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7 Things Nicole Revealed in the Big Brother Live Chat: Get the Inside Scoop
Posted on Aug 15, 2014 12:40pm

The original Fruit Loop (or is it Froot Loop?) Dingus Nicole spills all about her time on Big Brother. Find out who she'd target next if she got back in the house, and who she thinks is in the best position in the game. Her answers may surprise you! Don't forget to relive all of Nicole's best game moves here.

1. Her biggest mistake in the house was aligning herself with Cody. She said he went and told Christine everything!

2. Even though the girls have been picked off so far this season, she stands by her decision to not work with them. She felt the girls didn't know what they were doing.

3. One of her favorite moments in the house was giving Zach a wedgie.

4. She thinks Frankie is the biggest manipulator in the house.

5. Nicole says that Derrick is in the best position in the house because everyone likes him. Even after he voted her out, she still thinks he's great.

6. Christine would be her next target, hands down.

7. She put in a lot of trust in Donny, although they weren't officially working together.

In this fun Instagram video, Nicole gave Jeff some pointers on how to look great in glasses.

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