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A Creep, An Idiot and a Pre-Pubescent Teen: Britney Gives Her Take
Posted on Jul 25, 2014 01:55pm

By Britney Haynes

Hello BB Fans!

We are well underway into another TWISTED summer! Dan started this blog series off last week, and this week I will be recapping the week’s events. However unlike Dan, I will not be speaking from any kind of coaching/strategic/winners point of view. Rather, I will be bringing you my two-time loser perspective, which is altogether still useful for noting who is a creep and who is an idiot.

Last week ended with the cliffhanger HOH comp involving hell and eggs. Many lackluster puns later, we find Cody and Frankie to be the victors. Seems we are in for another week of the larger side of the house (ex-bomb squad) attacking the other side.

BUT FIRST, the love triangle between Caleb, Amber, and Cody COULD heat up this week and throw an unexpected wrench into the plan. This brings us back to noting the creep. As we previously saw, Caleb has an unhealthy obsession with Amber and seemingly believes in his own mind that they are exclusively "dating," maybe/probably betrothed. I sense he is asking for permission to contact her father in the DR for confirmation. Meanwhile Amber wants as little to do with Caleb as possible, without having to face the wrath his rejection will certainly bring upon her. So she flirts with Cody when she gets the chance, then coddles Caleb when she needs to, just before he loses it and unleashes on them with his plastic sword. We see Amber and Cody complain to each other that their giggles and cuddles are so closely scrutinized, and they can't even be friends that snuggle and give massages. This leads us all to wonder if Cody will nominate Caleb so that they may live/love/massage in peace.

I feel it is important to mention the super creepy head scarf (which is Amber's actual scarf) that Caleb chooses to wear when in his "beast mode cowboy" persona. This has absolutely no relevance to the game whatsoever, but it is relevant to his overall creeper/obsession value. If you need more evidence, look no further than the way he cradles the sock monkey while voting in Thursday's episode.

The old bomb squad alliance is now over, but 5 remaining members decide to continue to work together. They are Cody, Frankie, Zach, Christine, and Derrick. Christine happened to be in the room, but that's the extent of her involvement in any alliance activity whatsoever. They collectively decide the Caleb/Amber situation is toxic and leave them out of the new alliance, deemed "The Detonators."

Cody predictably nominates Brittany and Victoria, and Frankie nominates Amber and Jocasta. Everyone hugs, cries a little, and says how sorry they are, and repeats that they HOPE the nominees will win the Battle of the Block. The usual. Then we see a short chat between the girls about how they are being picked off and need to do something about it!!! Most likely that was the last we will ever hear of it.

In the Battle of the Block competition, the nominees play a sort of chess game, but none of these women know how to play chess, so let's just say they move in an "L shape" sequence. Amber ultimately wins for herself and Jocasta. We see Jocasta have some sort of seizure which goes entirely unexplained, but we can only assume based on the noises and jaw spasticity that it was a serious matter. Nobody reacts at all (??? cue the "WTF" eyes), and we move on.

With a dethroned Frankie, Cody is now the sole HOH for the week. Veto players are chosen, adding Nicole, Zach, and Caleb to the pool alongside the HOH and nominees. The veto competition is a soccer themed prize/punishment competition. In the end Caleb COULD choose the Veto, but instead goes for 5k, giving the veto to 2nd place Victoria! Cody is all upset because his hands are oh so bloody, as we continue to hear, and now his bloody hands are about to have to get bloodier. Bloodiest bloodbath hands of all time. After all, nominating 3 people he is in no way aligned with.... tough stuff.

OR will Cody seize the opportunity to nominate Caleb, who not only infringes on his flirtmance with Amber but also went for 5k over the veto causing MORE BLOOD ON HIS HANDS?! No. In a completely boring and predictable move, he takes the easy way out and nominates everyone's favorite Donny, in an effort to secure Brittany's eviction. I see both sides here. Yes, this was a good opportunity to get rid of Caleb, however, Caleb has made himself quite the target in the house and is good to keep around. So is Cody the idiot or not? You choose.

We see Frankie get word from his family that his grandfather has passed. This is really tough to watch. The Big Brother house is centered around isolation, which would make devastating news like that even tougher to get. It was nice to see the whole house rally around him with support and I think it is really touching that his grandfather wanted him to continue on in the game.

Brittany goes home on a unanimous vote and we are left wondering what might have been. I am actually sad to see Brittany go, because I feel she was one of the only females with her head truly in the game. She had a good read of the house and was a competitor. I think she earned a ton of respect completing her 2400 goal punishment! I personally think that is the most difficult punishment I have seen anyone endure on the show (in fairness, I eliminated myself and the ultimate punishment of being chained to my Neanderthal nemesis from the list of contenders). I loved seeing her reunite with her adorable kids, and finally we confirm that topknot addiction can be genetic.

I was really hoping to see an HOH win from anyone not in the Detonators alliance, however, Zach and Frankie win the HOH comp. Perhaps they will surprise us and the long anticipated shakeup will finally come this week! In any event, we will get to see a lot of Zach, which is fun, like watching a teenaged boy who has had his first energy drink. I hope to see a lot of hand-to-elbow slapping and fidgeting and hear a lot of crude off-the-wall commentary. Don't disappoint us Zach! It’s been fun!

Until next time,