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7 Reasons that Prove Why Big Brother is Still So Addicting After 16 Seasons: Why We're All Glued!
Posted on Jun 27, 2014 03:00pm

You block out your social calendar three nights a week so you can watch the show live. You tell your friends you're tired from "working late", but it's really because you've been up all night watching the live feeds. You yell,"I hate so-and-so!" at the TV but really, you can't stop watching them.

Sound familiar?

Don't worry, you're not the only victim. Big Brother's mastery of the twists, the turns, the personalities and the payoffs (Team America, anyone?) are what keep fans coming back season after season. Last night's second half of a two-night premiere proved all the great elements of the show that make it so easy to be addicted to the show after 16 seasons.

1. Houseguests who are polar opposites.
When you have worlds colliding in a confined space, you're guaranteed to get drama. And a lot of neck movement for emphasis.

2. Houseguests who are fast friends.
We love it when strangers find fast friendships in the Big Brother house. #besties

3. The revealing of hidden talents.
Everyone's got a "thing". Donny's just happens to be making unbelievably realistic cricket noises without so much as moving his mouth. Try as they might, no other Houseguest even comes close.

4. Elaborate challenges that put Houseguests in hilariously compromising positions.

5. The Houseguest that smokes the challenges.

6. Twist after twist...
As promised, Julie delivers twist after twist to shock Houseguests and viewers alike. The Battle of the Block means no one is safe!

7. ...after twist.
Welcome to Team America (A.K.A. the secret alliance), Joey!

What keeps you coming back season after season? Comment below! And tune in Sunday at 8/7c to watch how the first-ever Battle of the Block will change the game.

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