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Glenn Garcia Responds To Recent Elimination From Big Brother Season 18

In this exclusive interview, hear what the Bronx-based dog groomer felt about his BB18 exit.
Posted on Jun 24, 2016 | 06:05pm
On the two-hour Big Brother Season 18 premiere event, 50-year-old NYC native Glenn Garcia entered the vacation-themed BB18 house with a positive mindset and genuine excitement to meet his roommates for the next 99 days. 

WATCH: Glenn Garcia explains his strategy before Big Brother Season 18.

Unfortunately, little did this family man know that, by the end part two of the season premiere event, he would become the first Houseguest eliminated from Season 18—and it was all because of a photo-finish moment during the exhausting final round of the "Hit The Road" competition called "Coconut Oasis."


It's was a nail-biting race to the finish between Glenn and Corey, a 25-year-old baseball coach from Texas. While both men appeared to reach for their flags at the same time, Corey won out in the end and left Glenn defeated and deserted. 


In the blink of an eye, 16 Houseguests went down to 15, the newbies lost one of their own, and the remaining players embraced the "Boogie Down" enthusiast to express their heartfelt goodbyes before Glenn left the Season 18 house.

To see the events that led up to Glenn's elimination, watch the full Episode 2 of Big Brother Season 18. 

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