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Breaking Down The Double Eviction With 3 Player Awards: Dan Gives His Take
Posted on Aug 8, 2014 12:00pm

By Dan Gheesling

As a fan of the show there is no better episode to watch than a Double Eviction. (Live tweeting with everyone was crazy last night!) As a player in the game there is nothing as difficult as a Double Eviction. The only thing that can make a Double Eviction worse is if you get blindsided right before it, and that is exactly what happened to Hayden and Nicole last night.

There are a lot of facets to the game that happens during a Double Eviction and I’m going to break them down and give each player a pseudo-award for their performance in a 60-minute meta game.

BUT FIRST, the house (Derrick) deciding to keep Zach at the last minute was a great move. Although Zach is unpredictable in his behavior, he is a dependable number that seems to be easily controlled by Derrick. Keeping Jocasta had absolutely no benefit to Derrick at all, so credit him for figuring that out at the 11th hour much to the surprise of Nicole.

Because Nicole is from Michigan, I would really like to see her do well in the game, but this past week was not her finest work. Nicole let her HoH get away from what was best for her in the game, and it had a huge hand in evicting her ally Hayden. The good news for Nicole is that she now seems to be a lone wolf with no allies, which makes her a great new potential ally for someone in the house looking to make a move. If Nicole keeps her head and waits patiently for an opportunity, she can bounce back from her rough HoH week.

Now on to the Double Eviction Awards...

During a double eviction because there is so little time to negotiate, maneuver, and talk in secret it forces some house-guests to lose their cool and talk in the open with their alliance. What is even worse than openly talking with your alliance during a Double Eviction is celebrating.

The award for the Most Egregious Celebration After Backstabbing the HoH goes to Frankie.

After Caleb won the HoH, Frankie’s dancing throughout the house is the exact opposite of what you want to do. He displayed to everyone his level of safety in the house during one of the least safe times in the entire game. Frankie showing all his cards during such an intense time will come back to haunt him. (Side note: Frankie caught some major air when he was scissor kicking, very impressive.)

As a Double Eviction progresses a houseguest can sense if they are in danger because everything is being played out in the open. Although I am a huge proponent of throwing competitions, if you get one whiff of trouble during a Double Eviction you have to turn it on during the Veto competition.

The award for Big Time Veto Win At The Expense Of Your Physical Well Being goes to Donny.

With things happening so quickly Donny had no way of knowing whether or not he or Hayden was the target, so he found a way to win. Seeing Donny being carried out of the backyard with a Veto around his neck and gasping for air is one of the most memorable moments this season. Writing this article 24 hours later, I hope he finally caught his breath.

Getting a big threat out during a Double Eviction is tough. There are really only two ways to try and evict someone playing against you during a Double Eviction. Option 1 is to attempt to back door one of your adversaries. This is risky because there are so many variables and so little time to explain them to your alliance. Option 2 is going directly after your adversary and nominating from the start. This is also difficult because they have a guaranteed opportunity to win the Veto, and chances are if they are a threat to your game it is because they do well in competitions.

The award for Actually Evicting A Threat In The Game goes to Caleb.

It has yet to be seen if Caleb was the one who actually decided to do this because a lot of the gameplay behind a Double Eviction takes place during the commercial breaks. During his short HoH reign Caleb was able to evict an overall threat in Hayden and because of this Caleb gets the award. We’ll have to find out if Caleb really deserved this award after we get to see first hand what happened behind the scenes of this chaotic Double Eviction!

Dan Gheesling was the winner of Big Brother 10 and the runner up of Big Brother 14. He is the only houseguest in the history of Big Brother to win the game unanimously, and is also the only houseguest to have played the game twice and never had a single vote cast against him. Dan currently travels the country as a public speaker and life coach.