Elimination Interview: David
Posted on Jul 8, 2013 12:15pm

Read what David had to say about being the first evicted Houseguest and what his future plans are with his showmance with Aaryn.

Blair H: Is there anyone you wish you would have aligned with, that might have helped you stay in the game?
David: Probably the Moving Company just because they were all guys and were strong. I would have lasted in the game much longer.

Matt D: Will you stay in contact with Aaryn outside of the house?
David: Yes I'll still stay in contact with her. I want to get to know her better and hopefully build a relationship outside of the house.

Candice K: Will you ever cut your hair!?
David: The only time I will cut it would be for a pretty big job. Otherwise I wouldn't cut it because it defines me and my personality.

Maria D: Were you shocked to find out about the moving company?
David: I was super shocked. Nick had it out for me from the second episode. It made me have goose bumps when I realized I was such a huge threat that people wanted me out from the start.

Danielle B: How did you feel about Aaryn making those racial comments to several of the houseguests?
David: I felt like it was pretty harsh but she only made those comments because she was wrapped up in the house. When you're in there, you say things you don't really mean. People need to get to know Aaryn because she's not that type of person.

Amanda S: Do you feel that it was rightly so that you were evicted, considering you stated you were playing more for a showmance than for the game itself?
David: No, I don't feel that it was because even though I was in it for the showmance, I was also there for the money. I didn't realize I would meet the girl I've been waiting for my whole life there. I wanted to be there to play the game and if I got the chance to go back - I'd play even harder.