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Big Brother: Press Day 2013
Posted on Jun 20, 2013 05:20pm

Big Brother invited members of press to step into the shoes of the houseguests they will report on all summer long. On Monday, June 17th, nine members participated in a day long mock competition of their own. This series of clips from press day 2013 demonstrates just how intense the Big Brother house can be, turning even the most consummate of professionals into cutthroat competitors vying not to be the person evicted! In the first clip, press members enter the house and get acquainted with one another. It's not long before the claws come out when one person reveals she was a houseguest on the first season of Big Brother Canada! The press day guests learn firsthand to "expect the unexpected" when they receive surprise from a former Big Brother fan favorite who is there to stir up trouble! Press day guests get their first chance to show what they're made of during the Head Of Household competition. Things get real during the nominations ceremony when two people get sent to the block! It wouldn't be the full Big Brother experience without competition costumes! Suited up in overalls, press members face the heat when they have to retrieve puzzle pieces from bowls of chili...using just their heads & mouths! All good things must come to an end when press members must vote to evict one of their own!