I have learned a tremendous amount about myself as a person and I now know that there is no obstacle in my future that I can not face. In just 3 months I have gone through everything from saying goodbye to my family for the first time in my life, to losing my grandfather and having no family to comfort me, to coming out about myself and my family, to losing a team america mission in front of the whole world and then losing a team america member despite all my efforts to save him, to learning of a potential betrayal from my closest ally in the house, to pushing a gigantic button that has begun a countdown towards impending doom… and I am still standing. The dream of being on Big Brother has become a reality and ultimately… I will never be the same for it. I will continue to take the lessons I have learned in this house to my work outside of the house and use it to continue doing good and effecting change, and for that I will be forever grateful.

I love you all so much. I miss my family terribly. Mommy, Nonna, Ariana, Daddy I will see you soon! Jon-Eric, Emma, Lauren (Strigs that letter was INCREDIBLE), Dominic, Chad and Paul I can not express in words what you guys mean to me, let's go on tour when I get out, and I hope you see me talking to you every day as I named my HOH fish after you (sorry I named the bossy fat one after you JE but… I had to.). To all my fans, new and old, I miss you terribly and can't wait to get back to tweeting and posting like crazy. And to all my friends and family and supporters everywhere… Thank you. Being in this house is terrifying at times and sometimes I am scared to see what is going to happen when I walk out of those doors… But I always know that I have you. And you are all I need.

Gratefully yours,
Frankie J Grande

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