Why the House Should Have Voted Out Caleb: Dan Gives His Take
Posted on Jul 18, 2014 11:35am

By Dan Gheesling

When CBS approached me to write a monthly article covering Big Brother 16, I felt it appropriate to write the article from a strategic standpoint (no showmance talk here) and from my coaching perspective. I have really been enjoying this season so far and have had a lot of fun live tweeting during the show. With that being said, I hope you enjoy my first article!

This past week in the Big Brother house seemed to have been a breeze for Derrick. He won HoH and was able to do what “the entire house” wanted. He became the mouthpiece for the “entire house” and ultimately was responsible for evicting Devin.

Any time the “entire house” wants a single houseguest evicted it can make for an easy HoH week, but that is exactly what makes it dangerous. More often than not the “entire house” is composed of just a few people who are pushing their game agenda, and a bunch of floaters who rally behind them looking to stay safe to float another week. Going with the “entire house” isn’t always a bad move, but it can take the focus off of what is best for the HoH’s individual game.

Derrick is my favorite player this season because has played a solid game so far, but from a strategic standpoint there was a strong argument for Derrick to make in evicting Caleb instead of Devin.

The plan all week to backdoor Devin with Caleb sitting against him in the nomination seats gave Derrick and everyone else in the house a chance to mix it up, but no one took it.

Devin played the game extremely reckless, EVERYONE in the house saw that. He was good at competitions and had a tendency to upset a lot of people when he got paranoid. Because of how Devin played the game no one trusted him and he had zero allies. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY THEY SHOULD HAVE KEPT HIM.

Devin would have made a great insurance policy for an alliance looking to take control of the game, instead of going with the “house.” He had nowhere to turn and no one to help him out. Can you imagine the perceived loyalty Devin might have shown, if he was approached at the 11th hour with a plan to save him? Making a move to save Devin would have automatically extended the life of the alliance that saved him by at least one week, because he would have continued to be a target in the game.

On the flip side in Caleb, you have someone very similar to Devin from a game standpoint (physical threat) except with a few (not many) more relationships than Devin. In comparison, Caleb has a better shot to win the game than Devin, making him more desirable to evict.

In evicting Caleb instead of Devin, an alliance would have not only eliminated a threat, but also gained an ally (albeit low on the totem pole) in Devin. For this move to happen someone strong would have had to really take a handle on Devin and control him, but no one seemed to be willing to take the chance.

Instead, Devin gets evicted unanimously and Caleb stays in the house. Derrick seems to have formed a lot of great relationships in the house (which is the best currency in the game) and should get through this next week. But as a coach, I would have pushed for Derrick to make that move because it would have served him better in the long run and caused a lot of chaos in the process.

In breaking down Devin’s game a lot of people have alluded to the fact that Devin is the “worst Big Brother player of all time,” but that couldn’t further from the truth. At times it seemed like Devin knew what to do, he just couldn’t execute the right move because of his extreme paranoia. Devin was a fun villain to watch compete (and root against) in the game. He definitely isn’t the “worst Big Brother player of all time” but he certainly was the most paranoid.

Dan Gheesling was the winner of Big Brother 10 and the runner up of Big Brother 14. He is the only houseguest in the history of Big Brother to win the game unanimously, and is also the only houseguest to have played the game twice and never had a single vote cast against him. Dan currently travels the country as a public speaker and life coach.